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I had 5 months before I had to meet with the Volturi in Italy. Edward was freaking out and surprise, surprise, Rose is pregnant again due any day now. When we all found out the McCarty's were on baby number two we were shocked. Rose was a little embarrassed.


"Emmett ambushed me on our anniversary, he didn't have any condoms at the time," she smirked.

"The woods are a very sexual place," Emmett defended.

"I couldn't help myself, Rose's arousal was just so overwhelming." Everyone laughed at Emmett.

(End Flash)

Rose had the baby last night, a girl they named Everrose Lillian McCarty. I continued to practice and develop my gifts. I've learned to control all but one of my gifts. The last gift to manifest. I could control minds, make anyone do whatever it is I tell them to do. I didn't like this power one bit in the beginning. I found this gift by accident as usual. Emmett was teasing me because my newborn strength was evening out, he and I were at the same strength level. I lost an arm wrestling match to him for the first time in more than a year. I was so mad I yelled at him to go jump in a lake. His eyes went blank, he turned and walked right through the kitchen door into the woods. We all followed and watched in shock as he threw himself into the lake. Edward and Jasper pulled him out and he went and jumped right back in. I was shocked and cried.

"Emmett stop it!" And he did.

The family looked at me in awe.

"What did you do to him Bella?" Alice asked.

"I don't know! I cried. After that I had to careful what I said.

I once stopped Alice from shopping for a whole week. I told Edward not to read minds. Edward was glad and didn't tell me for three days. I restored his gift and let him know anytime he wanted a break from it he could just stop hearing others thoughts. Sure enough, when the others were having sex, Edward would turn off his gift. I'd given him control of his gift.

Two months before my trip to Italy, I figured out a way for me not to go alone. Rose and Emmett would stay and care for the children, while the rest of us went to Voltera. I would make everyone forget about the children and the fact we were all mutants. They would also forget my gifts, all but one. My shield. I hoped it would work. Alice didn't see anything bad happening.

One month until the trip, Alice had a vision the Volturi would try to recruit us, we decline and they try to force us. Alice said the idea came from Jane. I swear the next time I saw that whore I would strip her of her powers and see how long she lasted. Alice could see only one way for us to come out on top, kill the Volturi. We would take over temporarily and form a council, made up of other vampires from all over. I would keep everyone on the council honest with my power. I think this will work out for all of us.

Alice saw more children in the future for all the couples. Mine and Edwards children would have many gifts and mutant abilities. The day came for our trip, we kissed all the babies goodbye and told them we'd see them later. Emmett was upset that he couldn't come. I cheered him up telling him I'd make sure to put a play by-play into his head when we returned. Anthony got extra hugs and kisses as we set out to fulfill our destiny.

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