(Out take 2)


I had been gone for a few days so Emmett and I figured it was time to return to the house at least for a change of clothes. The non-stop arguments between my Alice and Bella were the cause for me leaving. There were too many emotions for me to control and my gift is currently useless against the two leading ladies in battle. Poor Edward couldn't leave due to him needing to be directly involved in the plans and to protect his human mate. Emmett doesn't like tense atmospheres and when his attempts to calm everyone down through joking didn't work, he started leaving with me. I didn't blame him and enjoyed the company. Carlisle either came with us or usually escaped to the hospital. Rose stuck around just like Esme to help with the arguments and the planning.

Rose was sitting in the living room waiting for us to come back. I sensed her discomfort.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"It finally reached a breaking point and Carlisle stepped in. Bella snapped at Esme in the heat of the moment and Carlisle banned her from the house for one week. Alice is grounded from shopping for six months and no one can go shopping for her. Alice also had to hand over the binder to Esme and is not allowed help finish planning the wedding. Carlisle spoke to Bella and then went to work. Esme and Edward are over at Charlie's planning the wedding, Alice is upstairs sulking and I waited to talk to you. Let's go Emmett." Rosalie took Emmett's hand and ran off in the opposite direction. I was pissed. I knew it would get to this point. I tore through the house in search of my mate.

"Alice! What the hell happened?"

"Bella won't listen. She's so damn stubborn."

"So are you; it's not your wedding, it's HERS! If you can't plan what she wants and listen to her, then I am glad Carlisle took that stupid book from you."

"What? How can you say that? I'm only trying to give Bella a memorable wedding. I'm doing this for her because I love her. She's my sister and best friend."

"Best friends listen to each other. Have you done anything that she wanted that didn't result from an argument? The two of you have been at each other's throats for a month. She's not like you; Bella hates, really HATES attention on her and this wedding that you've been planning is the complete opposite of what she wants. She doesn't want the whole town invited; only a family and a few friends. She wants a marriage, not a wedding. The next time anyone in this family wants to get married, including us, you will not be a part of the planning. You have to learn to listen. Bella isn't ready for the lavish, attention grabbing wedding that you are planning for her right now, but who knows; maybe in fifty years, she will be. That's the beautiful thing about what we are, baby; we have forever." I caressed my love's face to let her know I still adore her. She hung her head in shame.

"Also, as further punishment from me, you are not allowed to do any shopping for an additional six months beyond what Carlisle already assigned you. I will make exceptions for Christmas, but even then, you will have a spend limit. Give me all of your credit cards. I will be keeping track of these accounts for the next year." She pouted and though it tore at my heart to see my mate unhappy, I held firm. She needs to know she can't control everything.

"I love you Alice; you're my whole world, but you can't control everything and everyone. You owe everyone an apology; especially Bella and Edward." I really hated being authoritative over her like that, but as her mate, it was my job. I expect the same from her if the situation were reversed.

"Yes Jasper, I will apologize when Bella comes back to the house next. I think it would be best to let us both cool off. I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?"

"Yes Alice I will always forgive you. I don't like to punish you; I want to lavish you with everything your heart desires, but this time you deserve it. Do you forgive me for giving you a little push in Charlie's challenge?"

"Yes, I was going to do it any way. It wasn't so bad as it was only one meal." I smiled and kissed my wife. We spent the remainder of the evening reconnecting in the way that only mates can.

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