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He had been planning this for a week. Sora had gone too far and rubbed his nose in it too often, but last week he had actually, finally gone too far.

I had joked with Sora a ton of times about giving Kairi a paupu fruit, and you could even say this was partly my fault. That isn't what bugged me. That isn't what drove me over the edge. It was the fact that I had told him what I felt, how I had dreamed of her since she came to these islands. He KNEW I was planning on popping the question.

And still he gave it to her. They ate it right in front of me. Wether on purpose or because I had stepped in the room ready to confess my love, when they shared it. In that moment a part of me went numb, and the Darkness creeped in, and an idea popped in my head and wouldn't leave.

"Riku did you see? I finally did it!"

Oh that bastard. Of course I saw! I saw, and that was when the ideah and the Darkness took over. I had to do something.

"Sora, how about in a week, I take you fishing in the hole by the old cabin? we'll have guy talk and Kairi can relax without having to worry about you getting yourself into trouble. We'll celebrate, just the three of us."

His eyes showed innocent but his mind was working overtime. The Darkness spoke to his desires. At fiurst he rejected what the shadows whispered in his ear and his heart.

"That's a great idea, it'll be just like old times!"

But then, if he resisted, the dark whispered, he would never get his queen.

And the only way to get his queen was to take out the king.

"It's settled then. Get ready Sora. it will be an experience you won't soon forget."

I never wanted it to come to this...but once the Darkness took root there was no resisting it. I had fought it. I weilded it. Yet in this one area...it still held me in a tight embrace.

I prepaired over the next week, plotting, scheming, and conversing with the Darkness. Finally my time came and I met my prey at the designated spot.

"You boys be careful now. I don't want you coming back complaining how the Heartless ruined your trip again. You remember what happened last time."

He smiled, and shoved the always grinning Prince of Light out the door, smiling at his soon to be queen and wondering where Sora's Nobody had gotten to. Roxas had been invited, but had obviously slept in for the tenth time.

He growled once the door closed. If this was going to be done right, not a SHRED of Sora's heart would be left breathing, and that included his Nobody. Snapping his fingers, he summoned his antiform to wait outside the cabin and holfd the Nothing Being should he choose to show up.

We fished for about an hour. I regretted having to end it on a morbid note, but by then it was far too late for me. I knew if he screamed while we were outside, the sound would carry to the other cabin where Kairi was staying, waiting for us to come home with tales of our adventure.

She would get a tale alright, but it wouldn't be pleasant.

The Dawn was shoved into his chest and out his back. He fell, and was caught by the hand that had dealt the blow.


The ice blue eyes shed not one tear of remorse as a snake's voice hissed in his ear,

"You left me no choice. You hurt me deeply, and now it's your turn."

As I dealt his deathblow (though he didn't die until ten minutes of teetering on a couch with the one person who did not know what I had done) the Darkness and I became one. I felt my sanity leave me. I felt the monster inside me return from whatever closet Malefiscent had put it, and consume my being, driving me insane.

It would not stop here. I was going to wipe Sora's entire legacy off the face of the known universe. I was going to make him suffer, as he had made me suffer. He was no longer breathing but that didn't matter to me. I would hunt down what was prescious to him, I would deal the final blows. I would become Death, destroyer of worlds.

I won't stop at shedding Sora's blood. I can't. Until the final ties are cut, until Kairi is mine forever, I will not stop.

I can't.

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