This was the story I wrote for the Fandom for Ovarian Cancer compilation. I forgot to post it. Oops.

Summary: 24 hours. 2 people. 1 room. "It's like I don't even exist in her world." AH; ExB; EPOV; Romance/Drama

Disclaimer: SM owns all things Twilight; I own this plot.

6:49 a.m. (Saturday)

"You'll be fine, Bella. I promise." I hug my best friend and watch her leave from my spot in what used to be her driveway.

We promised we would write each other.

We promised we would be friends forever.

We were young and naive, and we didn't think Florida was that far away from Seattle.

We were thirteen.


I wake with a start.

I've been having this nightmare over and over again for years. That was the last time I got to hold her in my arms.

I haven't stopped missing her ever since.

Today, the six of us leave for spring break. I didn't want to go, but Emmett convinced me we'd have fun.

I hate being the fifth wheel. Not that I'm the fifth wheel, since Bella is there too.

But we can't stand each other.

Or, rather, she can't stand me.


Ever since we first set eyes on each other in the quad at U-Dub seven months ago, she's never acknowledged that she knows me.

She's never said anything directly to me.

She hardly looks at me.

It's like I don't even exist in her world.

And it motherfucking hurts like a sonofabitch.

Because at thirteen, I was head over heels in love with her.

I'm thinking of posting a chapter per day for about 2 weeks... Some chapters are looooooonger. Trust. ;o)