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Curse his Swiss cheesed memory! Sam had hoped his loyal companion would appear soon to tell him who he was and what he was here to do. But he knew he wouldn't come. He had saved the Admiral's marriage – so that would have meant he wouldn't have met him – right? No! Sam was still trapped in time, which meant Project Quantum Leap must still exist.

Sam was about to revolve in the opposite direction, when a hairy gnarled hand with a few droplets of blood drove through his heart and slunk out quickly in shock and realisation. Al was dressed in his usual loud top, accompanied by his favourite hat. The multicoloured handlink also carried a few blood splatters as Ziggy squealed in warning.

"Shut up, Zip- uh Ziggy! I found him already!"

"SHIT! Al! Do you have to do that!?"

Sam's eyes burned with a fire that no one had ever seen before apart from the hologram as he replied.

"Sam, what have I told you? You can't expect me to knock, do you?"

"Yeah, well you didn't have to put your hand through my – well the host's chest!"

The pair suddenly started an outburst of raucous laughter, exchanging information about their time of two years. Quantum Leap was now continuously funded by the Government, Tina and Gushie had engaged each other – and Ziggy. Well, Ziggy was being Ziggy as usual – if not a bit superstitious as of late.

So far, the Leaper didn't suspect anything. Playing right into the deck of fate.

"How's Gushie doing, Al? You seem to be awful quiet about him…"

Until then!

'Fuck, this meddler is going to ruin my plans. I'll have to influence the original Admiral, in order to keep that Doctor away from the real painful truth.'

"Uh, yeah – He's good. He is taking a nap, says there is a small hole niggling through the middle of his cranium…"

Al suppressed the flash of evil that was demanding to stitch itself across his face. Sam just nodded in a false response. Something was not quite right. Shaking himself loose of the smile, he began randomly tapping digits and occasionally hitting the frequently malfunctioning handlink in order to receive a response from the supercomputer on the other side.

"Anyway, Sam! You have leapt into the body of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to ever be launched in space. She is a Soviet and if I'm not mistaken she is a cosmonaut. Before she became a cosmonaut, she was originally a textile factory assembly worker as well as an amateur parachutist… So you are in Vostok 6!"

Beckett frowned. He hated heights. So, him being in space, above Earth made him slightly dizzy and nauseous.

'Ughhhh… I think I'm gonna... Wait a sec. If Gushie's asleep, who's watching the imaging chamber?'

By the time Sam had refocused, Al had disappeared into nothingness and leaving the Doctor alone to his thoughts and sensations. Then the chunks flew.

"Ugh! Why is it always carrots? I haven't even eaten carrots…"

Sam: It's always carrots...

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