I wrote this epilogue last week because I felt like these two deserved a happier ending. Now you get to read it thanks to my wonderful girls, Midnight Cougar and WitchyVamireGirl. This last little bit wouldn't be here without them.

A week later... or 158 hours and 27 minutes... (Saturday)

The plane lands in Seattle at 10:21 pm. It's late. We're all tired.

I hold Bella's hand in mine. I haven't let go. Not since that morning.

The week went by smoothly and we got to know each other all over again.

Light touches on soft skin. Hand holding and sweet kisses.

Agreeing to wait before taking things further.

Our friends were happy for us. Turns out they'd known for a while that Bella and I shared a history of some sort.

They just weren't sure of the details of that history.

We explained, shared stories. Details from our youth. Dark forests and stormy nights. Camping and fishing.

First kisses and crushes.

Love that was lost as teens, re-kindled as adults.

Her hand is warm in mine. She's asleep in the seat next to me.

There is no way I am letting her go. Not this time. Never again.

Her mother may have succeeded once, but not anymore.

Charlie lives near Seattle. I plan on meeting him again someday.

I kiss Bella behind her ear and whisper, "It's time. We're home."

She blinks, once, twice, then blesses me with a smile so wide, it takes my breath away.

"Hi. Did I sleep long?" Her voice is thick with sleep, but cute. The sound makes me ache for her.

Later. Soon.

"We'd barely left the ground and I felt you nod off. It was a long week." I run my finger along her cheek and jaw. Beautiful.

After that first night, the rain had subsided and had been replaced with an abundance of sunshine.

We partied, not too much, just enough to keep our heads lightly fuzzy.

"What time is it?" She leans into my touch and a soft, sleepy smile tugs at her lips.

"Almost ten thirty. Do you want to crash at my place for the night?" I hold my breath for what seems like forever, until her lips curl into a full smile and she nods her assent. "Alright then." I kiss her lips lightly and hold her hand as we wait for the instructions from the flight attendants.

"Jesus, Bella, I've never seen you smile this much," Emmett teases as we stand and wait by the baggage carousel.

I watch as Bella shrugs and gives him the finger. "Things change, Emmett. Get over it."

Alice and Rose snicker, while Jasper high fives me. "Just treat her right, bro. I like her better this way," Jasper whispers, his eyebrows raised into his hairline.

Glad to know she wasn't just a pain in the ass when I was around. "I've been doing good so far, haven't I? I think we'll be okay," I reply while catching my bag and handing Bella hers.

I take Bella's hand in mine, kissing her knuckles lightly. "Ready?"

She nods shyly. "As I'll ever be."

The drive to my apartment is quick. Emmett and Jasper are staying with their girls, while I opt to have some private time with Bella.

I don't expect anything to happen, but just in case, I'd rather we have our privacy.

Besides, I don't need Emmett to make fun of my virgin butt. I've had enough of that in the last seven months of living with him, thank you very much.

Thankfully, Bella knows her way around my place. We're awkward at first. I mean, we've spent this entire week sharing a room and a bed, but this - being here alone together - makes it real.

"Did you want to take a shower first or...I can just use Emmett's bathroom?" I stutter through my words, not sure how to proceed.

"Yeah, a shower would be amazing. I'd like to wash off the saltwater and airport germs, you know?" Her cheeks are pink and her bottom lip is stuck between her teeth. Typical signs that Bella Swan is nervous about this too.

We quickly grab our necessities and wordlessly head for our respective bathrooms.

I shower quickly, nervously cleaning every nook and cranny. I may or may not make myself come to images of Bella.

When I step out of the shower, I realize Bella was right, this feels so much better than airport germs.

I slip on some boxers and sleep pants, not sure of what else to do. We haven't been naked together before. Fooling around on top of our clothes, sure, and I've seen her boobs - which are amazing, by the way - but nothing below the waist has been explored. I mean, it's been rubbed and ground on; resulting in lots of sticky messes, but no direct hand-to-skin contact has been had.

Part of me is sort of, maybe ready and hoping for that. Definitely.

When I return to my room, Bella's already there, snuggled up under the covers. The lights are turned off, but I can see her shape, and her dark, wet hair fanned out over the pillow on the same side of the bed she'd slept on at the hotel.

I quietly walk over to the bed, careful not to wake her.

Pulling the covers back, she moves slightly, helping me with them. "Took you long enough." Her voice is playful and I let out a breath, knowing she's awake.

"Yeah well, I had layers and layers of grime to clean off, ya know?" That works, right? I'm not a perv.

"Uh huh," she agrees. "I thought we could cuddle, you know, like old times."

I chuckle. "Old times? You mean all of last week?"

I lay on my back and she cuddles up to my side, tangling her leg between mine. "Well yeah, I like this. Us. Like this." Her voice is a soft cadence caressing my skin.

"Yeah," I squeak, swallowing my nerves. I want her to be my girl, so I ask. "Bella?" She hums against my shoulder and drops a kiss to my skin. "Do you... would you be my girl? Like officially?"

She answers me by getting on her knees, straddling one of my thighs, and hovering over me, her hands on either side of my head. "Edward, I've been your girl since before I even knew you existed. I'll always be yours, as long as you're mine," she declares.

I grin and run a hand against her cheek, down her throat, and wrap my fingers around the back of her neck, pulling her lips to mine.

Soft and sweet, her lips follow mine in a fluid tango. Sucking her bottom lip into my mouth, she moans and presses herself against my thigh. I can feel her warmth through the layers between us, and in spite of my earlier session in the shower, I want her.

My body reacts on instinct, my pelvis meeting hers as our lips and tongues explore each other.

She writhes and moans and grinds, frantic and quick. Breathing faster and faster; climbing higher and higher.

I pull up her shirt and palm her breasts, grateful that she's not wearing a bra. "I love your tits, Bella." They're fantastic. They've certainly grown since she was thirteen. I never touched them then, but I make sure to make up for it now.

She hums and sits up, and spreads her thighs over both of mine, lowering herself onto my obvious erection.

"Oh... God..." Incoherent thoughts take over my mind. I want to be inside her. I want to feel her warmth surround me. It's all I can think of.

My hands are on her hips and I watch as she palms her breasts and tweaks her nipples. Then she does something I never expect, she brings one hand down her chest, all the way down to the front of her shorts and cups herself. "I want you, here, Edward." She throws her head back and works her body over mine.

My voice is stuck in my throat as I watch the fabric move. Knowing what she's doing, drives my lust even further. "Can I watch, Bella? Show me."

Her head snaps back and she stops moving. Getting off the bed, she takes off her shorts. It's dark in the room, but I can still see the contours of her body, the light color of her skin, and darker contrast of her sex.

"You too, Edward." She points to my pants, and kneels on the bed. I quickly shimmy them off, along with my boxers, and throw them somewhere in the corner of my room.

"Now where were we?" Her grin is playful, and I can't breathe.

She's right there, her wetness and warmth rubbing up against my hardness.

Up. Down. Slick. Wet.

Not inside, but still there.

"I'm a virgin, Edward," she whispers. "But this feels right. With you, it just feels right." Her face hovers over mine, and we resume our kiss from earlier.

I flip us over, somehow managing to wrap the blankets around my legs and almost elbow Bella in the head, but after a fit of giggles, I manage to kiss her, and make her forget about everything.

"I want you to feel good," I pant into her skin, kissing my way down her collarbone. Using my fingers, I slip one between her folds, and internally curse myself for being so inexperienced.

Damned Emmett, no wonder he kept making fun of me.

"Tell me, Bella. Tell me what feels good." She's warm and wet, and when I slip my fingers down further, I find her opening so tight and inviting. "Fuck." I close my eyes, and will away my own urges to just take her.

I feel her hand creep up, meeting mine. She unfurls my hand and brings my fingers back up her sex to that small sensitive nub nestled between her swollen lower lips. She guides my fingers with hers while I wrap my lips around one nipple and flick my tongue over it.

She shows me what works for her, and before I know it, I'm privy to that face - the one that tells me she's found her bliss - the face of an angel falling from heaven and into my arms.

"That was amazing," she sighs and takes my hand - the one that was just on her sex - and brings it to her lips, kissing it. "I'm ready, Edward," she whispers and reaches up with her other hand to wrap her small fingers around my neck. "I've been waiting for you my whole life."

In the darkness of my room, I find her eyes and wonder for a second if this is all really happening. "I won't last long." I lower my lips to hers and hold myself on my elbows.

I can feel her warmth right there against me, taunting me. "Protection?" she whispers against my lips, and I want to kick myself.

"I think I have condoms in the drawer over there." I drop a kiss to her forehead. "I'll be right back."

She giggles and I can feel her eyes on me as I nakedly walk across the room to retrieve that little piece of rubber that may or may not help me not look like a two pump chump.

After a few minutes, I'm back in her arms, cradled in her warmth, with a condom sheathed over my dick. This is it. "Are you ready?"

"I've been ready for a while now," she replies playfully.

"Relax, I'll go slow." Positioning myself at her entrance, I inch my way inside her slowly. I curse and whimper as her warmth wraps me up and holds me in, enveloping me and taking me higher.

I pull out a little and plunge back in, taking cues from Bella that she's okay. My mind is a blur of want, and all I can think of is how good she feels and how right this is… us sharing our first time.

I love her, I do. I always have. She's given me more than I'd ever thought I'd have and now this… She gave me herself.

"God, Bella." My voice is hoarse and my breathing is heavy. This is better than the shower. Better than dry humping. Better than anything I've ever done.

I feel her heels dig into my butt, and she meets me thrust for thrust. Opening my eyes, I watch her face contort and her breathing pick up. And holy shit this is it. With my lips on her throat, I let the feeling of being inside her consume me as I fall apart, cursing and sputtering, completely lost in everything that makes her, her.

Morning comes too quickly as the sun blares through the curtainless window. I watch Bella's face contort, trying to hold off on waking up.

"Hey, sweet girl." My morning voice is scratchy against my throat, but the sweet smile that curls over her lips is the best reward.

"I love you, Edward. I always have," she whispers, eyes still closed and fingers playing with the sheet that's draped over our naked bodies.

I kiss the top of her head. "I love you, too. Always and forever, Bella."

And hopefully sometime in the future, I'll take her out on a date.

We'll definitely have our ups and downs.

We'll probably screw up.

But now that we're together, nothing can come between us ever again.

And I know we'll both be forever thankful for that last room down the hall.


You guys... Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.