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Some important notes to know before reading, Because Naruto is in a very awkward place in the manga for a crossover, and there are elements from different places in the story I want to use, I'm making a kind of alternate world for Naruto in this story. Some things in the story up to this point have happened, and others have not. Of course pretty standard of fan fiction to change the world sometimes, I just don't want to get comments like "Uhm did you forget Naruto did x y z" or "Why i character not dead/alive" I hope this does not deter anyone from reading.

One Piece and Naruto: A Bond Beyond Worlds

Chapter 1: Follow it! The light that guides the dreamers!

"Fire!" A voice yelled as explosions lit up the sky.

A small but fierce pirate ship was being pursued by a fleet of much larger ships. With the beaming face of a lion, this brilliantly decorated and cherished vessel is known as the Thousand Sunny across the seas, but to his crew he is more endearingly called the Sunny-Go in memorial to his late brother. A mist begins to brew on these already chaotic waters, leaving the path for the Sunny unclear.

"Great. As soon as we hit the New World we get chased by the marines again. I thought things were suppose to be more exciting here." Said a touchy young man, as he hurled back a cannon ball with only the strength of his legs.

"Humph, sounds more like you've gotten rusty these past two years, a couple of marines are getting you tight?" Said another brash young man. Three cannon balls approached the ship at full speed. With a single swing of one of his three blades, the cannon balls were cut seamlessly across the center and dropped into the oceans below.

"What'd you say you shitty swordsman!" the young blonde dropped from the air with fury in his eyes.

"Sanji! Zoro! Now is not the time for your stupid arguments! Let's focus on staying alive here!" A long nosed boy demanded. "Nami! How do we get out of here?"

"The fog is making it hard to set a course. And all this commotion is making it hard to focus. Franky can we burst out of here?" The frustrated girl tried her best to open the map in her hand, but found herself being struck by erupting waves.

"OW! We can be out of here in a SUPER minute, once we've repowered the Sunny with cola." Franky, the large Cyborg announced from the engine room.

"I wonder how Luffy is going to get back to the Sunny. It was pretty reckless of him to go straight to the ships." A small tanu…ahem reindeer said before transforming into a large ball of fur, taking the impact of several cannonballs.

"Yohohohoho! Do not worry Chopper-san; he is our captain after all." Said the ironically liveliest member of the crew, a reanimated skeleton. "Luffy-Saaaaaan! Give them the full force of your soul! My heart yearns for your return. Although I don't have a heart. YOHOHOHO!" His enormous afro seemed to dance with the burst of bombs in the air.

"You're so energetic Brook. You're almost making me jealous." Sighed a long nosed man. "Well this moment will be just as good as any to add to the Great Adventures of Captain Usopp Part Two!" "Hey Robin, can you see my subordinate, I mean our captain from up there?"

An enigmatic woman stood in the crow's nest of the ship. She stared silently at the oncoming fleet of ships attacking them, looking for a sign of some sort.

The onslaught continued as the ships grew ever closer to the spirited crew. Suddenly, one of the ships burst into flames. Just as quickly it was split in half and sank into the sea.

"Look!" She called.

The entire pirate crew stared in awe as another ship soon crumbled. A smile appeared on everyone on board the Sunny-Go.

"LUFFY!" They all shouted in familiar excitement.

Onboard the marine ships however, things were not as joyous. One boy was warping place to place stirring up the marine ship.

"Get Him!"

"Ah he jumped! Where'd he go?"

"Come back here straw hat!"

Landing on his feet in the center of the ship, he stood with a straw hat on his head and an unbreakable smile and vigor shined brightly from his face.

A horde of marines surrounded him with blades and guns at the ready.

"Straw hat Luffy! Infamous pirate from the Worst Generation with a 400,000,000 Berry bounty. You will be apprehended today!"

Without a second thought he prepped his fists, much to the dismay of the hesitant marines.


A flurry of punches battered and spread the group all across the oceans. An on looker on one of the other ships rushed to the captain of this vessel to report.

"Captain Smoker! This kid he just sank one of our ships and he's approaching another one! It won't be long before he gets here. What do-"

"What are you doing reporting to me when you could be using that time capturing straw hat?" A grizzly marine interrupted. If you were not ready for this kind of power then you shouldn't have become a marine. Keep all cannons focused on the straw hats ship; I'll deal with Monkey D. Luffy myself." He said chomping on his to cigars.

"Tashigi, report to the G-11 base, tell them we have the straw hats cornered and they are approaching their base."

"Yes Smoker-San!" said the confident, yet naïve looking girl.

"Man, I thought you New World marines would be tougher than this. I guess some things don't change.' Luffy sighed sitting on the banister with his eyes closed.

"You cheeky rubber bastard!" A marine said before firing a bullet at him. It burst and revealed a net, lined with sea stone. Unfortunately by the time the net met its destination, Luffy had vanished.

"Looks like this one is going down too." Luffy said now high in the air.

The terrified marines, watched on in horror as he stretched his leg into the sky beyond him.

"COLOR OF ARMAMENTS HARDENING…" Luffy's foot turned black and hard as metal.

Tears fell down the many faces of the marines their fate was sealed.


"Not again!" They screamed.


Luffy sent his foot crashing into the ship.

Suddenly, as if summoned from heaven itself, a cloud of smoke burst towards the rubber man. Before Luffy could finish his attack, Smoker had stabbed him in the gut with his Jutte. He also took the brunt of the force from the axe attack, but was able to shake off most of it with his own color of armaments. With a swift punch Luffy was grounded once again.

"Straw hat Luffy, maybe someday you'll realize you can never escape me. I've spent these two years patiently waiting, knowing you'd reveal yourself again eventually." Smoker claimed as he reappeared on the deck in a cloud of smoke. "You can only imagine my excitement when you did exactly as I imagined you'd do."

"Oh great this is Smokie's ship." Luffy responded as he got back up on his feet. "And it looks like you're ready to fight."

"YAHOO. Our Smo-san is amazing!" The marines began cheering. "Take him out!" "Show him the fury of G-5."

"It looks like you've learned how to use haki. Maybe you'll actually put up a fight this time." Smoker retorted, coming as close to a smile as his nature allowed him.

Luffy greeted the stare with an excited grin.

"LUUUUFFYYYYYYYY!" A voice echoed from afar.

Both Smoker and Luffy turned to see the terror that lay before them.

The ocean currents approached a gargantuan mountain. It seemed to have been born out of the mist itself, swallowing the barely visible sky.

"This isn't an ocean! It's a gulf! We're heading straight into that mountain!" Tashigi said.



"Heh, well sorry Smokie we're going to have fight some other time." Luffy said as he stretched his arm.


He wrapped it around the mast and landed on it. He then jumped back, arm still connected to the mast.


He flung himself off the ship.

"Cease fire and stop all of the ships. I'm not going to let this chance slip away just like that." Smoker ordered.

"But Smoker-san, there's no way they can make it over that monster, they'll die for sure if they continue. They couldn't have survived the seas this long if they were that stupid, we have them right where we want them." A marine said.

Smoker grumbled, clearly aggravated by the statement.

"Remember this men and remember it well. When dealing with the Straw Hat Pirates, know that they would rather risk dying then surrender to the enemy, they have willpower far unlike the scum we usually wipe off the seas. Whether they live or die they'll risk it to continue fighting another day. And I want to capture them myself, and I want to capture them alive."


He immediately burst into smoke and began pursuing the flying straw hat. "YOU HAVE YOUR ORDERS!" He yelled back.

"Franky are we all loaded?" Usopp asked, frantically running down the stairs that led into the engine room.

"Just give me the word and we're SUPER out of here!" Franky said with thumbs up.

"We're ready Nami!" Usopp announced.

"Ok Chopper if you can steer us facing towards one of the sides of the mountain, we may have a clearing.

"Alright Nami!" He then Transformed into his giant Human form and ran to the helm.

"Now we just have to wait until our idiot captain gets back." Sanji said as he lit a cigarette.

"Let's just hope we don't get too close to the mountain by then, or else we'll just slam into it and leave a bloody red stain." Robin said coming down from the crow's nest.

"Why do you always have to do that?" Usopp said with tears in his eyes.

Robin replied only with an innocent stare.

Luffy approached the sunny at a break neck pace. The speed began to distort his face spreading saliva everywhere and flapping his rubber face.

"STRAWHAT!" Smoker called not far behind him.

"Uh oh." Luffy said turning back to see his adversary.



The two attacks furiously collided with each other, in an odd dance they curled, wrapped, and struck each other as if they were a ball of combating snakes.

"Hey I think I see Luffy, and something's behind him." Zoro said peering out over the bow.

"We're moving to close; we'll lose our chance…Franky Burst us out of here now!" Nami ordered. "Luffy can always stretch onboard the ship!"


But the swordsman was cut short as he noticed the dueling snakes approaching faster than the cannon balls.

"Luffy is coming in fast!"

Soon everyone on board looked out and instantly recognized the danger.

"LUFFY!" Usopp screamed.

Luffy was just able to glance at the ship before it was too late. Smoker was too focused on catching Luffy to notice that his attack skewed them both on course with the ship itself.


The ship engine burst with power and began to propel the ship.

At the same moment Luffy, crashed into the Sunny. Now the ship was rocketing straight forward towards the mountain.

"Ah! That idiot! He diverted the shot, now we're going straight into it instead of around!" Nami explained, now in terror.

Smoker finally realizing what was happening stopped his momentum. But it was too late, and he was shot back by the force of the burst and eventually fell into the ocean.

"SMOKER- SAN!" the marines yelled in unison fearing the worst for their captain. Luffy was almost blasted away like smoker, but manage to grab a banister at the last second.

The straw hats all clung to the Sunny for dear life as they stared face first into death. The ever looming shadow of the mountain got closer and closer.

"Oh how can this be the end, my life…my life is flashing before my eyes. Oh it was a great tale, the Adventures of the Great Captain Usopp!"

"Wait something is flashing!" Robin said trying her best to both hold on to the boat and keep her eyes open.

Luffy was also able to steal a glance as an enormous white light began to shine. The fog dissipated in its wake.

"I hear…a voice" Luffy said to himself.

"Summoning." a distant voice echoed.

"Who is that?" he began to ponder.

"Outer…world…" the echo trailed on.

The light became a void. All the straw hats got a glance into the infinite glare. The straw hats disappeared into the light, and were nowhere to be seen.

The marines had gotten halfway towards the mountain and a team went under to rescue their leader. Tashigi looked at the mountain, questions plaguing her mind.

"Just, what have you done this time?"

"Straw hat Luffy."

Deep in the foreboding and endless forest, hidden in the leaves lies a village. This appropriately dubbed Konohagakure is the home to many powerful shinobi. While on the outside it may seem like any other peaceful village, its quest for peace is a long and bloody tale of fighting for control of power. However, the village has survived through it all with its passed down belief in the will of fire. Love, family, and the strength to fight for those things will lead a powerful shinobi through his life. Not too far from the village can be found the Valley of the End, a waterfall where statues of the village founders rest. Atop the statue of founder Hashirama Senju, sits one of the most prominent members of Konoha, a powerful knucklehead ninja.

But now, he was not so much. What once was an eager young boy trying to gain recognition had become a young man with too much on his plate too soon. The smile that use to always appear on his face right before a battle or any chance he had to prove himself is now hidden behind the solemn gaze he wears in an attempt to sort out the future. Across this gaze lies the face of a man he has yet to ever face in battle and is long dead. However as he looks at it, it reminds him of someone from his past, someone he has yet to let go of, and it fills him with dread.

("If you attack Konoha I'll have to fight you.")

His own words echoed in his mind.

("I will shoulder your burden and die with you!")

("I won't change, I don't want to understand you, and I don't plan on dying.") A dark haired boy said.

The boy clutched his heart.

("I'll kill you first!")

("Naruto you still have your dream of becoming Hokage.")

He began to choke up as the thoughts continued to circle in his mind

("Naruto you don't have to worry about Sasuke anymore, please just come home!")

("Uzumaki Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha you two were destined to fight.")

On the brink of tears, the boy swallows his sadness and begins meditating.

(I have to stand by my word. When we fight, we will both die.) Naruto thought to himself.

(Then we can be happy…in the next world. Right Sasuke?)

As he meditates, he enters a state where he is one with nature, becoming a sage. In this state he notices a presence.

"Kakashi-Sensei, Yamato sensei, I know you're here." He said calmly.

From a small thicket a masked man reveals himself. "Sorry; didn't want to interrupt your special training."

A slightly younger man also walks from the bushes.

"Why are you here?"

"Well some of us noticed you weren't in the village and especially considering what's happened recently, we figured you were alone somewhere still training to control the Nine Tails. I was helping a couple of travelers find their way from Konoha to the Suna and decided to check this place out just in case you were here." Kakashi replied.

"Hey cut the crap! You still don't trust me training to use the Nine Tails on my own do you!" The boy replied angrily, leaving his meditation stance.

"No of course not." Yamato assured.

"Then why did you come along?"


"Look I can control the fox chakra now; I've had a lot of time to get to know Kurama. Even Bee says we've become a great team. I don't need to be baby sat by you guys anymore!"

"Kurama?" Kakashi said confused.

"Huh oh yea, that's the nine-tails name, Kurama. It's what the Sage of Six Paths named him when he created him." Naruto said with bright eyes.

"The tailed beast…has names?" Yamato said still confused.

"And just what more have you been learning about the Sage of Six Paths?" Kakashi Inquired.

"Well not much beyond what Kurama tells me. I can show you guys what we can do together." Naruto said excitedly. He faced the water fall and took a deep breath.

"You ready Kurama?" Naruto said.

Suddenly a bright light quickly flashed in the sky behind them.

"What's that?" Kakashi said covering his eye.

"It looks like it's over Konoha!" Yamato said.

"Oh man I was about to show you something really cool though! I'm sure it was just someone practicing some jutsu." Naruto assured.

"I don't want to take that chance come on Naruto." Kakashi said.

He and Yamato quickly left the scene.

"Argh, dammit! Hey wait; this is a chance to show them what I'm made of! Hehe." Naruto wickedly smiled.

As they leapt through the trees suddenly a flash of orange light burst past them. It landed on a tree beyond the two jonin. In another flash it disappeared.

"N…Naruto?" Kakashi said in awe.

A bright light engulfed the sky over the village. People began to flock outside to see what all the commotion was. Children stared at the sky in awe until they were eventually reprimanded by their parent's for staring straight at the sun.

"Whoa, what do you think that was?" A plump ninja asked his teammates. They were at their favorite barbeque when the sudden flash appeared.

"I dunno, someone probably lost control of their jutsu, now the Hokage's gonna make all of us investigate and make everything a drag. How troublesome." His friend responded.

"It's so bright, it hurts to look at." Their female companion said.

Meanwhile in the streets of Konoha.

"That was an unusual light. Hinata, Kiba be alert." A shady character told his comrades.

"Something came through it." The shy female said.

"Huh, you saw something Hinata?" Kiba asked.

"Guy-Sensei, look up their!" Said a youthful ninja as he continued to push up on one hand atop the roof of the barbeque hut. However he broke his teacher's concentration, causing Guy to come fall on his ass.

On the rooftop of the Hokage Residence, The Hokage herself looked upon the sky in worry.

Some ninja arrived next to her.

"Lady Tsunade, We are preparing a team to inspect that light that appeared. Should we evacuate the villagers?"

"Right now just make sure that whatever team that's been sent out has Shikamaru Nara on it and a member of the Hyuuga clan. IF this is some kind of sneak invasion I want to make sure we're prepared."

"Yes Lady Tsunade."

They left without a trace.

"Although….I may want to look at this myself. I feel like I've seen that before."

Suddenly something caught her eye. A straw hat was flying gently in the breeze.

"Alright what do we have here?" Shikamaru yawned as he walked through the crowds of people standing where the light had appeared.

"What do you see Hinata?" Kiba prodded.

"It looks like a ship…With a lion face." She began.

"Hinata, something came with that light?" Shikamaru over hearing asked.

"Yes, and it's coming closer. It's pretty big."

"Everybody back away something is falling. Until further notice stay inside. This is an evacuation." Shikamaru ordered. "Choji, Ino help us get everyone to safety.

"Right." They both said.

"There…there are people on it!" Hinata announced in shock.

"What? Great, an invasion, better not take any chances. Kotetsu, call in a few more reinforcements. If this is some sort of invasion from another village we need to be at the ready."

"Yeah." In a flash he was gone.

People began to scatter as the shinobi tried to calm and escort everyone a safe distance. Soon a shadow began to form on the ground. Shouts of terror began to fill the air as the ship came ever closer.

"Well there's the ship, but I can't see the people. Do they look dangerous, Hinata?"

"Actually…They look…terrified." She said surprised.

Shikamaru stared in disbelief.

Soon a noise filled the air.


"Uh…what…is that?" one of the ninja's wondered.


"It's getting louder." Ino said.


"Everyone be prepared." Shino said as the insects in his blood got excited.

"SOMEBODY STOP THIS CRAZY THING!" The message came in clear as day now.

Everyone now shared the same expression of shock and fear as the ship finally crashed hard into the ground. A wave of dust across the anxious shinobi.