This is for Melissa and Megan. Guys I really hope it's okay. These two were completely out of my comfort zone. Enjoy my lovlies xxxxx

Late Night Mayhem


DCI Gill Murray closed the email that she had just recieved and uttered a small "bugger" under her breath. She took her glasses off and placed them on her desk. She got up and walked into the incident room.

"Alright you lot, listen up. I've just had an email sent down from Ian Fielding. There's going to be an annual inspection".

"A what Boss".

"An inspection Kevin. They come in for a few hours to do a routine check of our files and case reports to make sure that they're all upto date and correct".

"You mean they make sure we're doing our job right".

"Yes Kevin that's what it means".

"When are they coming". Janet asked.

"Well cock that's the thing. Tomorrow. Which is why I need 2 volunteers".

"Volunteers. For what". Rachel asked.

"To check our files are correct. Any that aren't need typed up again".



The entire room fell quiet. The team all attempting to avoid eye contact with Gill.

"Well I would Gill but I have to pick Taisie up from drama group". Janet said.

"Yeah and my mum's expecting me for my tea". Kevin interjected.

"Aww Kev aren't you sweet". Rachel said.

"What about you Sherlock". Gill piped up.

"Huh. Oh. Erm I..."

"So you'll do it. Great. Now. I need one more".

"Rachel sat with a scowel on her face. Annoyed with herself that she hadn't come up with a quicker excuse. Gill scanned the room and spotted Mitch trying to avoid her glare.

"Mitch. You can help Rachel. No problem with that is there".

"No Boss". Mitch sighed.

"Good. That's settled then. The rest of you can head off for the night and Rachel, Mitch. I really appreciate this". Gill smiled.

As the rest of the team headed out the door. Janet caught up with Gill.

"So how come you're not doing this then". Janet asked.

"Are you insane woman. I've got a date with Julie tonight".

"You've got a what with Julie. A date". Janet asked. Shocked.

"Not like that you daft bugger. It's our weekly catch-up. We get pissed and get our shit week out of our systems. Julie and I dating. You really are hilarious sometimes cock". Gill laughed. As they walked out together.

Rachel and Mitch were left staring at each other. Both looking rather annoyed.

"Well I guess we'd better make a start then". Mitch said.

"I guess so. I hope you didn't have any major plans tonight".

"Nah. Same goes for you too. Come on. Let's get this over with".

They made a start on all the recent case files and got any missing information all typed up. Rachel began laughing to herself when she realised that the one's that were mostly incorrect belonged to Kevin. Mitch looked up at the clock on the wall and saw that it had gone 10pm. Glancing around he was glad to see that there were only a couple left to re-type.

"How you getting on Rachel".

"Yep, nearly done. Just this last bit. I need to have a word to Kev about his bloody spelling. I'm suprised Godzilla's never said anything to him".

"I could really use a drink".

"Oooh yeah. Me too. Hang on. I know where there's some". Rachel winked.

Rachel got up from her seat and rushed over into Gill's office. Mitch watched her as she bent down into Gill's bottom drawer and brought out a bottle of red wine. When she came back through. She grabbed 2 tumblers from the tea area.

"There you go pal. Get that down ya". Rachel said. Passing Mitch some wine.

"You think the Boss will notice her bottle's missing".

"It's what she get's for making us stay late. We need some music".

She went over and turned on the radio. Mitch was finishing off his wine when Rachel started to dance to "Move Like Jagger". When he began to laugh Rachel turned around.

"Erm excuse me. What are you laughing at".

"Nothing. Nothing at all".

"Oh. You think you can do any better. Come on then pal. Show us what you've got".

Rachel dragged Mitch up with her and they began dancing around like complete idiots. As Rachel stepped back she lost her balance and fell backwards, dragging Mitch down with her as she fell. She fell onto her back with Mitch lying on top of her. They stayed like that for a few moments. Both too afraid to move or say anything. They lay staring into each others eye's and on impulse Mitch bent further down and kissed her. She drew back in shock but ended up kissing him back in full force. Before they knew what was happening their clothes were being discarded. Rachel couldn't quite believe she was doing this. Sex with Mitch was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. She knew she shouldn't have started on the wine. What suprised Rachel the most about Mitch was how gentle he was in comparison to Nick. When they eventually succumbed to sleep they lay peacefully in each others arms. They finally woke up around 2am.

"Mitch. Wake up".


"Mitch. Come on. We need to move".

"What's wrong".

"We need to head home".

"What now".

"What. You want them all to find us here tomorrow morning starkers".

"Good point".

"Let's go. Here". She said. Passing Mitch his trousers.

"Clearly wine isn't our friend".

"Tell me about it. Look. We don't need to mention this to anyone right".

"Oh agreed. Just between us".

"Thanks Mitch and last night was great". She said. Kissing his cheek.

"Yeah it was". He replied. Smiling at her.

"I'll catch you later".

"Yeah. Night Rachel".

Rachel came rushing into the office the next morning after sleeping through her alarm. Mitch gave her a smile as she took her seat.

"Busy night Rach". Janet asked.

"Leave it Jan. I'm exhausted".

Janet gave Rachel a sympathetic smile as Gill walked in.

"Morning everyone. Right. Rachel, Mitch. Just wanna say a huge thanks for all you're hard work last night. It was a big help". Gill smiled.

"No worried Boss. Rachel and I were happy to help". Mitch replied.

"Glad to hear it. Right back to work you lot".

Just as everyone returned to their work Gill turned back to them.

"Oh and one other quick thing. I don't know who the hell it was but I expect a full bottle of red wine back in my office by the end of the week or you're ass is grass". Gill smirked.

Fin xxx