The low hum of the ship seemed to comfort Garrus in an odd way. After spending so much time on the Normandy he had gotten used to all the little sounds and scents around him. Hell, this place had become his home, and all the crew members he worked with everyday had become his friends. Life without them seemed incomplete, especially without Shepard, for she was the person that had changed his life so dramatically in the first place.

Thinking of her brought a little smile to his face. There was something about her he just couldn't explain. Over the months of working together everyday he had grown to find himself thinking about her, being reminded of her in the oddest ways, and Shepard had become one of the most important friend in his life. The energy she brought with every conversation they had made them instantly grow closer to each other. When Garrus was around her he could just be himself. Shepard didn't look at him any different then she did anyone else just because he was a turian.

Garrus had started to hum to himself an old lullaby as he walked to the elevator from once again doing maintenance on the Mako. Suddenly the ground under his feet began to shake, he felt his knees buckle as he tried to regain his balance, someone screamed.

The emergency alarm went off as the ground shook with increasing force. Crew members started to panic and dashed toward the elevator. It took a second Garrus a second as he realized they were under attack.

"Everyone move the elevator!" He screamed helping someone would had fallen to the ground and shoved them toward the only exit.

He then sprinted toward the elevator trying to make sure everyone was okay and getting to safety, when a giant yellow laser beam cut through the middle of the room like it was butter. Garrus felt a little gasp escape as the heat and force of the beam hit him like a great wind, it left him breathless as the hiss of oxygen filled the room. It was escaping back into space, soon no one would be able to breathe.

There wasn't anytime left to wait around and he joined the crew in the elevator, feeling his heart pound in the side of his neck as the elevator slowly crept up to the first floor, he could feel the fear radiating off everyone, and then the doors opened. It was nothing more than complete chaos, people crying and screaming, electrical fires everywhere, everyone making a mad dash for the escape pods. Where was Shepard?

Garrus hesitated but reasoned that she was most likely helping people into the pods not looking like she was scared or worried and making sure every last person was safe before she would leave. Garrus ran towards that pods, but when he got there Shepard was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Shepard?" He screamed at Kaiden as he ran past him. The ground shook again as another laser beam ran through the ship. Explosions went off behind them.

"I don't know!" Kaiden screamed back looking around with mad eyes looking for Shepard as well. Liara came running up to them with nothing but pure fear in her blue eyes.

"We have to go! Shepard's going to get Joker out of the cockpit!" Liara explained so fast her words blurred together.

"No Shep-" Garrus began but Liara grabbed his arm and tried to force him into an empty escape pod. He was stronger than her and was barely moved more than an inch.

"She isn't going to leave Joker on the ship! She is going to get Joker and jump into an escape pod! SHE PROMISED SHE WOULD COME! WE HAVE TO GO!" Liara frantically screamed. Kaiden hesitated but grabbed Garrus's arm as well and tried to pulled him into the empty escape pod.

"If that's what she said, we have to trust Shepard," Kaiden said with pain in his voice. Heartache chewed at Garrus's stomach as every instinct told him to go to the cockpit. He had saved Shepard so many times it had become a habit, leaving her felt wrong to the core of his steel bones, but with every second that passed less existed that they would survive this attack. Still he needed to protect her he needed too...

Kaiden rammed into him with such force Garrus stumbled into the pod. The doors closed behind him so fast Garrus didn't have time to think. There was no options left, they had to leave.