Once again it was another day of absolute humiliation. We were taken out of class by none other than Haruhi Suzumiya, or should I say dragged. That's right, as typical as she was she grabbed me by the tie in the middle of lesson and dragged me out of the classroom. Taking me to the other classrooms to drag out Koizumi and Miss Asahina too. I'm so sorry Miss Asahina. We where all taken to the SOS club room. There as always was none other than Yuki Nagato, sitting on a chair in the middle of one of her books.

"All right! Everyone sit down! We've got a new mission!" Haruhi proclaimed with that happy and yet so sinister smile on her face. One that we have all grown to fear greatly.

"Oh that reminds me. Mikuru get changed into your maid outfit!" Haruhi then switched and tackled the poor girl to the ground in the process of almost clawing her clothes off. Much to my discomfort and distaste for Haruhi treating Miss Asahina like that and hearing her screams of protest, I sighed and both me and Koizumi then left the room.

"So Kyon? You have any ideas on what she's planning?" Koizumi asked with that fake plastered smile on his face. One of these days I would just love to punch it off his face as at times it really really REALLY did get annoying.

"Half the time I don't think even she knows what she's planning. For all I know she got bored in lesson and decided to drag us out to keep her happy," I replied to him with a sigh.

"I'm not sure. Recently she has been quite content and happy. No closed spaces have been made recently and nothing new has come up with the Agency. Seems everything is okay and fine. What about you and Miss Nagato? Everything fine?" Koizumi asked with his oh so annoying smile.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked him with a frown.

"Your occasional glances to Miss Nagato while she's reading did attract my attention a few times," he said looking away from me to the wall opposite him.

"There's nothing going on," I said hastily. Although he wasn't wrong. I did indeed glance over to Nagato as she was reading. Did I think of her differently since she recreated the world? What did I really think of her?

"Good... wouldn't want a repeat of what happened when Miss Suzumiya was jealous over you and Miss Asahina," Koizumi then said in his normal tone but with a hint of something else. A warning? A suggestion? A threat?

"Okay you can come in now!" Haruhi's voice called out to us. Koizumi gave his usual smile to me and walked back into the club room. I remained out side for a moment pondering on what Koizumi said. I didn't want a repeat of what happened last time. I was stuck in closed space with Haruhi and in order to get out I had to kiss her. But wait. That would me Koizumi thinks I'm in love with Nagato! Bastard... I occasionally glanced at her while Haruhi went on her insane rants of future plans and Nagato always looked the same. Content with her reading and her eyes not leaving the pages. Her pale delicate hands gliding across the pages. The feel of her cold hands that day on the roof of the hospital. How cute and snug she looked with my hood over her hair. Wait... how did I get from Nagato reading to the feeling of her hands in mine? … I need Miss Asahina's tea. So I opened the door and entered into the room. Haruhi was at the computer with her arms crossed in thought. Nagato was on her seat and, you guessed it, reading a book. Koizumi was sitting at the table patiently as if waiting for Haruhi's commands like a lapdog and the wonderful Miss Asahina was making tea when she glanced at me.

"Oh...w-would you like some tea...Kyon?" She asked with that smile. Oh that wonderful smile that could only belong to Mikuru Asahina the time travelling girl. Only... it wasn't as satisfying as it use to be. As if I was loosing interest in Miss Asahina, but that's preposterous. If that was the case then who...

My eyes glanced over to Nagato again. This time she suddenly glanced up at me. I quickly looked away, feeling a little hot around the cheeks. What am I doing? I took a moment before then walking towards a spare chair opposite Koizumi. It was at this point I looked to Miss Asahina who was looking back at me. I then realised that I didn't answer her question.

"Oh sorry. Yes I would love some tea thank you," I quickly answered with a smile.

"You seem distracted Kyon, are you all right?" Koizumi asked me. Don't you get started with me!

"I'm fine... so Haruhi, what was this new mission you was talking about?" I had to ask her didn't I. What horrors have I just unleashed to myself now?

"Huh? Oh yeah!" Haruhi then jumped out of the chair. She forgot about her important mission?

"Okay listen up! As brigade leader I have an ear in lots of places to find out about mysterious things for us to turn into a case! And now I've found one!" She announced and pointed to the chalkboard. Which was clean and without any writing on. Haruhi glared at the chalkboard then pointed to Miss Asahina.

"Mikuru! You should have written the mission on the board!" Haruhi complained to her.

"Whaaa? But y-you you didn't tell me what to write?!" She said waving her arms around in defence. Of course she didn't know. Haruhi hasn't even told us anything so how could she expect us to know it.

"Just start writing what I say. Hurry up!" Haruhi ordered and Miss Asahina quickly ran for the chalk.

"Now where was I? Oh yes! There's a new transfer student!" Haruhi then said pointing to the board. Mikuru with a yelp began to write quickly 'New transfer Studnt' on the board, not noticing her mistake in spelling as she was in a hurry.

"What I've managed to find out is that whoever it is comes from the country England and that it is strange for the person to be transferring here all the way from there. I mean this is a public normal school and he's coming all the way from England to head here. It doesn't make sense," Haruhi said with a pondering look on her face.

"It is quite peculiar as this school is not anything special," Koizumi said in agreement. The bloody suck up.

"So what, it could be something as simple as their parents moving here because of a job," I said with a yawn as I took my first sip of Miss Asahina's tea that was placed in front of me before she got the 'write everything Haruhi says even if it sounds stupid' job.

"Their parents of course! Maybe there's something mysterious about them too! Okay here are your orders everyone. I want you to get as much information as you can from this person and their family, especially what their doing here! I'll be heading off home early to see what research I can come up with!" Haruhi said quickly getting her backpack and running out the room. Poor Miss Asahina had just finished writing down everything for her too.

"...eventful," Kyon said with a sigh.

"I guess I better pull out some information from the Agency to see what there is to know about this mystery transfer student," Koizumi said standing up with a start and picking up his bag carelessly. What got him annoyed all of a sudden? Then I thought about it, the reason Koizumi was here was because he was the mystery transfer student... is he jealous of being replaced?

"Jealous Koizumi?" That must have touched a nerve as he stopped as he opened the door.

"...If Miss Suzumiya prefers the company of the new transfer student instead of me I will gladly step aside to keep her happy. However that does not mean that I won't be looking out for her or halt my duties as an Esper. Somebody has to keep her emotionally stable. Now I better go get the information on our new transfer student and no doubt our new SOS Brigade member," Koizumi looked over his shoulder with his fake smile that could rival Chip Skylark before he left the room, shutting the door. The liar. He was clearly bothered and jealous of being replaced. I then looked to Miss Asahina as she looked at me in slight confusion.

"You may as well head on home or go into the calligraphy club for a change. I'm sure it's something you'd rather spend time in than going in circles on a computer," I offered to her, everyone needs themselves some time to do what they actually want instead of always doing Brigade activities. I mean Nagato sometimes goes to the computer club to play games. So what do I do? Homework... great. But then despite how much I complain about the SOS Brigade and all of it's mystery hunting and the dictatorship of Haruhi Suzumiya, it was fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Oh okay... thank you Kyon!" She said so adorably that I wanted to run over to her and just give her a big hug like a little girl would hug her first plush toy. Asahina then made a run for the door, grabbing her bag along the way and left. I wonder how long it'll take for her to realise that she is still wearing her maid outfit? As clumsy as usual. I then looked over my shoulder to see the final person still in the room with me. Nagato, who still seemed to be glued in her book. I was a little happy inside that we were alone. Out of all of the SOS Brigade I felt much comfortable around Nagato, especially after all the events in the past that made us bond together much more. She has always been a good friend to me, we both go to each other for advice and guidance on what to do.

"So...Nagato... what are you going to do?" I asked to start conversation. Her eyes looked up from the book for a moment as she seemed to think about it for a moment.

"Go home," she then said looking back down to her book. I felt bad for her, all she did was come to the school to wait in the club room for Haruhi to appear then go home and wait for school to start again. Wait... does Nagato even sleep?

"Oh..okay," I said looking down slightly.

"Why did you inquire?" she then asked me. It took me off guard slightly.

"I was... just wondering if you wanted to go somewhere instead of going home and waiting around all alone," I answered truthfully. Her eyes had not looked away from the book she was reading. The fact she shows no emotions on her face makes it impossible to know what she was thinking.

"...with me," I then added at the end. That was when she looked up from her book and straight at me. Her yellow brown eyes glistened in the sunlight that shone through the window. I then felt something warm inside of me, a tingling in my chest. The only other time I have felt this was on the rooftop of the hospital...when I was with Nagato.

"Okay," She then said looking back to her book. Okay? Okay as in 'Oh Okay' or Okay I'd love to go? Nagato I need more clarification than that.

"So... do you?" I had to get clarification.

"Later," She answered back. Later?

"Why?" I had to ask.

"Because lesson period is still on going," Oh god it's not even the end of the day yet! Damn it Haruhi! I'm so use to the club being after school not during it! I shot up with a yelp and ran out the door to get back to my lesson and no doubt a scolding from my teacher...

Finally back in class I sighed in melancholy. Thanks to Haruhi I got double homework to be given in by the end of the week. Wonder what the teacher's got planned for Haruhi as she's not even behind me. No doubt gone home to find out more about the mystery student. Knowing her I can easily picture her breaking into a Intelligence building to hack into the computers to find out. Luck she didn't bring Nagato with her. Thinking about Nagato, does that mean at the end of the day me and her are going to go somewhere together or did later mean a later date?

"Hey Kyon, what are you doing later?" Taniguchi asked turning around to me.

"I don't know... either nothing or...," I quickly stopped myself there.

"Or?" Taniguchi tilted his head curiously. There was no way I was going to tell the biggest mouth in the school that I might be going somewhere alone with Nagato. Then the whole school would know some bogus rumours and we'd never hear the end of it.

"Never mind. It was nothing." I sighed and looked out the window with my head leaning on my hand. Wait a minute... isn't this a bit familiar?

"Dude you look like Suzumiya looking like that! She's rubbing off of you!" Taniguchi laughed at me. My melancholy then turned into depression, everybody saw anyone that hung out with Haruhi as 'part of the freak group' and now I'm starting to behave as her. I slumped forward and covered my head with my arms. Finally the bell rang so I didn't have to stay long. I took my bag and left the classroom before Taniguchi continued to ask questions. I found myself walking back to the brigade room, like my own body now runs like clockwork. I opened the door to see Nagato standing almost infront of the door with her bag.

"N-Nagato?" I questioned, not use to seeing her not reading when I enter the room.

"I'm ready," she replied back to me. Her expressionless face looking up to my bewildered one, her eyes looking at me as if they're almost scanning into my own mind.

"...Oh! To go out somewhere with me?" I hoped to get full clarification now.

"Yes. If I may inquire to the destination of this journey?" Nagato then asked me. I scratched the back of my neck nervously, trying to think on what we were going to do.

"Erm...well I suppose we could go somewhere to eat first?" I offered. If she agreed it would give me more time to think on something for us to do together as well. Luckily Nagato nodded and the two of us went on our way. As we were walking down the path and looked over to her. For a moment I thought she was wearing glasses again like when I was in that world without Haruhi, but it was my mind playing tricks on me. However this walk did remind me of when I took her home that time. I looked up to the orange dusk sky, was it really getting that late already? I sighed and watched the traffic go by on the road for a moment thinking of a way to start conversation.

"So... how have you been Nagato? Everything good?" I asked looking over to her.

"Everything is fine," she answered back. Well that was a short answer.

"Have you had any problems at all?" I then asked.

"Do you question if I'm still fully functional or succumbing to my errors and changed the world again?" Nagato then ask me. I stopped dead in my tracks and grabbed her shoulder.

"I did not ask that. And I refuse to believe that they are errors... they were emotions. Come on look at me," I turned her to face me. "I refuse to accept that you are nothing but a bunch of numbers and data floating around to look like a human. You have grown as a person and you have every right to feel emotions. Asakura had emotions and was walking around socializing and being happy, you have the right to do that too."

"I don't understand," She replied back.

"How do you feel when you read a book?" I asked her. This should be an easy one since she is hardly seen without one.

"I read to learn it's data as my objective is to observe and learn," Yuki answered.

"But what do you feel when you read?" I asked again. I was set on getting through to her.

"I don't understand," she replied back. Damn it Nagato. Just try to understand.

"You must have some... sensation in your body that you can't explain. It makes you warm and...happy inside," I tried to explain it in a way that Nagato would understand.


Come on Nagato please!

"...background noise in my programming," she finally said. Hallelujah some progress.

"That's not background noise, it's feelings, emotions, it's what makes us human Nagato. You need allow that noise to go through your whole body, to embrace it," I said to her.

"My protocals won't allow foreign data to corrupt my system. Especially when I don't understand it completely," Nagato answered back.

"But it's not fair. I want to see you be able to show at least a little bit of emotion, a smile, a bit of laughter at a silly joke, a bit of nervousness...," I began to list to her.

"If you preferred me with emotion then why did you enter the recovery program," Nagato then looked into my eyes. Even though she was expressionless in her look I known her well enough to see the very very subtle changes, and right her now I knew she was glaring at me with those eyes. Why I pressed enter... because I preferred this world, a world where Koizumi is an Esper, where Miss Asahina is a time travelling Moe girl, where Nagato... was you...

"Because... it just wasn't the same..." I looked down all the thoughts going my mind. "Sure it was a normal life, there was no Haruhi, no SOS Brigade, no wished mystery's that could have either killed someone, no risk of destroying the world if Haruhi was unhappy. But it was my world and home and you guys in this world were all my friends. As for the... 'human you'... she wasn't the one that saved my life from Asakura when she tried to kill me, she wasn't the girl that knew what was happening all the time, the girl I depended on more than anything in the group... maybe I did depend on you too much... put more on your plate than what was needed. I am sorry Nagato... I really am."

There was a long awkward silence between us. That is... if she can tell it's awkward. If not I'm probably feeling awkward for the both of us. Slowly Nagato lowered her head and looked down on the ground. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"Maybe I should go...," I said with a sigh, sensing that any more time spent together would be awkward. I began to turn and leave. "Sorry to bother you."

That's when it happened. Call it Deja vu, a predetermined event, take your pick. Just as I was about to leave a felt a small tug on my sleeve. It was so light that I almost missed it. I stopped with my hands in my pocket as the scene where the human Nagato from the other world grabbed my sleeve in an attempt to stop me from leaving her home. After replaying the moment in my mind I slowly looked over my shoulder. There Nagato stood with her hand holding onto my sleeve. Her head slowly looked up to me. Her hand then started to shake.

"Noise levels... increasing," she then said. I looked at her, the poor girl looked like she didn't know what she was doing. I've learnt from looking at her eyes that I could tell what she was feeling from her eyes and right now they were lost. Looks like she didn't want me to go. Now I feel the same way as I did in the other world. Real Deja vu.

"You want to get that drink then?" I asked her. She blinked her eyes then nodded to me. I sighed with a slight smile and continued to walk. I felt the tug on my sleeve pull away as I walked out of her grip but I didn't hear her following me. So I turned around to walk back to her.

"You okay?" I inquired. She nodded her head but kept her gaze down. She was struggling with her emotions and didn't know what to do. "Come on let's go," I said, placing my hand in the middle of her back and attempted to guide her along with me, which she allowed me to. So we continued our walk like that, side by side with my hand gently on her back. If someone like Taniguchi saw this the rumours would be through out the entire school the next day. If so I hope the new transfer student is more of a talk than me. The two of us finally arrived at a café and I ordered a drink for the two of us. As I drank the tea I ordered I looked over to Nagato who was still holding hers.

"Drink up, it'll help," I encouraged her. After a moment she slowly drank down the tea. I smiled slightly and drank some more of mine. It should hopefully make her feel better as whenever I was bothered at home I always got myself a drink of hot tea. The feeling of the hot soothing drink going down my throat always calmed me inside, hopefully it has the same effect on Nagato. I then realised she drank the whole drink and placed the cup down on the table.

"...thank you," she then said, folding her hands on her lap. I then had the idea of making her drink another two whole cups as she did to me when I came round her house that one time but I let the thought slide.

"Feeling better?" I asked her.

"Noise levels have decreased," she answered back. It saddened me when she kept calling it noise when I knew otherwise. I hope to make Yuki see it that way.

"I've always found that a nice hot drink is a nice way to calm me down," I told her with a smile.



Great... more awkward silence.

"Kyon... if what you say is true... and that these are emotions and not errors... help me," That was something that even though I saw it coming, still surprised the hell out of me. "The Data Integrated Thought Entity views this as errors and were to punish me for it. You are the only one that seems to have the required data to help me...please...will you?"

"Well...of course I'll help you Nagato. You know you can ask me for help any time you want," I answered truthfully. It was the least I could do for all the times she has saved my life. My phone suddenly rang in my pocket which I answered quickly.

"Hello?...yes...Yeah I'm fine... with a friend... ...yes she's a girl what does that... n..no mum! Jeez... ...okay... yes okay I'll look after her... okay... okay I'm on my way ...okay... ...m...mum don't make me say it... ...uuugh... … … … I love you too okay... okay...b...mum...bye!" I hung up the phone. God that was embarrassing.

"Sorry Nagato but I've got to head home and look after my sister while my folks are going out," I explained to Nagato as I stood up. "But don't worry I will help you when ever you need it okay?" I got my bag and slung it over my shoulder. "See you later."

"Kyon," I stopped before I walked out the door and turned back to her. She stood up and walked over to me. She stared at me for a moment, blinking her eyes. What she did next baffled me. She took a few more steps and leaned her body against me, turning her head so she also rested her head against me. I was confused as to what she was doing and also what I was suppose to do. After a moment my arms subconsciously rose up and hugged her. Never did I expect at that moment that she wanted a hug from me. But it felt really good.

"Thank you," she said to me, not moving in the slightest or showing any sign of wanting to end the hug. So I stood there with Nagato in my arms, I couldn't help but smile. I then noticed that a few of the café elderly guests were watching us, smiling and from what I thought I heard 'aww'ing us. Reluctantly I had to end the hug as I needed to head home and look after my sister.

"I'll see you another time Nagato. Good bye," I said as I ran out the door, leaving her behind in the café. As I went home it was a simple sit around and do nothing as you know your sister is mature enough to not do anything stupid. Later on in the night my mum came home and I went to bed, knowing that tomorrow would be an eventful day.

As I sat in the club room with Koizumi, Nagato and Miss Asahina the next day all my thoughts were on who the new transfer student is.

"Koizumi, what did you manage to dig up on the mystery transfer student," I looked over to him across the checkers board after I made my move.

"His name is Michael Pendrike, comes from England, got good grades," Koizumi explained.

"Anything else?" I asked him.

"No... and that's what really troubles me," he then said, making his move.

"What do you mean?" I questioned him, wondering if there was an end of the world subject coming up.

"I mean that the information I told you was all we were able to view on his file. Every other detail was covered in code. We called in the greatest hackers in the world to crack it and all have failed. Which makes me think, what does this Michael not want us to see?" Koizumi crossed his arms. Not a smile on his face so I knew it was something very troubling. Suddenly the door flew open.

"Hey guys!" Haruhi's voice echoed the brigade room. "Say hello to our newest club member! Michael Pendrike!" All of us turned to the doorway. Haruhi walked in and turned to the new arrival. Walking into the room was a boy in his late teens. He wore black boots that I could have sworn I saw in a cartoon once where on the heel of them was written 'your head here'. He wore the school uniform but instead from a blazer he had a long black leather trench coat that touched the ground. He was looking more thug like by the second. He had black hair that reached down to his shoulders and had the 5 o'clock shadow. The most noticing of all, despite his attire and coat, was how piercing his green eyes were, as if they were looking into our souls.

"Well like my now brigade leader said, I'm Michael and I look forward to being part of the SOS Brigade," He greeted us.

"Yeah yeah Just remember your a mystery yourself so you aren't a full member yet. We've all got our eyes on you!" Haruhi said walking up to him and pointing. He suddenly took her hand.

"Look on then Brigade Leader, it wouldn't be fun to just tell you how mysterious I am. I look forward to be investigate by someone a pretty as you, Miss Suzumiya," Michael said back in a suave voice and even sealed the deal with a kiss on her hand. I didn't know what I wanted to vomit over, Michael's words to Haruhi, or that our hard as stone enigmatic Brigade Commander suddenly turned into a love struck school girl. She was blushing, nervously giggling to herself, who is she and what as she done to Haruhi.

"O-okay w-well... now tha...that we're all here I... erm... ToiletbreakIgottogo!" I couldn't understand the last part as she darted out of the brigade room. I even thought I could feel the room being filled with the aura of anger and hate that I was very sure came from Koizumi.

"So... Michael," finally spoke up.

"Okay this is what's going to happen. You guys, the alien, the time traveller, the Esper and human are going to help me acquire all of Haruhi's power," Michael turned around with a look of nothing but evil in his eyes.

The room at that second was completely silent, so silent that a pin drop was muted. Sheer horror was plastered across Miss Asahina's face, a mixture of shock and anger on Koizumi's, all of us were able to tell by the look of Nagato's eyes that she was surprised. Me, I was in denial, I couldn't believe that this unknown guy knew -everything-.

"If you don't... I'll kill everyone in this school, then everyone you hold close to you, and then... I'll kill you..."





"Any questions?" He smirked to us all.