Temptation Toadette

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Here's even more stuff for y'alls. Like most of you will read it at the time I'm uploading this... bah, who cares. Enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen. I have an eternity's worth of writing to do. Heh heh.

Toadette was taking her usual stroll in the pleasant Moo Moo Meadows, simply enjoying the wonderful spring weather as she appreciated how great and pleasant life was. Toadette then stopped in her tracks, standing on the light yellow dirt pavement that the race track took place on. She crossed her hands behind her back, looking up at the clear blue sky, seeing the bright yellow sun shining above the large, white puffy clouds.

"Golly, I sure am happy to have such a nice, innocent day!" Toadette lampshaded as she giggled, opening her eyes as she blinked a few times, "I kinda feel like just relaxing and taking this all in a more relaxing matter..."

Suddenly, when Toadette looked down at the beautiful bright, green grass, she noticed a bright, shiny red apple, all by its lonesome on the grass. Toadette dashed towards it, looking at it as she held her hands together in the front this time, her eyes sparkling as she has never seen an apple so beautiful.

"Oh my gosh... this apple..." Toadette mumbled in amazement as her eyes started to sparkle brighter, approaching the deliciously ripe fruit slowly. "It's so... beautiful... it's empowering... it's beyond what I can comprehend..."

The apple was so bright it could light up even the darkest corners of the universe. Toadette placed both of her hands on the apples, getting a nice firm grip on it as she continued looking down at it. She was swayed by its innocence, licking her lips as she was feeling the urge to eat it. Toadette attempted to take a bite, but then she hesitated, shaking her head.

"No! This apple... is too beautiful to be eaten," Toadette commented, staring at the apple as she then started to feel some conflict within her. "But... it's too good to be true... I have to eat this delicate treat..."

Toadette's stomach growled loudly, prompting her to take a bite out of the apple. She stopped herself again, closing her mouth as she shook her head, refusing to bite into the rich beauty that the apple provided. Toadette murmured as her stomach kept growling, prompted to try and eat the apple, but too taken back by its simple appearance to gnaw it down. The young humanoid mushroom girl was troubled, and in a tough situation.