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Chapter 1: The Lost Daughter.

March 1995:

"I'm sorry Poseidon," Sally muttered as she stood in front of the active sea.

She knew, just as the waves, chaotic for the time of year, that Poseidon was aware Phaedra was gone. Faye, as Sally liked to call the bundle of joy – spelled F. A. Y. E instead of P.H.A.E – was only a year old. Monsters hadn't quite come after her yet, but she knew one day her scent would be too much to not drawl attention.

She had recently begun dating a man named Gabe, a horrible man, but she'd known from the moment she'd met him he'd be the key to protecting Faye. His scent would be so unbearable to monsters that her scent would be hidden for over ten years if she was lucky.

Things might have worked out like that as well if it hadn't been for the news she'd recently received.

Cancer. She knew it had killed her uncle, and even her great-grandmother but she'd never dreamed she'd have the disease as well. The Doctors gave her five years at most with chemo and regular checkups. A year at the least.

She had a feeling that she wouldn't have more then a year or two and Sally had learned to trust her instincts a long time ago. She'd realized she had to make plans. She couldn't leave this life without saving her baby girl.

She didn't trust Gabe to raise her child, seeing as he had moved in with them a month after they started dating and the man was already bringing up marriage.

He didn't even seem to care she was dying. Actually, it seemed to please him. She recalled some of the stories her grandmother told her about a family friend who was supposedly a witch. Sally hadn't believed them as a teenager, thinking her gran was simply not all there.

But when she was eighteen she realized some of those strange things she'd seen growing up were not her imagination. That that man really had one eye, or that woman really had red eyes, or a serpent like tail.

After having fallen in love with a Greek god of all things Sally was finally able to believe that witches were real as well.

If gods and monsters could exist then why couldn't witches?

She'd searched for weeks until she found what she was looking for. It wasn't until she'd arrived at the home she realized the witch wasn't truly a witch per-say but the witches grandmother. The girl she'd found had contacted Hecate after receiving the email Sally had sent her.

The witch had a few ideas how to protect Phaedra, even trying to slow down the Cancer which was killing Sally.

Hecate had given Sally a few choices, from attempting to bind Faye's scent, to attempting to create a protection which blocked her from god and monster. The choice she'd chosen had seemed like the best. She'd have a real family, and hopefully live a long life... even if it was in the past.

Hecate had told her with a spell so big it was uncertain exactly when in time Faye would appear but she'd swore that a family would find her and take her in. While she may never get to see her daughter again in this lifetime, it was possible she would in the afterlife.

It depended on how far back she was sent to how long it was until she saw her in the underworld.

Poseidon would have the most chance of seeing their daughter grow up, but then he'd most likely not know who she was or how she'd come about if she was discovered as a half-blood. There were as many risk as their were promises, but she had to trust her daughter wasn't destined to die before she was eighteen.

It was a hope she'd carried even after she'd known how short a hero's life could be.

As of yesterday Hecate and her grandchild had completed the ritual and sent Phaedra 'Faye' Persis Jackson back in time to grow up and be safe. Safer then if she'd had to be raised here without her mother, and no other family member to go to.

Sally watched as the waves crashed and then a form rose from the water, it was taller then humanly possible at first but quickly shrunk down to around 6'3 and walked calmly onto shore. Her ocean blue eyes met sea green – the same eyes her daughter possessed.

They were calmer and darker then she was used to, he was angry... not angry enough to make her fearful of him but angry enough that she flinched.

"Where is our daughter Sally?" he asked, his voice deep, and calm yet there was a underlaying of anger and fear.

Sally gave him a look of pure regret, tears coming to the surface but she refused to shed them.

"I did what I had to Poseidon," she said. "To keep her safe. When I die she'll have no one."

"I'm no one now?" he grunted, narrowing his eyes. "She'd have me, Sally. I wouldn't let harm come to Faye."

Sally chuckled bitterly.

"You? You've never even met her, and you might never. I am all she has, and you know it. You can't raise her when I'm gone, she'd be put in foster care or adopted."

Poseidon sighed, his anger slowly ebbing away.

"You're right, I couldn't have raised her," he muttered. "But what is so wrong with foster homes or being adopted."

"I can't trust that she'll get a good home. With Hecate's spell I at least know she'll have a good family, Hecate promised so. I trust a goddesses word more then a mortals," she said. "It was for the best."

"Where is she?" Poseidon asked again.

Sally let a tear fall as she turned to look her ex-lover in the eye.

"It's not where she is Poseidon... it's when," Sally told him and Poseidon felt as if his head was spinning at this new information.

Then his heart plummeted into his stomach.

"How far?"

"I don't know," Sally admitted. "Hecate said she could not control that, only the fates could."

"It's possible she's still alive then," Poseidon said, more then asked.

"Very unlikely," Sally said sadly. "But possible. She'll know her name, I sent her back with a locket that's been passed down in my mother's family for three generations. I had it engraved with her name and birth date on the back."

"Won't that look funny?" Poseidon said. "If she's gone back in time."

"Depends. I placed it as numbers, 8-18-93, so they may simply think it's something other if she'd gone back far enough. Otherwise they'll think it's just nonsense or a serial number."

"I'll look for her Sally, I'll even ask my brother if she's in the underworld if I have to," Poseidon said. "I have to know what happened to her... you understand don't you?"

Sally smiled.

"I wouldn't expect less from you Poseidon," she said. "I had hoped you'd already know though, seeing as you've been around for a few thousand years."

Poseidon chuckled.

"Sorry, but I don't," he said. "I wish I did though."

Poseidon seeing how upset Sally truly was stepped closer to his once lover and wrapped an arm around her waist. He had missed her, and he would continue to miss her when her time was up. He just wished it hadn't had to end like this for Sally, but no one could escape the fates.




June 2007:

Elijah moved around the area in Mystic Falls.

Not many realized it, but before there was ever a Wickery Bridge or the land had been settled the way it was now, the water bellow had been used as a place to wash clothes or swim. Back when he was still human his siblings would swim there, despite their mother's worries.

His younger sister, Phaedra or Faye as she'd been called by the siblings, had spent a lot of her free time in the very river. He should have realized earlier his brother hadn't sunk her to the bottom of the ocean like he'd claimed for their other siblings. Klaus had loved Faye, they'd been married in the old world ways – not so different from the marriage rituals of today.

Back then marriage was done younger then these days, by eighteen Faye and Klaus had been together for nearly six years.

He doubted any realized that if you swam down and to a certain point in the river you'd come across a cave like entrance. A little ways in you could swim up and find a cave-cavern like area. From the leads he had this was the most likely place for her to be.

Faye had always had a temper, one to rival his brother. He could only hope she'd help him, at least for a while. In the end he may have to dagger her once again because like all his siblings you could never trust them in the end. At least that was how it had been for many centuries.

"I do hope you're here little sister," Elijah muttered to himself as he stood in the center of the bridge, close to the rails. He noticed not far away an area that looked as if there had been a recent crash. It was being reconstructed it seemed. "I can't imagine you'll be very happy with my dear younger brother when you've been awakened."

He jumped, landing on the wooden rails and with out further thought he stepped off, splashing into the water bellow.

It only took him a minute to locate the cavern and get into the chamber above. It was rather simple after that to find the coffin, pearl like in color with a rose on the lid. It looked fresher then the others, as if it had recently died.

He smiled, his brother couldn't leave Faye for long. He should have realized he'd come back at least once a year. Despite how his family seemed they truly did love each other, and as hard as it was to imagine, Klaus loved Faye, had since they were young humans.

It was why it had shocked Elijah to find out Klaus had daggered Faye at all.

"Hello little sister," Elijah said, reaching out and pushing the lid open.

Inside was the lithe form of his younger sister, though not the youngest. He remembered when his mother and father had brought Faye into their lives. She looked nothing like him or his siblings but she was adopted so there was no reason for her too.

She was a dark beauty, with tanned skin which had lightened when they'd become vampires. Sea green eyes, long dark lashes, long dark wavy hair and a lithe body. At first he, Finn, and Klaus had not been to happy about the new addition, and Kol had been only two at the time.

But as everyone grew older, and Rebekah had been born into the family, and finally Henrik it was really Kol that Faye clashed the most with. Along with Finn, but Finn was always the noblest of them all, and had hated being a vampire.

He could still recall chasing Faye around the woods close to home with Klaus when she had the extra energy to burn. She'd always been hyper, barely patient enough to sit still for longer then a minute. Her temper was fierce though and she was strange at times.

She'd once got upset enough that the water from the well had sprung up, and splashed onto Finn and Kol who'd been teasing her and Rebekah.

Their mother, Esther, had chalked it up to her being a witch. But manipulating water was all she could ever do, none of the spells she was taught ever worked. After a year of trying their mother just accepted that Faye could do things with water and that was it.

Even as a vampire she'd retained those gifts, surprising their mother and father, but they'd learned not to question things when it came to Faye. Strange things tended to happen around her.

"Time to wake up Phaedra," he said, gripping the dagger and pulling up.

The dagger slid from her chest and he sighed, knowing she would be an hour or two before waking. That was usually how it went when un-daggered.

Stepping back Elijah sat against the cavern wall, one knee up and his arm resting on it as he waited.

He had practically fallen asleep against the wall when he heard the sounds of heels against stone. His eyes snapped open and he jumped to his feet, his heart lightening and a smile growing on his face upon seeing the figure standing in front of the coffin.

Her long hair feel down to her waist, and was wavy with a few natural curls scattered about. She was paler then usual, and looked more fragile and slightly confused when she turned to see him. He wasn't surprised, she had yet to feed so she wasn't at full strength yet.

The swim to the surface would help her, water had always healed her when they were human and still helped with the process. Not that it was needed, being a Original vampire meant she healed faster then others of the vampire species.

"Elijah," she muttered and looked around her. The flapper dress she wore moving with her. "What... what year is this? Why did you wake me and not Niklaus?"

Elijah walked over, wrapping an arm around her in a half hug.

"It's 2007 Phaedra," he replied, and her green eyes lit up in a fiery confused rage. "I'd like your help."

"That's over eighty years," she said, her voice laced with anger. "Help with what brother?"

Elijah smirked, knowing she wouldn't not help... at least for now. Her anger would eventually leave, and she'd be back by Klaus's side.

That was just how Faye was at times. She'd get angry at him and get even, but she'd never do permanent damage. She loved Klaus to much to ever kill him, though she loved to threaten.

"Come along little sister, and I'll explain everything," he said and he led her to the water.

It wasn't but a few seconds later the cavern was left empty, and the lost daughter of Poseidon was once again awake. But she was still lost to Olympus and the world she'd not known while human.