And now I give you Part Two! Enjoy!

Tucker woke with a pounding in his head. What the hell happened last night? The last thing he remembered was Carolina ordering Jeggarbombs and betting he couldn't chug all six in one minute. He did. Everything after was either fuzzy or just blank out of his mind. He crawled out of bed and drug his feet to the kitchen. Never has Tucker had a hangover this massive. Seriously, what the hell happened to him?

There was booming laughter coming from the living room. It sounded like Church and Texas. What the hell was so funny?


Carolina sat comfortably in the recliner as Church watched the video of Tucker at the club. Texas enjoyed seeing it for the umpteenth time. Once in person.

"I can't believe you got him that drunk!" Church had to close the laptop an catch his breath. What he just saw could now never be unseen. His friend, roommate, and now main source of entertainment, was going to never live this down.

"You should have been there in person-!"

"What's so funny?" Tucker said, brushing his messy hair out of his flushed face. Three aspirin and a cup of water eased his throbbing migraine.

Carolina smiled and met Tucker over where he stood.

"Good morning, 'Tristan', how are you faring after partying so hard last night?" She was obviously playing with him. She knew very well he had to be miserable after how much he drank. After the Jeggarbombs, he downed three beers, four tequila shots, seven blue moons, and at least half a bottle of rum.

"Ha ha, you're funny, Lina. What the hell happened? All I remember is the Jeggarbombs..."

Texas laughed and opened the laptop.

"Just watch this and it should be pretty clear what went down at the club..."




"Hey, Lina, whadya say we hit my place af'er one 'ore beer."

Carolina smiled but groaned inwardly as Tucker ordered yet another round of beer. In all honesty, Carolina had yet to have a sip of alcohol. Ticker had drank every drop ordered the past hour. He had entered the city limits of Plasterville long ago. Also he wouldn't stop asking Carolina to go home with him. Something about 'making his sword glow in the dark.'

"I have a better idea. Why don't you... Dance on the bar."

Carolina picked her words carefully. She took out her phone and had it on standby. She knew it was only a matter of time.

"Sounds fun!"

Tucker tried to get up in the bar but fell to the ground. Not quite what she expected, but entertaining none the less. He stumbled back to his feet, using the bar stools for leverage and giggled like an idiot.

"What's so funny?" Carolina said, pressing record on her phone.

Tucker simply laughed and said the following:

"I am here to answer the age ol' question... Does the pope poop in the woods?"

'... Really? Is this all I'm getting from him?' Carolina thought, letting her phone record what's going on.

Tucker suddenly became emotional and started to cry. People around him became uncomfortable and moved to avoid any contact with him. His crys became sobs and soon, even Carolina became uncomfortable, but refused to leave until shot got some dirt on Tucker.

"Tuck-Tristan, what's wrong?"

Tucker bawled and slammed his head against the bar counter before looking at Carolina with a tear soaked face.

"Leave Slender alone! He's just a human... With no f-face!"

"Leave who? Wha- never mind..."

It was about that time when Texas walked up to investigate the situation. Right as she walked up, Tucker looked at Tex and stopped crying. He smiled at her and stood as best he could.

"Hey, Lina, we need to go. Sister and South decided it would be fun to having a marshmallow eating contest. The downside was they couldn't find marshmallows... So they used bananas."

"You could have a' contes' with my banana any day, sexy Texy." Tucker said while attempting to wink.

Before Tex could think of a reply, Simons came flying through the air and a crowed of people started to run do the doors. There could only be one explanation.

Donut ran and dove behind the bar crying.

"Make the crazy lady go away!"

South was on a drunk rampage and stormed through a crowed of people to get over to where Donut was hiding.

"C'mon girly! Let's dance!"

Tucker looked at South and he grew the biggest smile ever.

"Hey, babe, why don' ya sit on ma lap and we can talk 'bout the first thin' that pops up?"

South looked at Tucker and smiled... Before pinching him square in the face. Not hard enough to cause any noticeable damage, but enough to shock him. He recovered and laughed.

"Y-you hit like a girl!"

South grunted and attempted to pick Tucker up and throw him, but collapsed to the ground, blacking out. Sarge marched over to see a girl passed out on the ground.

"What 'n tarnasion? Griff! I'm just gonna pin this on you if the cops ask anythin'!"

Griff just shrugged and continued to look at the newest issue of Grunts Weekly. Tucker perched himself against the bar and huffed.

"Ye'know, this whole thin' could have been avoided if we listened to Al Gore!" he said, throwing his hands in the air, then falling down in a drunken comatose.

Carolina turned off her phone and slipped it into her pocket. There had to be more than enough to blackmail Tucker with later...




Tucker calmly closed the computer and looked about the room, giving a calm glare at each and every person in said vicinity. How did his plan of ruining the girls night out completely backfire on him?

"Well, 'Tristan', I do think it is safe to say that maybe next time, your ass will stay home when told to."

Carolina looked at Tucker, giving him a calm stair, but it was obvious that we words had a deeper, much darker meaning. Almost a threat. Tucker stretched and looked for an exit. He had a plan...

"I do think it's time for me to..." he grabed the computer and sprinted for the door, "DESTROY ALL EVIDENCE!"

Texas and Carolina ran after Tucker. They had to give him some credit, that man could run... Fast, and he had great stamina for how long he managed to stay out of their reach. For it wasn't until the three were way past the six blocks away from home that Texas tackled Tucker. Carolina managed to tear the computer out of his hands and get a head start back home.

Church sat down and waited for everyone to return. He gave a sigh and took a drink of his coffee.

"Y'know, I don't think I would have my life any other-" his monologue was interrupted when a rock flew through his window, shattering it and a very expensive glass vase his mother gave him or Christmas.



Das End!

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