Of Broken Toes and Broken Ties

The door to the room opened with a soft creak and from behind it, peeked his face.

The room was bright; beds with bright white sheets stood left and right next to the big window. The curtain fluttered a little, but it was so different than the curtain he knew from theatres or Hollywood. This one felt cold, and the soft breeze escaping from it just proved him right.

Bonkers blinked his eyes, stepped into the room and closed the door not particularly quiet, which caused the man in the room to cringe.

"Keep that toon away from me!" demanded a rough voice that emerged from the bed.

His pleas, however, were not answered and instead a loud wildcat calling his name landed straight on top of the detective, bouncing ever so slightly. Soft fur nuzzled the part of Lucky's skin that was not hidden by the massive bandage.

"How's my favorite partner?!" the bobcat asked, before he gave the man another hug, "I missed you!"

Great, he'd been here for… what? Two hours?

"Have I taught you nothing about patience?" …or stealth for that matter?

At this, Bonkers pulled himself up and blinked down at his boss.

"But we're not working right now!"

Lucky wearily rolled his eyes. His muscles clenched uselessly against the fresh plaster that caged him in, making it impossible to shove his 'partner' off the bed.

"But, don't you worry!" Bonkers chirped up as he pushed himself up and glanced down at the human's cheeks he had squished together in his excitement, "I know just the thing to make you feel better!"

- And in burst a Marching band of toons.

The noise… THE NOISE!

After what felt like an eternity to Lucky, a doctor finally arrived, finding the detective wriggling to the best of his abilities.

"What's going on in here?" the consultant demanded.

Bonkers raised his eyebrows in confusion, glancing at the man as he picked him up by the scruff of his neck.

"The patient needs rest!" the doctor declared and the bobcat shrugged uneasily.

"But laughter is the very best medicine you can get."


Bonkers, with ears laid back, rubbed his behind where a significant boot-print was displayed and soon the band of toons followed him out voluntarily, crowding around the orange cop on the floor.

Fallapart trotted up to the bobcat and plopped down next to him.

"That worked well," he stated as cheerful as the rabbit could get.

"No, it didn't!" Bonkers disagreed with a slight sharpness to his voice, got up and cleared the corridor.

The group of toons exchanged looks, disposed of their instruments and followed the bobcat in single file.

In front of the building, the bobcat dismissed them all with a genuine "Thank you, people!"

Fallapart however waddled back to him.

"Wanna join me in some Bingo?"

Bonkers put on his police hat and adjusted it pointedly.

"Thanks Fallapart, but I'll go back to the office."

He wished his bestest of friends the bestest of luck and departed, eager to distract himself from the recent letdown.