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Claire's pov:

I was walking home from school straight to the Glass house seeming as I had just got a text from Myrnin saying I could have today off. That was unusual, but I wasn't going to argue. Yay I thought, I can get home to Shane sooner! He will be soooo surprised!

I walked down Lott Street and into the Glass house. I heard noises up the stairs, thinking that Eve and Michael were at work and that meant it can only be Shane in the house.

I tiptoed as quietly as I can up the stairs and tiptoed silently to Shane's door. Yes I thought the noises are coming from Shane's room. I know I should have knocked, and coming back to it now, I wish I had, but because he was my boyfriend and all, I thought it wouldn't matter. I was obviously wrong…

Shane was there in his room on top of Jessica. Seriously? Cheating on me wasn't enough? He had to go and cheat on me with one of my best friends? Wow. What's going on in his mind? I really didn't know how my day could get any worse...I let out a few silent tears before full-on sobbing.

You know earlier? When I said Shane will be surprised when he sees me!? Well…that wasn't much of an understatement.

My vision was clouded so I couldn't see much, so I wiped my eyes. I wasn't sure what to do. I just wanted to curl up and die in a hole 6,000 metres deep. Why would he cheat on me? Am I not good enough? Did he want someone else? I truly did think that he actually loved me.

'It's not what it looks like.' I heard Shane trying to explain. 'Look. I'm so sorry Claire. Really I am, I didn't mean any of it.'

'If it's not what it looks like, what is it Shane?' I asked in between sobs.

'I-I…I…don't know,' he murmured 'God Claire. I'm so sorry.' Shane explained.

'If you were sorry then you wouldn't do this to me Shane. You wouldn't cheat on me with her.' I told him, I was shaking from all of my crying. This was the worst day ever.

Before he could explain or say anything else, I ran to my room, slammed and locked the door. I really couldn't handle it any more. I had to call Eve.

'Yo, Eve here.' Eve answered on the third ring. She must have looked at the caller ID because she then said 'Oh, hey, CB! What's wrong? You don't usually call when I'm at work unless it is an emergency.'

After about 2 minutes of endless crying, I managed to calm down enough to talk through my endless sobs 'Eve, I need you home. I can't handle all of this pain, I feel as if my life is tearing apart bit by bit.' I was on the verge of endless crying again.

'Hey! Don't worry CB. Everything will be alright. I promise everything will be OK. I'll be home in 5, OK?' Eve asked. I could tell in her voice she was worried about me.

I mumbled something that sounded like and 'OK' back.

Eve's pov:

Claire was crying her eyes out on the phone. It better not be anything about Shane because if it is then I'll fry his ass off. That isn't an empty threat. Seriously though, Claire deserves better if he just went off with another girl.

Well, I couldn't just leave her there if she needed me there, so I called back to Oliver saying that I was going to go home early because of an emergency. He didn't have time to respond as I had already threw the apron behind the counter and rushed outside to my car.

It was a 3 minute drive to the Glass house.

Claire's pov:

About 2 minutes had passed since I phoned Eve, and I was still balling my eyes out. There was a soft knock at the door, I wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't for me sitting right next to the door.

'Who is it?' I asked, lucky to get it out through my sobs. To be honest I knew it was going to be Jess.

'Jess.' She simply replied.

'Please just go away?' I made it sound more like a question than I'd planned. I still couldn't believe what I saw, I was so heartbroken!

'Claire?' Jess questioned. I didn't answer. 'I'm soooo sorry, I didn't mean for you to find out.'

I couldn't handle it anymore. They were going to carry on until I found out. My day just gets better and better. I thought to myself sarcastically. 'Just go away, please, I'm not in the mood to talk to you.'

I heard her footsteps drag along to Shane's room, probably going to say goodbye to Shane or something, I wouldn't know, I'm not her keeper.

About a minute after Jessica went back to Shane's room, I heard the front door slam shut, followed by Eve calling my name.

'I'm in my room Eve!' I belted out. God, I needed her to calm me down and try and stop these tears. At least I still had someone for me to rely on.

I heard her clompy boots clomping up the stairs and down the hallway until finally she reached my room, and knocked on the door. Which then, I unlocked and opened to find Eve coming in in her Gothic glory (something which Shane would say) God, Claire. Stop thinking about him. He moved on, obviously you weren't good enough.

'What's wrong Claire? You were crying like hell down the phone, and you sound even worse now.' Eve commented.

I managed to get through the story through my tears, just about, with Eve pulling me to my bed which we both sat on while she tried to stop my tears. Eve was always there for me, I wish somehow I could repay her.

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