Hey there folks, my name is mtnetsurfer, and you know what, I love anime, and I love video games. One of my more favorite anime is Death Note, with its almost Macbeth-like ending, wonderful story line, amazing visuals, and impressive voice actors. One of my more recent interests in video games is Persona 4, which I thought was very well put together with the combination of dungeon crawling and relationship sims (the anime based on it was pretty good too).

I'm sure many people out there (myself included) have asked the question, "What if Light Yagami had never picked up the Death Note?" With this, I hope to answer that very question by dropping Light into the thick of the murder mystery at the core of Persona 4's story, giving him a Persona and everything.

A few notes; I know this seems lazy but I will only be describing certain characteristics for the characters since most people know what they look like (if you don't you can look them up since there are many great pictures of them online). Second, I will be going with my favorite pairings for Persona 4; Yu Narukami and Yukiko Amagi (yes I am using the Persona 4 protagonist's canon name), Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka, Kanji Tatsumi and Naoto Shirogane, and Teddie and Labrys. Light, for his part, will be paired with Rise Kujikawa (after much review into Misa Amane's character, I figured Rise was more deserving of Light than Misa will ever be).

Also, there will be some time displacement. This will all be based on Death Note's timeline, and as such Persona 4's timeline will be pulled back for that purpose. Additionally, instead of Persona 4 Arena coming after Persona 4, it will be integrated into it (you'll see how later). Minor changes to the story of Persona 4 will be made, some based on the anime, others my own alterations, many caused by Light's presence. I will also note that due to sexual content in the second-to-last chapter, this story will be M-rated (nothing graphic to avoid getting kicked off, I'll be making it as mild as possible).

For the record: "'Means a shadow is speaking, 'Means a character is thinking, 'Means someone is talking over the phone, "Means a flashback statement, "Means someone is talking on TV.

Lastly, I will say that I do not own any characters from either Death Note or Persona 4 (although I did make up the concept for Light's Persona). All copyrights for them go to their respective owners. Having said that, I will mention that this story is being written for pure entertainment only. Well, enough exposition. Without further ado, I give you...

Chapter 1: Fool

Light Yagami woke up in a cold sweat. The dream he just had, it was so vivid. A notebook that could kill; a god of death; a plan to rule all disguised as a mission to remove all that is evil from the world. And worst of all, himself at the center of it. It was like watching the world through another's eyes, seeing his madness, his obsession. The people he killed, the people he betrayed, the people he used then discarded like so many used tissues. And then, like the bad dream it was, he was awake again, back to being a seventeen-year-old high school student. Light got up from his bed and got dressed. Walking downstairs, he almost felt like he had stepped back into a time-warp. There was his sister, still a middle-school student. His father was also sitting at the table, alive and well. Light thought back to all the people he had killed in his dream, and a few names popped out. Raye Penber, Naomi Misora, Aiber, Wedy, the members of the Yotsuba group, Kiyomi Takada, and so many others he couldn't remember. They were all probably still alive and well, living their lives unaware that, in some random student's dream, they had all been killed.

"Light, is anything wrong?" Light looked over to his father, Soichiro Yagami, a strong, hard-nosed police detective. His face was one of concern, but then again, Light probably looked like he had been to Hell and back. Come to think about it, that's exactly how he felt. "Just had a terrible dream, that's all," Light said as he sat down for breakfast. "Really?," Light's sister Sayu said, looking interested, "What, did you die in it or anything?" "A lot of people did," Light said, "And the worst part is, I was doing most of the killing." Every word of that sentence felt painful to Light, and the effects could well be seen by his family.

"Well, luckily they can't arrest you for murdering someone in a dream," Soichiro said with a wry smile and a chuckle. His father's good-natured comment eased Light's pain a little. "Maybe you're just studying too hard as of late," his mother Sachiko suggested. Light chuckled to himself. 'Maybe mom's right,' he thought, 'What with late-night studies, cram school, and all that time I spend after school for extra lessons, I'm either too stressed out, or getting delusions of grandeur.'

"It might help if you take some time out off from school," Soichiro suggested, "Not that I'm saying you just blow it off, but rather do something productive to take your mind off all this. As it happens an old colleague of mine named Ryotaro Dojima recently got an unusual case. This might be a good chance for you to get some experience as a detective. I can have the internship set up in as little as twenty-four hours." Light nodded. A change of pace was just what he needed, a chance to be a real detective and do some good. Anything to get his mind off that dream... And that killer notebook.

The next day Light was on a train bound for the small rural community of Inaba. His father had gotten him a copy of the case file to look over. It seemed that on April 12, a famous TV announcer named Mayumi Yamano had been discovered dead by a local high school girl. The strange part was how the body was found, dangling upside-down from a TV antenna on top of a building. Already this made Light's mind race. 'Whoever stuck her up there must have a great deal of strength and dexterity,' he thought. What really struck him as odd was the fact that no cause of death had been given for the victim. The only note on the coroner's report was that the victim had suffered from massive heart failure. 'This case could prove a challenge.'

"Hey there," the detective said. He looked to be about his mid-thirties, and was slightly unshaven. "I'm Ryotaro Dojima," he said, "This here is my partner, Tohru Adachi." Tohru looked like he could have easily been related to Touta Matsuda, the two looked so similar. "Your father, Soichiro, told me a lot about you Light," Dojima continued, "We actually could use some help on this case, even if it is from an intern. Anyway, for the time being you'll be staying at Adachi's house." "What?!," Adachi called in surprise. "So I won't be staying at your place then?," Light said, considerably calmer. Dojima nodded. "Afraid so. See, your arrival is a bit of bad timing. My nephew is staying over for the year while his parents work abroad." "Fine then," Light said, "Guess it won't be so bad."

As Adachi drove Light to his place, he seemed nervous, almost apprehensive. Light chalked it up to nerves regarding the case. Adachi finally sighed and said, "Sorry Light, but it is kinda an emergency." He pulled in to a nearby gas station about a mile or two from the train station. Light observed the sign above the pumps, which read "MOEL". Adachi rushed into the convenience store that was by the pumps, and Light realized that Adachi had been worried about going to the bathroom. "Hey there," the attendant said, "Another new face in this town. So what are you here for?" "Helping to solve the recent murder here," Light replied. The attendant smiled. "What, you mean that Yamano lady?" Light gasped. The attendant laughed. "Don't be so surprised. You're gonna find soon enough that rumors and such spread quickly in a small town like Inaba. Like, for example..." The attendant looked around, then said to Light, "The rumor of the Midnight Channel."

"Midnight Channel?" Light was in disbelief. "Stare at a blank TV at midnight on a rainy night, and you will see your soul mate," the attendant said, "Or so they say." It sounded almost ridiculous. But then again Light had recently had a dream about a notebook that could kill people in forty seconds if you wrote down their name while thinking of their face. If nothing else, it might be worth trying, just for laughs. Adachi finally came out of the restroom and got back in his car. "Well anyway," said the attendant, "Don't be afraid to stop by if you need information." He held his hand out for a handshake. Light accepted, and almost felt a strange twinge afterward.

That night, Light was sitting at the dinner table. For some reason, Adachi had an awful lot of cabbage in his fridge. "Jeez, they're showing it again." Light turned to see what Adachi was looking at. On the news was a high school student being interviewed. From the sound of it, it was about the recent murder. "She the girl who found the body?," Light asked. Adachi nodded. "Saki Konishi. Her parents run a liquor store in the shopping district." He turned to look at Light. "I've been interviewing her nonstop for the past day before being called over to pick you up. I'm pretty sure I've gotten all I can out of her."

A minute to midnight. And a perfect storm outside. Light checked his watch. That was one of the good things about his dream, the fact he that always took note of the exact time. Adachi's house only had one bedroom, his own, so Light decided to sleep in the living room. Adachi had already gone to bed, so now Light was waiting to see if anything would come on. 'Wouldn't it be crazy if Misa Amane shows up on the screen?' Light shook his head. Truth be told, he was pretty sure that relationship was one-sided. No, more like no-sided. Misa seemed more obsessed with Light than truly in love with him. Light checked his watch.

"Three... two... one..." As if on cue, the TV suddenly flickered to life. Light quickly checked the plug, which he had pulled out to make absolutely sure the TV couldn't be turned on by any natural means. Light blinked at the image before him. It was fuzzy, but he was sure the girl on the screen was Saki Konishi. As if drawn to the TV by the image, Light reached out his hand... And felt it go straight through the screen. Light pulled his hand back for a bit, completely shocked. "First a notebook that can kill," he said, "And now a TV I can pass through like a ghost." Curious, he looked at the TV screen, which had gone dark. It was pretty big, more than big enough for him to fit in. Trying his hand again, he found he could still put his hand through. Curiosity getting the better of him, he tried climbing in the whole way.

Light landed with a thud in a strange place. The building he was in seemed like a police precint, but with the appearance of a morgue. All the morgue cabinets were vertical, and worst of all he could see inside them. Dangling from what looked like hangman's nooses were people from his dream. More specifically, people who had died, either by his hand or another working for him. Walking down the long corridor, he came upon two bodies that almost made his heart stop. The first was L's, the eccentric detective who had dogged him for the entire first half of his dream. The other... Was his own. Light had almost forgotten that he had died at the end of his dream, shot multiple times, by Matsuda of all people, and then killed by the Shinigami Ryuk, who had dropped the Death Note in the first place.

"'Terrible wasn't it?,'" came a voice that was his and yet not his. Light looked around, and then, almost in horror, stared at his own corpse... Which suddenly lifted its head to stare back at him. Light was so startled that he screamed out loud and fell backward. From his new vantage point, he could see that the "corpse" had been standing on a small stool. Reaching up to undo the noose, which had been tied with a slipknot, the doppelganger stepped down and approached Light. Light noted that it looked just as he had at the end of his dream, his body covered in dirt and blood, his blood; practically bullet-ridden; whole being weary from the sudden failure after so much success. The only difference was the dark aura that surrounded this strange doppelganger, and the bright yellow eyes.

"'Such awful things to behold,'" the doppelganger said, "'Could that really have been me? Maybe, if it had been real life. Sure, now that I've seen it from an outer perspective I'd never dream of it, but there's no denying that some of those thoughts still stay with me.'" Light's eyes narrowed as he listened to this strange copy of himself. How did he know this? "'This world is rotten. Those who do evil are making it rot. But does the world really need a savior who would kill on a whim? Does it need a god who spreads fear whilst passing what he believes to be righteous judgement on the so-called 'wrong-doers' who may or may not truly be guilty?'"

"No," Light said, standing up, "But maybe it could use a hero. Someone willing to take it slow and steady, rather than try to wipe out all crime at once." "'Someone who will do the job right, rather than take shortcuts.'" "Someone who sees those who help him as true allies, rather than pawns to be used and discarded when they're no longer useful." "'Maybe I... Could be that hero.'" Light nodded, "I think I get it. This all makes sense now." The double smiled, as if he knew Light's next words. "You're me, and I am you." The dark aura of the double was quickly replaced by a brilliant blue radiance, as Light's image vanished from the double, to be replaced by a samurai in golden armor. Over his face was a decorative Noh mask, and instead of a katana it had an ornate gauntlet that emitted a blade-like beam. 'Yoshitsune... Minamoto,' Light thought, 'My... Persona.' He didn't know where the term "Persona" came from, it had just popped into his head, has had the name. As the image of the Persona vanished, leaving a blue card to fall into Light's hand, a new thought came into his mind. 'How do I get out of here?'

After wandering for a bit, he soon found himself in what looked like the shopping district of Inaba, except the sky had what looked like a red and black crooked spiral. Suddenly a nearby door opened. Light turned, wondering what would come out. He noted there was a sign next to the building that said "Konishi Liquors". "Oh no," Light said, a terrible premonition coming over him. Sure, enough, out of the door came none other than Saki Konishi. Her body was terribly bloodied, as if something ferocious had attacked her. As she began to collapse, Light rushed to try and catch her, only to have her fade into nothing before his very eyes. After so many strange occurrences, Light pinched himself as hard as he could without drawing blood to make sure he was awake. The pain he felt assured him he was. Suddenly, he heard the sound of fighting in the distance. He ran towards the sound until he reached what looked like a hotel district. In the middle of a large blacktop were three high school students. One of them, a girl in a green jacket and skirt, lay on the ground unconscious. Another one, a boy wearing a high school uniform, was sprawled out next to her staring at something. The third, another young man with silver hair, was undoing his jacket. Suddenly, something invisible seemed to jerk him aside.

"Get off me!," he yelled out. Then Light noticed the phantom. A large humanoid in a black coat with a metal face mask, the giant wielded a massive broadsword. It seemed to be fighting off several strange creatures. They looked like giant striped orbs with massive mouths open wide to reveal huge tongues, human-faced masked on their backs. Several of these noticed Light and rushed towards him, getting the silver-haired boy's attention. "No you don't," Light said. Light instinctively summoned the card, which looked like a variation of a Judgement Arcana card. Swinging his arm around into the card, he shattered it and felt a rush of energy. "Yoshitsune Minamoto!" The golden samurai appeared and swung its beam blade in a deadly arc, slicing through and destroying several of the strange beings. A few more tried to ambush him from behind, however... "Izanagi!" It was the silver-haired boy who spoke. The black-coated giant, apparently called Izanagi, lifted his hand and summoned a massive lightning bolt, destroying the remaining creatures. "Thanks for the help," Light said, "But how did you three get in here?" "We could ask you the same question?" said the other boy. Light noted a walkman around his neck. "It's kind of a long story," Light said, "But what's say we find a way out of here first?"

The three kids, all of them around Light's age, gave their names as Chie Satonaka, Yosuke Hanamura, and Yu Narukami. Narukami, as it turned out, was the nephew Dojima had mentioned earlier. "So my uncle gave you internship with the Inaba police just to solve the murder?" "And somehow I wound up in here," Light said. He had told them the whole story, not sparing any details. "That couldn't really have been Saki-senpai right?," Yosuke asked, "I mean, it may have just been your imagination, or maybe the strange nature of this world." Light looked at Yosuke. It seemed clear that he had been in love with Saki. After an awkward silence, Chie spoke up. "So what kind of name is Light anyway?"

"You guys are okay!" Light turned at the unfamiliar voice, and was shocked to see what looked like and oversized stuffed animal walk up to them. "Oh," the bear said, "Who's this?" "I'm Light Yagami, and you are...? I wanna say... Teddie?" "Whoa," the bear said in shock, "I can't believe you guessed my name so easily! You must be a bear-y good detective or something!" Light laughed weakly. 'I was just being generic.' "Anyway," Teddie was looking serious now, "You guys need to get out of here, before more Shadows show up." 'Shadows,' Light thought, 'Is that what we were fighting earlier?' "We'd like to but we don't know where the exit is," Yosuke said, "That's why we came here looking for you." Teddie nodded, and seemingly conjured up three old-fashioned TVs stacked on top of each other. "There ya' go," he said, and roughly pushed the four of them through.

When Light finally came to, he heard what sounded like a store jingle. "Hey," Chie spoke up, "We're back in Junes." Light looked around to see they were in what looked like a large electronics store, or at least the electronics section of a department store. As the four teens got up, Yu seemed distracted by something. "This poster," he said in a low tone. Light looked at it. It was a poster for the famous singer Misuzu Hiiragi. The kanji on the side read, "Way of the Ballad". "What about it?," Light asked, "You can see these all over the place." "Sure," Narukami said, "Like in one of the rooms of that hotel you found us near. Only Hiiragi's face had been torn off each one." Narukami told Light about the strange room they had stumbled across earlier, most likely while Light was still wandering. Judging from the unpleasant image of a scarf tied into a noose dangling above a chair, they theorized it was the room that Mayumi Yamano had died in. That made Light think. Whoever the killer was, they had access to that TV world they had been in, and had likely thrown Ms. Yamano in there to die. Come to think about it, the case report mentioned Ms. Yamano having an affair with councilman's secretary Taro Namatame, whose wive at the time was Hiiragi. Though both of them had solid alibi's for the time of Ms. Yamano's death, and it was determined that neither of them had any real motive anyway, since Hiiragi was the one to call the divorce before the affair even began and was currently separated from Namatame.

Light walked back to Adachi's place. "Hey there Light," Adachi said when he saw Light come in, "Did you go somewhere last night?" Light thought for a second. He needed to come up with a good excuse that could fool Adachi. Luckily, he had enough practice from his dream. "Just wanted to see if I could find some clue the police investigators missed." Adachi shrugged. "Well good luck with that. We went over that place with a fine toothed comb." Just then, Adachi's cell rang. "Adachi." After a second, he motioned for Light to move closer. "Listen you two," it was Dojima, "Another murder victim was discovered about an hour ago under conditions similar to Ms. Yamano. I need both of you here right now." Dojima hung up. Adachi sighed, "Guess we'd better..." But Light was already heading for the car.

The crime scene was not too far from the shopping district. Already investigators, wearing special climbing equipment, were processing the telephone pole the body had been found hanging from. Dojima was standing near the body, already propped on a gurney and covered with a white sheet. "So who was it this time?," Adachi asked. Dojima nodded to the gurney. "Take a look for yourself." Light lifted up the sheet, and gasped. It was Saki Konishi. "The top brass are already telling us to treat this as a serial murder case," Dojima said, "Considering the similar state in which the bodies were found, I'd say that's a good idea." "Could the killer have been trying to silence the only witness?," Light asked aloud. "Don't see why," Dojima motioned for Adachi to take witness statements, "She only discovered the body. There's nothing to suggest she actually saw the crime in question." Light thought to himself, 'This won't go over well with Yosuke. And I'll bet he and the rest of the local high school will find out about this tomorrow.'

"Say," Light suddenly thought, "Was anyone assigned to keep watch or Ms. Yamano or Ms. Konishi?" "Sure," Dojima replied, "What with the media buzz surrounding Mayumi Yamano concerning her affair with former Secretary Namatame, the top brass decided a little police protection was called for until it died down. And of course, we needed to keep watch over Ms. Konishi in case the killer suspected something and tried to find her. Adachi was put on the job in both cases. Seems stupid given his track record but we have been short-handed as of late." Light nodded, though the fact that a slacker like Adachi was in charge of guarding both victims made him think that just about anyone could have snuck in and had their way with these ladies. That made Light think. "Could the motive for murder be sexual assault in any way?" Dojima put a hand to his chin. "Possibly, although there's no evidence of rape on Ms. Yamano. We'll have the boys at the morgue check Ms. Konishi just in case. Interesting motive, in lieu of any other at the moment."

The next day at Yasogami High School, the entire student body was called in for an important assembly. "Quiet, all of you!" Kinshiro Morooka, known as King Moron to the students, called out trying to keep all of them in line. "The principal is about to make an important announcement. Anyone who talks out of turn goes down in my 'Rotten Little Shit' list!" Yosuke was busy checking his e-mail on his cell. He had tried calling Saki the night before after getting back home, but she hadn't returned his call. "I'm sorry to announce the loss of one of our own yesterday," the principal said in a somber voice, "Ms. Saki Konishi of room 3-4." Narukami gasped and looked back at Yosuke, who looked like he had died. 'Saki,' Yosuke thought, 'She really had died. Light wasn't imagining it.'

Next time: Yosuke convinces Light to show him where he was when Saki Konishi died, and Yu decides to go with them. With Teddie's help, and some unique glasses, Light leads them to the TV version of Konishi Liquors. But a terrible secret awaits them inside, which could bring about Yosuke's untimely end...

Next chapter: Magician

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