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It's bitter, this coffee. Bitter as the worry churning in her gut. Diana nervously twists the plastic cup with the black liquid in her hands.

She's not sure why she is doing this. Going against FBI politics, giving Neal – con artist Neal Caffrey of all people! – free rein to break even more rules and, of course, just sitting here on her butt while her boss is out there in the hands of some criminals; maybe hurt or even dead already... But who is she kidding, really? She knows exactly why she is doing this. It's for the same reason she took the first flight out of Washington when she got his call, hid the music box though it was legally evidence and didn't hesitate one second to join Burke's Seven, as they still call it fondly.

Because it is for Peter.

As a probie fresh from the academy, when it comes to applying what you think you know in the real world, you can end up learning the ropes from a good agent but you can just as easily end up learning them from a bad one. By sheer luck she ended up learning from one of the best. Peter not only helped her to hone the skills and abilities she needed to do her job well but he also taught her how things truly worked out there, to respect the victims, to be thorough, to never give up. He taught her to love what she was doing. Though his teaching method might have been not so much a gentle "taking her under his wing" but giving her a firm push between the shoulder blades and telling her to trust her guts AFTER her guts had learned their business.

Despite the situation a short smile flashes across her face and she sips more of the awful coffee.

She might not have had a really typical childhood but like most people she will always love and respect her parents for being her parents and would do just about anything for them. Apparently the same principle works for probies and their mentors.

And if it takes trusting Neal Caffrey and risking her career to get Peter back … well, it is not too high a price, in her opinion.