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The Death of Jacob's Friendship


"I'd rather you be dead than one of them." Jacob said to me. I flinched as though he'd slapped me. I nodded after a moment and walked out of his garage without another word. I knew what he was and knew that he knew what the Cullens were. He was my best friend and I never expected him to turn on me. I could hear him behind me and I shut down.

"Bella wait!" I kept walking to my truck. Just before I got there, he grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. I knew I wasn't strong enough to push him off of me, so I didn't try. I would have to use my words instead. I only hoped that they worked.

"I'm sorry. Please don't leave. I never get to see you anymore." He begged and pleaded, but deep down, I knew he still meant what he had said.

"Some things can't be forgiven, Jacob. You should be careful what you wish for, Jacob. You clearly meant what you said, so you might as well get used to not seeing me anymore. Goodbye." It was his turn to flinch in the heat of cold and hurtful truths. I climbed in my truck and drove home. By the time I got there, my anger had replaced shock. I slammed my door and stomped up to the house. I had to get to my room before the tears could fall. I can't even call Edward because he is out hunting for the weekend with his family and won't be back for two more days. I know he would come as soon as he could if I called him, but he needed to hunt and I didn't want to be selfish enough to pull him away from his family just to comfort me.

"Bella, what's going on?" My dad called. I went in the room opening my mouth to say something when I saw Billy Black there.

"Jacob said…oh, never mind." I turned and left them sitting there.

"Bella?" My dad had followed me up the stairs. I turned and knew that he could see the anguish and anger mixing on my face.

"What happened?"

"It didn't go so well at Jacob's so I came home."

"What happened?" He repeated, knowing I wasn't telling him the whole truth.

"I don't want to talk about it." I lied on my bed and rolled away from him. He didn't question me a third time for which I was thankful. I might have ended up telling him and I wasn't ready to do that. I curled up on my bed and let the tears silently fall. I was unaware of anything until my dad entered my room the next morning. Only then had I realized that I had been in bed for over twelve hours at this point.

"Bella? Bella, Jacob is here."

"I'm not here."

"He looks really sad and he's been calling all night."

"Good, I'm still not here. I have nothing to say to him." I still haven't moved. I heard the door shut and Jacob drive away. I ended up falling asleep.


I had just gotten back from hunting with my family and was getting ready to step in the shower when I heard Bella's ring tone. It made me smile and I picked up the phone.

"Hello Love."

"Um, it's Charlie."

"Oh, hi Charlie, what can I do for you?" My face wrinkled in concern. I could hear some of my family members stop what they were doing to listen. I couldn't leave the house either because I was naked.

"Um, there's something wrong with Bella. She's been locked away in her room for two days. Something happened with Jacob and she's really upset about it. She won't tell me and she hasn't eaten. She's even still wearing the same clothes from two days ago. I was hoping that you could come over and see if she'll tell you what's wrong?"

"Absolutely. I'll be right over."

"Thank you Edward."

"You're welcome. I'll see you in a few minutes." I hung up and took the fastest shower I have ever taken and sped over to my Bella. I paid no attention to the worried thoughts of my family members as I rushed to my mate's side.

Charlie's mind was a whirlwind of worry and he was replaying memories of the last two days. He was trying to come up with something that Jacob could have said to put her in the state that she was in. I hope that kid can get her talking and eating. I don't like to see my baby so sad. He was thinking as I knocked on the door. When he saw me, he was surprised that I had kept my word and came right over.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, Edward."

"You're welcome. Do you have any idea of what happened?" I asked.

"Jacob said something to her. That's all I know. She won't talk to me." He led me up to her room, making a mental note to keep the door open since he was letting Bella have a boy in her room. If he can get her talking, I'll rethink my opinion of that boy. He thought. I mentally smiled. I already knew Bella would talk to me. I also knew he was going to keep an eye on us and listen to as much as he could. It didn't stop me from getting in the bed with her and pulling her into my arms. Charlie didn't like that very much; especially when she clung to me and knew that she was talking to me.

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