This is my first story so dont be too harsh...I am in no way invloved with Kristen or Robert NONE OF THIS REALLY HAPPENED COMPLETLEY FICTION!

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It's that time of year again…time for the promotional tour…but it was the last one so Rob and I wanted to make it memorable, especially after all the shit that has happened in the past few months. All the rumors about me moving out and us breaking up are completely false! I still sleep next to my baby every night.

2 weeks before we had to be in New York for the beginning of the tour I had an idea. I went into the kitchen to tell Rob about it, because he was making breakfast.

"Whatcha cooking hot stuff" I say to him as I lightly glide my hand across his waist.

"Your favorite, bacon and French toast" he tells me as he puts his arm around me.

"Sounds good! So you know how we have to be in New York in a couple weeks.."

"Yea why?"

"Well I was thinking because it was the last one we could drive there"

"Just me and you?"

"Hell yeah, just me and you together on the road for a week" I tell him with a seductive look on my face.

"That sounds" he pauses to kiss me… "Like so much fucking fun"

Then Rob lifts me up and puts me on the counter and passionately kisses me while I tangle my hands up in his hair.

*the next week*

Today is the day we leave for our road trip. I can't even wait! I haven't spent any time out in public with rob since the incident so there will be tons of paparazzi until we get out of Cali. We decided to take my mini cooper because Rob was currently trying to sell his car. We pack our bags and head off. He starts off driving but we will probably switch in a couple of hours. As we pull out there are paparazzi everywhere but we both put on or sunglasses and hats and just try to ignore them. I grab Rob's phone out of his pocket because he tends to have better music then I do.

3 hours into the trip we stop for gas and some snacks.

"Do you want anything?" Rob asks me.

"well there is one thing…" I reply grabbing his shirt and kissing him.

"I want you so badly right now I cant wait" rob says

"Rob I'm not about to fuck you in the parking lot of a gas station."

"Fine then we will go somewhere with less people"

Rob quickly drives off and finds an abandoned parking lot. I teased him on the way by giving him a hand job which made him drive faster. Rob parked the car and we started to make out. By this time Rob was so hard.

"I love you so much baby" he says

"Touch me" I reply.

Rob quickly complies and begins to feel me up as I rub his dick and then we get in the back seat of the car and begin to take each others clothes off.

"Rob I-I need you inside me" I say desperately biting his lower lip and straddling him as he moans.

Then he thrusts his hips into mine and I let out a scream of relief and enjoyment.

"You…are so…w-wet" he says huffing and puffing as I ride him.

"And you are so hard b-babe"

We are both at our peak and we fall on the ground both furiously thrusting and moaning.

After we both hit our climax we just laid down in the back of my car breathing heavily. He was on top of me just looking at me as I stroked his jaw-line.

"We should probably get going if we want to make it to NY in time" I say leaning up and kissing him. "But there will be more in store for tonight…I packed something special." I tell Rob. Then we both put our clothes back on. It was my turn to drive and I glance over at Rob staring at the ceiling. I know that this is because he is thinking about me, so I put my hand high up on his thigh and then he turns and smiles at me.