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Chapter 5: Freestyle - CPOV

After the call with my mother, I felt like a new man. It was like a large weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was fascinating to me how easy it all seemed: come out to my family, accept that I am gay and that it's okay. And try to win back the man I am in love with.



Holy shit on a turntable! I love Edward. I love him. All this time I have been trying to deny myself something that I thought I would never be able to experience. There is one pressing issue at hand though. Seth Clearwater was going to have to disappear. Esme would certainly help me hide the body. I shook my head and chuckled. Too far Cullen.

"Penny for your thoughts?" said the deep rich voice next to me.

"What?" I asked and looked up to see Edward standing there.

The sun was rising behind him. His cheeks were flushed red from the cold in the air. He was wearing an adorable pair of mittens with what looked like knitted bacon strips on them. I laughed again, much louder this time.

"I said, 'Penny for your thoughts?' but after that laugh, I'd definitely pay twenty bucks," he joked.

"I was admiring your mittens and now concerned over your love of bacon."

I looked up to him and a smile spread across his face. He was absolutely beautiful. Something clicked inside me. I was going to make him mine and Seth Clearwater was going to be a distant memory. A living one of course.

"Don't knock the mittens or my devotion to my tenderoni," Edward said and we both broke out in laughter.

"I guess you can't help who you love," I replied, standing to face him.

His adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed and he took a deep breath. Edward's eyes glazed over and I wondered if that's how I looked when I thought of him.

"Well…ummm…well," he stuttered, his words seemingly stuck in his throat. "It is good to see you laughing. You looked pretty intense on the phone earlier."

I told him how I was talking to my mother. I was going to apologize and possibly see if we could talk later. I didn't want to confess my love to him quite yet, but I wanted to let him know that I was willing to try. Just as I was about to open my mouth, Jacob bounded up to us and snatched Edward back to the house, exclaiming of many things they had to do. Edward mouthed that he was sorry and that we could talk later. I nodded and stared daggers at the back of Jacob's head. Jacob Black was also going to die. I might have to wrangle in Rose to help me with that one. Releasing a heavy sigh, I headed into the house as well.

A full week had passed and I was only able to speak to Edward as Big Brother Farmer. For some reason, Jacob kept getting in between us. I didn't understand it at all and it was very deliberate. Seth was still lurking around as well. He was not allowed in the frat due to our preparations for the induction ceremony happening right before the semester started in two weeks. Yet, he would bring Edward back home from wherever they were given free time. I wanted to wipe that smirk right off of Mr. Swoon's face. I was tense and edgy. Several times I nearly made my declaration of my feelings in front of the entire frat. However, that wouldn't be fair to Edward and his relationship. Also it wasn't how I dreamed it.

In my mind, Edward and I would talk while taking a chilly walk across campus. We would stop in front of the library where we often would come to have study groups. I would take him inside to one of the private rooms we would use with smaller groups and confess that I wanted him. I would tell Edward that I wanted to be with him and beg him to ditch Seth and give me a chance. Then I would be open to everyone and no one would judge me. Even my father would have welcomed me home with open arms.

And apparently I had eaten one too many of Felix's 'special' brownies.

I released a huge sigh and run a hand over my face. They are nothing but fool's dreams. I still have fears of rejection, being ostracized from the fraternity, or kicked out of the pre-med program. Yet, Edward's love could make me feel invisible. The thought of him wanting me as i wanting him was a marvelous feeling. I groaned thinking of him really wanting me. It had been too long since I had felt him under me. I sighed again and tried to think of other things. A moment longer and I would end up back in the bathroom, beating off to fantasy #129 of Edward and Carlisle.

Esme and I had also 'broken up' amicably to everyone. She could now openly date Masterson and was not bashful about it either. Not many students were back on campus yet, but there was enough for the news that I had got dropped and traded in for a classic to cause a small social media buzz. Marcus had been forwarding me tweets all week. Some were very amusing:


looks like PlattyPrincess served Cullen his walking papers. #Hot4Teacher #breakinguphardtodo


The Farmer has lost his touch! Platt has traded in for something a lot less stiff or maybe not #hot4teacher #viagraworks


Have you fucking seen Masterson?! Hell, I'd drop CullenMedStar for Masterson any day. Sorry babe. #hot4teacher

Damn you Rose. Masterson was quite tickled to send me that one. It had even been retweeted by Emmett. I was sure Edward had seen it, or heard it, all by now as well. It would explain why I was currently meeting him for coffee at the local café not far from campus. He had texted me a few minutes before we were to meet to go over next week's pinning ceremony. This impromptu visit I was sure was not Jacob approved. I was glad I was going to be able to talk to him.

I checked my watch again, knowing that we only had maybe thirty minutes before we had to head back. I felt eyes boring into me and I turned, knowing it was Edward. Our eyes met and a peace fell over me. He was so right. Everything about him was just...right. He smiled and made his way inside of the café. He sat down in a plop. He took off his mittens and his scarf and looked expectantly at me.

"I thought…," I started.

"Maybe I…," he said as well.

We both released some nervous laughter that shed off the tense atmosphere. Edward took off his coat to reveal a green long-sleeved shirt with a hedgehog on it. It said, "Hedgehogs – Why Don't they just share the hedge." The little hedgehog also had a "No" word bubble above his head. It was hilarious. He then went to lean forward and tug on my own shirt to read it. It was a picture of the Sun scared by the Earth holding a gun. Over the Earth it said, "Go ahead. Make my day." It was my Christmas present from Aro. He had a thing for Clint Eastwood.

"I like," Edward said.

"As do I. Thank you for finding the time to meet me."

"Yes, sure. I have been a bit busy," he replied looking down.

"I know. Jacob has been keeping you busy. Seth…has been keeping you busy."

"About Seth…," Edward started, but I interrupted, not wanting to hear about their relationship.

"It's okay. I don't need to know. Look, we don't have much time. I wanted to apologize for so much Edward. It's been a very interesting break for me," I spoke, staring into his eyes.

"I understand, Carlisle. I know how you feel. You have expressed it repeatedly," he spoke, his voice harsh.

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. This was going to be harder than I thought. I had hurt him and pushed him away more times than I could count.

"Look, I know I have. That's why I am here. I want us to be friends again. Like we were before things went crazy."

"Oh, friends. Well, okay. I guess that is possible," Edward spoke, somewhat dejectedly.

"Yes, I feel like if we were friends, things would work easier for us."

And I really felt they would. We could be friends and then progress naturally to something more. I could show him that I wanted to be true to myself and my feelings for him. I wanted to show him I was no longer hiding and would take my next steps with him.

"Easier?" Edward asked, his hands balling into fists on the chair.

I wondered what was wrong.

"Yes, easier for us than all the other complications."

I smiled, thinking my reply was a good one. This could work. I watched the tension leave his body and I just knew that this was going to work. I decided to continue and put it all my feelings out there. I needed to tell him I loved him. Well, maybe not that directly, but I wanted Edward to know that I desired him, so much.

"Great. And…," I started to speak, but it was his turn to interrupt me this time.

"Good. So if that was all you wanted, I think that we need to get back. I have to make a stop and I have about ten minutes to spare. See you back at the house."

With a speed I had ever seen him move, Edward had tossed on his coat and dashed out the café. What the hell had happened? I had yet to tell him of my own revelations. I wanted to tell him I wanted to try and that he could kick Seth to the curb. Did he not want me at all anymore? I guess the damage was done. Friends. At least we could still be friends.

I got up to walk back to the house and called Esme to report back on my little meeting. She was bursting with excitement and was my own personal cheering squad. I rehashed to her what I had happened and she released the biggest sigh and growl I had ever heard.

"It doesn't matter if you are gay, you are still a man. Therefore you are still an idiot when it comes to relationships."

"Just be clear, woman!"

"You said you wanted to be friends. Anything else after that is just wah wah wah. You hurt him, again! How would you feel if he said that to you?" Esme asked.

I replayed the scene in my head and replaced Edward with myself. Shit! I was going to be graduating with three degrees and I still have the intelligence of a gnat. I would have wanted to hear more, that he wanted me, and that friends wasn't enough. I would have wanted him to just kiss me senseless. Fuck! What the hell am I going to do?

"Get. Your. Man. Cullen. Before Sethikins has him settled with kids and a rainbow picket fence."

The line went dead and I stuffed my phone back in my pocket getting fired up from the chat. I could get what was mine! Down with Seth! Edward is mine! It's my future kids, rainbow picket fence, and a black lab named Bacon. Caveman Carlisle was ready to come out and play. I just had to figure out how in the hell I was going to make it happen.

I saw that Edward had left his mittens and that was my way to get him to speak to me at least. I rushed back to the frat house and Aro was just about to start the meeting. I didn't have time to speak to Edward, so I took my place near the front and made sure Edward's mittens were safe in my pocket. I tried to make eye contact, but he was avoiding me. As Aro drawled on, rather dramatically about what we would be wearing and how there was something special planned for afterwards. My knee bounced in anticipation, wanting to speak with him. As soon as Aro adjourned, I was out my chair making a beeline for Edward.

"Edward, let's go get our suits cleaned for the induction ceremony," Jacob said as I approached.

He was now on my list with Seth. It was a done deal. They both would be at the lake before sundown.

"Pledge Jacob, how ambitious of you. Luckily for you, we have already taken care of such matters. How about you come help me to shine all the shoes? Pledge Paul will join us," Felix of all people said.

I would have guessed Aro to come to my aid, but he looked like he was busy with the other brothers. There was going to be a party to celebrate of course. Felix could tell something was bothering me and approached me a few days ago to confirm. He had noticed the tension between Edward and I, but I told him there was nothing going on. Felix was a good friend to me and had known I was gay since freshman year. He had respected my need for privacy all these years. He left me alone about my mood, but did tell me to "suck up my funk." Had I been that obvious with my reactions to Edward? I didn't think so, but i was beginning to think differently. Edward had a way of breaking me down, exposing the true me.

I continued my journey across the room to Edward and he attempted to smile.

"I'm sorry I ran off so quickly," he said.

"It's okay. It's a busy time for us all. You forgot your mittens. I wouldn't want you to lose something so special and unique," I spoke, handing him them to him.

I was hoping the true meaning behind my words were not lost to him. His eyes widened and he attempted to speak, but swallowed instead. The movement fixed my attention to his throat and I was instantly reminded what his throat tasted like: sweat, heat, and all Edward.

"Y…yes...yeah. It is busy. Not too busy for friends though, right?"

He looked optimistic. Maybe this was what he wanted. If I laid it all out there, there might be too much pressure for him. I would give him the world if that is what he wanted. I gave him an honest smile and reached out my hand to him. He took it within his, a deep sigh escaping him. His grip was strong and welcoming. It made me what to pull him closer and wrap his arms around me. I wanted to feel the warmth of Edward's touch, the familiarity of it all, around me.

"I will always be your friend, Edward. First and foremost. However, whenever, you need me, just ask," I responded, giving his hand one more shake and pulling him into a 'man hug.'

I released him and he was speechless, but that damn tasty adam's apple was still mocking me. I smiled his way again and left to talk with the other brothers about the ceremony. We had lots to discuss and little time to do it. Normally we would have a party right after the induction; we were a frat after all. With the semester starting the following night, we thought to give the new inductees a reprieve before trying to survive classes. Felix probably just wanted to make sure everyone was back on campus. Majority of classes wouldn't be starting to the following week.

The thought of classes brought my mind back to my plan to get a little closer to Edward. Since I had completed my senior thesis, barely so, at the end of last semester, I had only TA work to do this semester. I was quite sure Edward would be in one of my classes. He made me suffer so last year with him in my classes. I thought it was time for me to return the favor. A wicked smile formed on my lips and I couldn't wait.

"Wow Carlie, what has gotten into you? Is the bad boy coming out to play on campus?" Aro teased.

"Oh Aro, you have no idea."

Aro gave a high pitched giggle that was scary as hell. He was way excited, but I knew I just gained a partner in crime. I told him my plan for seduction and he was too thrilled.

And that is how the week proceeded. I was friendly to Edward and to Jacob. Seth even stopped by and I invited him out to brunch with us. Edward's eyes nearly popped out his head and I was even cordial. Edward and I even had some time alone as I helped him to learn his pledge that he would need to repeat at the ceremony. Why he didn't go to Aro, who had been his mentor through this, I didn't know. Nor did I care.

The night of the induction ceremony was upon us. We each were getting ready for the private event to be held in the frat living room. Aro, Felix, and Demetri had gone all out to bring the room to life with memorabilia, the frat's special induction candles that weren't that "frilly shit" Felix had sworn he'd see with other fraternities. There were pictures of past brothers, the charter, the pledge nicknames, and most importantly the "fancy dress" coat of arms that only came out during special occasions.

I was just about to jump in the shower when Aro burst in.

"I need your bathroom. Use the hall one," he all but screamed at me.

He was carrying all his bathroom items and what looked like a curling iron. I shook my head, not wanting to know. Aro was diva when it came to his hair. My towel was still wrapped around my waist, so I just gathered my items and went to see if the hall bathroom was empty. As I got to the door, Edward was coming out with steam flowing around him. It looked like a scene straight out a movie. His chest was still wet and his hair was dripping. Adonis didn't even compare. I stopped myself from studying his physique even more, but was turned on even more to see him licking his lips as he stared at me.

"Stare at me any longer Pledge Masen and I might have to charge you," I whispered huskily.

"How much?" He said and I guffawed loudly.

My laughter must have broken him from the spell because he jerked up and laughed as well.

"Maybe I'd give you a discount. Now, if you'd excuse me."

Instead of going around him to the left where there was more room, I brushed across him to the right between him and doorway. My chest brushed across his and I began to burn for him. I heard him hiss and I hoped it was because of my touch. I did not look back, but closed the door and heard a cute "Fuck!" from him on the other side. I chuckled and took a quick shower. I had already spent too much time flirting with Mr. Danger himself.

We were all dressed and ready. The current brothers stood in three rows waiting for the pledges to be presented to them by their Big Brothers. The first two were presented, their pledges accepted, and pinned with their Nu Alpha Tau coat of arms. Aro presented Jacob next and I was proud to see that he made it this far. He was an annoying bastard, but he was still a great addition to the fraternity. He said his pledge perfectly. Aro was beaming and I had to contain my eye-roll.

"I accept you, Pledge Jacob Black, into the family. You are our brother in every way by blood," I said as I pricked his finger with his pin, "by sweat, and by tears." I then pinned the NAT coat of arms to his lapel.

My brothers then said their part to accept him and I concluded.

"This bond shall never be broken. Fidelity till the end. Service, Honor, and Strength. Welcome, Big Brother Baby Alpha."

Jacob's grin was wide. Each inductee received a nickname that pertained to their personality. Jacob was a take-charge fellow and his name was a no-brainer. He would make a great leader someday. I shook his hand and he took a step back with the other three. Finally Aro asked Edward to step forward. Edward did as asked and I immediately lost myself in his eyes. Aro, whispered, "Ed-glaze" behind me and I glared at him, before turning back to focus on Edward. I nearly lost my focus again when he began to speak.

"I, Pledge Edward Masen, swear to uphold the beliefs of my brethren in Nu Alpha Tau. I promise to live truly by this vow and to never forsake my fellow brothers. Above all else, I promise to be true to myself, to never give in, to know my limits, but always try to strive for the best. This is my pledge. Fidelity till the end. Service, Honor, and Strength."

I gulped at the level of seriousness in his eyes. They were hooded, sexy, and that delectable smirk of his was just being asked to be bitten.

"I accept you, Pledge Edward Masen, into the family. You are our brother in every way by blood," I said pricking his finger as I had done with Jacob, "by sweat, and by tears." I then pinned the NAT coat of arms to his lapel, my hand slightly caressing his face.

"We accept this pledge," my brothers responded.

"This bond…shall never be broken," I stared longingly at him. I wanted him to believe my words.

"Fidelity…till the end."

I would love him forever.

"Service, Honor, and Strength."

I would certainly service him and consider it an honor as I used every bit of my strength.

"Welcome, Big Brother Dr. Feelgood," I chuckled and my other brothers joined me.

Edward couldn't help but join in. I closed us out and we all had our dinner together, celebrating the new members to our Fraternity. I couldn't stop all my glances toward Edward the entire night. There were several times that I caught him staring at me. Tomorrow was the first day of classes and Edward Masen wasn't going to be in for some trouble and there was no denying that.


Integrated Principles of Biology II, or IP2, was going to be the death me. It was a twice a week course that lasted two and half hours. Then it met on a third day for a lab that was just as long. I was happy to see Edward's name on the roster for this class. I was hoping this would allow us to see a lot of each other. Unfortunately, the class was jam packed and both the professor and I were overwhelmed. He had promised the class size would thin out before the lab that Friday. I could only hope so. I could see Edward's bronze hair in the crowd, but I had to focus as well.

Wonderfully enough by the second class, nearly half had dropped the course. This size was something we could work with and I could find the time to steal some glances Edward's way. We both of our schedules busy, this glass seemed like the only time we would see each other. I barely saw him at the house. I was on edge and if I heard Esme say one more time that we were like two ships passing in the night, I would leave Masterson an early widow.

Thursday after class, I looked up to see Edward making his way down the stairs towards the exit. I thought I could maybe ask him for coffee, maybe a movie. Friends did that. We could do. Maybe my hand would accidently slide to his lap. Yes, that sounded like a plan. I sighed and finished collecting my notes. It sounded like a plan that was totally idiotic. I looked back to see that Edward was gone. It was almost time for his next class I guess. I needed to get a move on myself, so I dashed out the classroom and down the hall. I was just about to go down the steps to the ground exit when I heard Edward's voice.

And Seth's.

"…care what we had said before. I can't do this anymore. It is over," Edward said, his voice sounded tired, exasperated.

Was he breaking up with Seth?

"I thought we had a good arrangement," Seth said.

"It was at first, but now I am not so sure."

What arrangement? What wasn't Edward sure of?

"He is never going to come around. What are expecting? Some grand gesture? You can forget that ever happening. If he is in the closet, he will stay there. You deserve better. He will use you again and again. Then he'll throw you away. I have been there. I know what that's like."

Seth had always been out as far as I knew. I guess you didn't know everyone's story.

"I've been there, too. I just…," Edward spoke.

"Carl! You left your cell phone in the class. Apparently, I left my book too," one of the new students said.

"Thank you…," I said, attempting to remember his name.

"Blake! No problem, Carl. See ya."

Blake dashed off out the ground floor doors by Edward and Seth. They both looked up at me and I smiled, trying to act like I just got there.

"Gentlemen," I said as I slid between the two of them.

My back was to Edward and I faced off with Seth. It was only a fraction of a moment, but Seth could read it all over my face. I had heard a great deal and Edward was mine, whether he liked it or not. I was out the door before anything else could be said or heard.

The next day at lab the class was even thinner. Students paired up quickly and Edward looked to be odd man out. The professor asked if I could be paired up with Edward for now. I smiled as I walked over to him, my conversation with Esme and Aro fresh in my mind.

"You must wear a lab coat," Esme exclaimed.

"OOohhhh yes. Dirty Doctor Cullen," Aro said next.

Esme rushed to my closet and pulled out a pair of nice slacks that she claimed "accentuated my ass." Aro grabbed my lab coat he had gotten for me. They both argued over the shirt I would wear, but settled on a grey button down they felt would work the best. No tie. I would feel naked without one and I told them such.

"Good. Feel the freedom," Esme sounded like a loon.

Aro only nodded. They were both crazy, but I followed their advice. They never steered me wrong…purposefully.

"Dazzle him and then strike!" Esme said.

"Yeah, like a cobra," Aro added.

They both started making hissing sounds and snapping at each other like a snake.

I was at wit's end, so the advice of my somewhat crazed friends would have to do. I had to get Edward's attention. Edward was certainly undressing me with his eyes. I smirked at him for a change and his eyes lowered. As I reached him, I felt that same charge between us. I just wasn't going to fight against this time.


"Carlisle. Thank you for coming over to help me," he said, not looking at me anymore.

"I don't mind at all. I'd help you…in any way," I replied slowly, seductively.

Edward's head snapped up and his eyes darkened. I could only smirk again and followed along with the lesson.

For the next two hours, that is how we passed the time. Innuendos and flirtation wrapping around us. I attempted to bring up the subject of Seth, but Edward clearly avoided that by changing the conversation back to the lab assignment at hand or the party that was later that night at the frat. We were finally having the first official party of the semester. It was the Nu Alpha Tau Frat Tatt Party. Demetri was a licensed tattoo artist and would tattoo the crest or letters onto the new inductees. I could tell that Edward was a little nervous, but I assured him it would be okay.

The professor wrapped up the class and he had to rush off to his next lecture. I stayed behind to clean up and Edward offered his help. We worked in tandem getting things cleaned up and put away. It was very easy and natural to do. I could see myself working alongside Edward, researching and experimenting. I would have to do all the writing of course. His handwriting sucked. I snorted at that.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

I told him just what I was thinking. He had to snort as well. There was a brief silence before he spoke again.

"That's a nice lab coat. It…suits you," Edward added.

"Are you checking me out, Masen?"

"Since when do you call me Masen?

I moved closer to him against the back desk. We had been tucked away in the corner trying to clean and dry the materials we used at the larger sink. Edward backed up and hit the wall.

"Since now. What, you don't like it?" I asked.

"I like it better when you call me, Edward."

"I like it better when you say my name better. How about it Dr. FeelGood? Care to say my name?"

I had no idea what came over me, but I was tired of running. I wanted him and I was going to take him over a lab table if I had too.

"Carlisle, what are you doing?!"

"Something I have denying myself for too long."

I leaned forward and watched him lick his lips. He had time to tell me to stop. He didn't and next I knew my lips were on his. Aching need and desire fueled that kiss. It was an explosion of all the pent up feelings I had for him. I gripped his hair and brought him closer to me. We were lips and teeth, hands, and bodies. Edward broke away and searched for something in my eyes.

"Stop! You can't toy with me like this. Want me one day, hate me the next," Edward exclaimed, pushing me back.

He was right of course, but I had to convince him otherwise.

"I have always wanted you. I never stopped wanting you," I said confidently, leaning into him.

I kissed his neck, then his cheek, making my way back up to his lips. I searched his eyes again for him to stop me. I tried to convey how much he meant to me. The kiss deepened and Edward moaned louder, grabbing my lab coat and pulling me even closer.

"I fucking love this lab coat," he moaned.

He unbuttoned it and ran his hands over my shirt. I couldn't take much more. I needed to do something to get relief from this ache. More than that, I wanted him to know how I felt. I kissed him senseless and ran my hand down to his hardened cock. This was mine and I grasped him as I bit his earlobe. The noises he was making were heaven to my ears. Needing to touch him, I unzipped his jeans very slowly. I reached in and we both hissed. He was smooth, thick, and oh so fucking hard. I began to stroke him agonizingly slow.

"Tell me to stop," I said, giving him yet another chance to back out.

"Hell no! Keep going," he growled.

I quickly dropped to my knees, wanting to taste him. I unzipped him further, tugged his pants down a little past his ass. I didn't waste any time. I slid him into my mouth and wrapped my lips tightly around him. A deep moan and a few expletives escaped Edward's mouth before he leaned back further on the desk, gripping it as if his life depended on it. I smiled around him, taking him deeper. He was going to enjoy this and remember it until he was mine for good.

"Fuck, Carlisle," Edward groaned as I squeezed my lips around his tip.

I used my other hand to toy with his balls. Edward really enjoyed that because he grabbed my hair and wound his fingers through it. Soon his other hand joined in and he was fucking my face. I didn't mind as I wanted him to be pleased. I grabbed onto his ass to keep him from sliding out.

"Carlisle…damn…about to….fuckkkkkk."

His thrusts became more erratic and then I felt him still, emptying down my throat.. I swallowed immediately, not something I would normally do, but I was too eager to care. I licked him clean and placed him back in his boxers. I watched him in his post orgasmic haze as I slowly pulled up his jeans. Edward was a panting mess and his hands had gone back to holding on firmly to the desk. I buttoned up his pants and stood up to look at him. I placed my arms around him, locking him between myself and the desk. He found his breath, opened his eyes and began to search my face for something. He had no need to look as I was about to open up to him.

"Give me a chance," I demanded of him.

"You can't ask me that after giving me the best blowjob of my life," he replied.

We both chuckled and leaned my head against his.

"Was this a grand enough gesture?" I whispered to him and he gasped.

"How much did you hear?" He asked, his eyes wide.

I was curious about how much I had missed, but decided to just tell him the truth.

"Just that I am not a favorite of Seth."

"He made some valid points."

"I think I just made a valid…point," I said, nipping at his bottom lip.

I was about to go in for another kiss when one of the other biology professors walked in.

"Oh, my apologies. Carlisle?" the professor said in a shocked tone.

We were not indecent, but I did have Edward pressed against the table, my arms around his waist, we only a breath apart. I jumped back quickly and freaked.

"We were just leaving. So sorry. Please, please don't say anything," I pleaded with him.

The professor simply nodded and I grabbed my things and nodded towards the door to Edward. He had a frown on his face and in the next second he looked angry. I couldn't understand what had happened. Once outside, I stopped to turn to him to ask what was wrong.

"So I'm going to be your secret? You expect to put me back in the closet too? How do you expect me to give you a chance? How am I to trust you?" Edward asked.

I couldn't for the life of me understand why he would think that. Then it clicked, what I had said to the professor pissed him off. I didn't mean it that way and I attempted to explain.

"Listen Edward, I said that to the professor so that I would not get in trouble for making out with a student in the lab. Not because I was making out with another guy," I pleaded with him.

I reached out for him, but remembered we were out in public. I immediately put my hand back down. Edward of course noticed.

"Then what was that?! You can't even touch me!" He was pissed and getting louder by the second.

"Look dammit. I have been in the closet for years! YEARS!" I exclaimed loudly. "You can't expect me to just jump right out and be all with the gay immediately," I yelled at him.

A few people turned our way, but continued on. It was freezing out and no one was staying outside to pay attention to our argument. I expelled a huge sigh and ran my hands over my face wildly.

"Be all with the gay? Seriously Carlisle?" Edward said and then breaks out in a laugh.

I began to calm down and eventually laughed as well.

"I'm sorry. I overreacted. I don't want to be hurt by you again."

"Just answer me this… Does Seth make you feel the way I do?" I asked him.

Seth made him feel safe I guess. I could give him that.

"Seth is just…," Edward started to speak.

"I am just what?" Seth just showed up, out of the blue. "Hello again Carlisle. We just keep bumping into you. Excuse us, Edward and I are having an early dinner before your little fraternity gathering this evening."

He tugged Edward away. I gave him one last look and Edward looked back at me, mouthing, "No, he doesn't." He gave me that signature smirk of his again and I knew I had him.

Apparently, I needed an even grander gesture. It was time that Carlisle Cullen came out to KWU.

A/N: What did you think? We are finally there! Well Carlisle is for that matter. There is only one more chapter left. Don't get sad. This was originally a one shot! How in the hell it became this long, I have no clue. Who wants Seth sleeping with the fishes? LOL! Thanks for the love.