I'm back. Sorry it's taken a little while for an update. Julie and Kevin are about to spend some time together. Enjoy xx

Chapter 9

Gill was busy setting the table when Kevin's arms suddenly appeared around her waist.

"Look's good." He smiled.

"What. Me or the table." She asked.


"Well thank you. I just want everything perfect."

"It will be. Don't worry about Julie and me. It'll be fine."

Gill turned around in Kevin's arms and kissed him. They stayed like that for a few moments before the doorbell rang. Gill withdrew from Kevin and went to the door.

"Hiya slap. Right on time."

"Here." Julie said. Handing Gill the bottle of red wine.

"Cheers cock. Come through."

Julie followed Gill through to the dining room and saw Kevin setting down some wine glasses.

"Hi Boss."

"Kevin. You know you can call me Julie. I'm not really your Boss anymore."

"Right, yeah sorry, Habit. Let me take your jacket." He said. Removing Julie's jacket for her.

They all took a seat around the dining table and Kevin poured the wine for them. Gill started putting food onto the plates then settled in her seat.

"So you both kept this quiet didn't you." Julie said.

"Well it was a bit awkward at first. I mean Gill's the Boss but I was persistent. I liked her a lot and I wasn't gonna give up".

"Well. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye Kevin but I'm glad you're both very happy. I mean that."

"Thanks slap. Come on you too. Eat." Gill instructed.

The rest of the evening passed quickly. All enjoying the meal and the conversation. When they'd finished. Gill began clearing up the plates. Julie got up and walked round to Kevin and took a seat beside him.

"Kevin. Before Gill comes back. I just want to that I meant what I said. I am happy for you."

"Yeah I know that."

"I'm not finished. I am happy but if you do anything. Anything at all to hurt Gill in anyway. I will come after you and I'll bloody kill you. I won't have her go through all the crap she went through with Dave."

"Julie. I give you my word. I won't hurt her. Never, I love her too much to do that."

"Good. We'll get along fine then. Won't we?"

"Everything alright you two." Gill asked. Coming back through.

"Everything's fine love. Kevin and I were just getting to know each other better. Isn't that right Kev."

"Yeah. It's all good."

Rachel was sitting on the couch with Mitch watching TV when she suddenly had a very strange feeling. She suddenly got up from his embrace and ran through to the bedroom and took out her diary and scrolled through it.

"Oh shit."

"Rachel. Everything alright." Mitch asked. Standing in the doorway.

"Huh. Yeah fine. Just thought I'd forgotten our Alison's birthday. It's fine. Crisis diverted." She smiled.

Mitch walked away back through to the sofa and Rachel glanced back at her diary. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed until now. First thing tomorrow she had to speak to Janet.

To Be Continued…..