1 / A Short Drive

The countryside between Lake Como and Siena, Italy was quite beautiful. Many hills, many roads, many tunnels. The man driving the gray Aston Martin DBS V-12 wished that he had the time to admire the beautiful country of Italy, but the bullets bouncing off of his bulletproof rear windshield were telling him that time was of the essence.

He shifted into the correct gear and sped around a corner into a tunnel, where a road crew were doing construction on one side. The men behind him, all driving black Land Rovers, fell into an almost perfect line behind him, each with a man hanging out a window waiting for their turn to shoot at the DBS.

The man again shifted, doing quick swerves to avoid not only the road crews, but other drivers as well. The men in the Land Rovers struggled to keep up, but most of them did. One hit a bulldozer as the group exited the tunnel, but the other two remained.

The man did a quick turn to avoid another bulldozer, but didn't miss it entirely, losing his driver's side door. A Land Rover pushed past a vehicle that had pulled over to the side due to a failure of some kind. The driver of the now-destroyed vehicle shouted, then called the police on his cell phone.

On a stretch of empty road, the man leaned out of the DB5 and fired off a few rounds from his silenced UMP-45, hitting the tires of one of the Land Rovers, as well as sending a good grouping of rounds into the engine, somehow causing the vehicle to spin up from the rear, then onto its roof. The man smiled.

The final Land Rover was difficult to dispatch, as the driver was excellent at swerving and missing any obstacles. Luckily for the man in the DB5, the police finally arrived from the earlier driver's cell phone call, and as the DB5 passed them, they screeched to a stop, and the driver of the Land Rover didn't have the chance to stop or slow down, and thus crashed into five police cars, killing only the driver of the Land Rover and his accompanying shooter.

When the DB5 pulled into the safehouse garage in Siena, Italy, the man straightened his tie, tossed his UMP in the passenger's seat and walked around to the trunk. He opened it and the captive inside, Mr. White, looked up in shock.

James Bond simply said, "It's time to get out."