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Dead Nature


Sound came first; Sara could hear footsteps ringing her ears, echoing around in her mind as she attempted to make the distinction between reality and imagination. Second came sight; the room blurred and swirled before her as opened her eyes unable to focus on anything. Sara took a deep breath, leaning her aching head back against the cool wall, trying to focus all of her attention on figuring out where she was.

"Our sessions weren't getting us anywhere Sara...I decided to take things into my own hands" An oddly familiar voice announced.

"What's going on?" She mumbled trying to get her bearings pushing her back against the wall trying to keep up right.

"I'm teaching you a lesson...I'm giving you what you deserve" He said as if it were obvious why she was there. The darkness of the room came into view, and the sight of the bed in the corner forced Sara's stomach to tie up into knots. A woman lay tangled with the sheets her wrists and ankles firmly handcuffed to the posts.

Her eyes met Sara's and the panic rising up in them was more than she could handle. He appeared before her forcing her to look at him, his face inches from her; she could smell the whiskey on this breath, see the stubble creeping up his cheek bones and feel the heat radiating from his skin.

"I thought you were seemed so different..." He studied her, his critical blue eyes washing over her as if he could see through her, into the very core of her being.

Sara remained silent, she realised that she didn't know what to say, she didn't know how to respond. Her head ached, her limbs like dead weights against the floor as she realises she was cornered, there was no way out.

"Why did you do it Sara?" He seemed to be pleading with her for an answer, brushing her hair gently away from her face. It was more than clear what he was capable of and as much as she didn't want to Sara flinched at his touch like it was burning her.

"I...I don't know...I made...a mistake" She desperately searched for the right things to say, to make this stop.

He stepped away, wiping the sweat from his brow, taking a swing of the whiskey bottle in his hand, his eyes turning to the bed. The other women attempted to disappear, inching away as far as she could but it only seemed to make him laugh.

"Sara I'd like you to meet someone" He moved back towards her, pulling her roughly by the arm, dragging her to the other side of the room.

"Meet Jamie" He hissed her ear almost bending her double over the bed so she could take a good look at what was going to become of her. As much as she wanted to look away Sara found herself studying the broken, bruised body that lay before her.

"You two have a lot in common" He muttered into her ear, throwing Sara back against the wall with little regard to how she fell. "Why don't you two get to know each other" He said with a shrug making his way towards the door slamming it shut on the way out.

Sara shuffled along the floor, her attempts at crawling stopped by the cuffs keeping her hands firmly behind her back.

"Jamie" She said nervously, trying to get the woman's attention. "Jamie- Stay with me"

"There's no point" Jamie croaked turning to face her. "We're not going to be saved"

"We will" Sara tried to assure her but it seemed to empty.

"He'll break you..." She whispered; the words seemed to surround Sara choking her as she tried to keep positive imaging the team figuring out what had happened.

"What happened to you?" She asked trying to stop herself from falling.

"Same thing that's going to happen to you ... and whoever he brings in next"

The words were filled with desperation for Sara to understand that this was not going to end well but still she looked around hoping for a way out. But they were stuck in a small windowless room, with no clue as to where they were.

The sound of the locks clicking forced Sara up right, as she scrambled back to her place against the wall. He smirked at her as he locked the door, slipping his jacket from his shoulders, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt. Sara found herself taking a deep breath, trying to merge into the wall- to disappear from his sight but it only seemed to rile him up more.

"Did your father hit you Sara?" He asked with a quirk of his eyebrow. "Did he tell you, that you deserved it?"

Their eyes met and Sara couldn't help but nod, wondering if answer his questions would stop him doing the inevitable. He perched himself on the end of the bed, undoing his belt, casually pulling it from the loops on his trousers.

"Did he rape you? Tell you that it was your little secret?" Again he paused for an answer- one that Sara did not want to give. He stood up the belt hanging limply from his hand as he studied her. He'd turned towards the bed, the belt casting against Jamie's skin as she cried out, the pain filling the room.

"Tell me Sara...Did he?" He was facing her once again wanting to know her, understand her. It was all just to locate her weaknesses, to break her down and she knew that well enough so she had tried to remain silent. But it didn't matter- she wasn't the only one who was going to suffer this time.

"Yes" Sara shouted at him wanting him to stop but it didn't work, a strange gleam crossed his eye as he smiled knowingly at her. Tears escaped past her eye lashes as much as she wanted to stop them, falling back against the wall.

"Has he ever hit you Sara? Does your husband remind you of your father? Is that why you want to hurt him?" He asked, the snap of the belt hissing in the air, the whimper hard to ignore as Sara pressed her eyes closed.

"No" She muttered honestly. "He's never hit me..."

"So you're just a whore" He laughed. "I'm disappointed." he chimed as he clambered on top of Jamie.

"So what is it about this other guy you like so much...that you fell in bed with him twice?" He asked as if he was trying to understand but in all honesty he didn't care- it made no difference why she had done it- it was simply the fact she had.

"He's a friend" She shrugged, realising that Greg meant so much more than that. He had been there for her when she felt more alone than she had ever imagined being, he's always been there to pick up the pieces. He was the one that saved her no matter what- could she honestly just call him a friend?

"A friend" He laughed punching the woman beneath him. "...Do you make a habit of sleeping with your friends?"

"No" Sara replied, her lip quivering as she tried everything she could to stop herself from crying again. "I don't..."

"Really... I bet they think you're a slut...just hang around...until you're feeling low, swoop in and take advantage of you. But you don't say just let them...because you have no self respect Sara" He spat as he kept on attacking her.

"Stop it" She screamed across the room just wanting him to leave Jamie alone.

"Tell me...tell me all about it Sara...and I'll think about stopping..." He mocked, the sadistic gleam in his eye making her feel sick.

"What do you want to know?" She asked desperately willing to give him anything just to make him stop.

"What was it like? Was it different?" Sara looked at him blankly trying to understand the questions he was asking.

"It was..." She nodded, forcing her mind to go back to the night she had been trying to forget. All those moments of weakness came flooding back into her conscious as she looked around for anything that would give her an advantage.

"How?" He seemed to spit the word out. He wanted every detail, he wanted to know how she felt that night, how it had changed her.

"It felt different..." She realised she had no idea how to put what she felt into words. Everything had happened so fast, she had been feeling so lost she'd barely had a chance to process what she had attached to the things that had happened that night.

"Did it feel better? Did you prefer it when he fucked you?" The words remained bitterly on his tongue.

Sara looked away, not wanting to answer the question, but the sound of Jamie's scream as he twisted her arm made her reply.

"Yes" The word was like a rock being thrown across the room. She had admitted it. She had confessed the one thing that she had been trying to push aside and ignore all of this time.

"Do you pretend it's him when you make love to your husband?" He asked in a low voice.

"No...No...I don't" She shook her head. It was not a lie, she had never thought about Greg in that way, not until recently. The way they just had happened.

"Don't lie to me Sara..." he growled.

"I'm...I'm not" She shook her head, leaning back against the wall, tears streaming down her face as all her attempts at self control just seemed to melt away. She was exhausted; she couldn't handle this, not now.

But he didn't seem to care, he just watched her with amusement as she broken down before him, crumbling under the pressure.