(A/N): I love this game so, so much. There's plenty more where this came from, and plenty of feels, too.

The pretty blonde girl holds the red rose delicately, though her blue eyes hold cunning thoughts at the three. Wren and Garry stand on either side of Ib, who eyes her precious rose, and three best friends.

"You know, red is my favorite color, but I like blue and orange even more." Mary smiles casually, clutching Ib's rose tighter as if it might break. Wren can see Ib's face grow even paler than when she realized her life force was missing. Garry doesn't have to look at Wren, both decided without hesitation.

"Take mine for Ib's, Mary." They both offer at the same time, willingly ready to hand over their lives to the twisted, fictional girl. Ib's crimson eyes widen in shock and great sadness as Mary returns the rose over to Garry in exchange for his and Wren's. Mary giggles in dark delight, and runs off and out of sight.

"Here. You'd better keep it close." Garry still smiles despite the tortured look on Ib's face as he kneels down and returns the red rose to her.

"Don't cry. We'll be all right." Wren will never be able to stand seeing the poor child cry. "Come on, it doesn't suit you, Ib."

"B-but!" Ib stutters, trying to hold back her tears with tiny fists.

You'll die. She doesn't say it, but they had accepted the risk.

"A cute face like yours shouldn't have tears on it." Garry wipes a loose teardrop with a gentle finger, the reassuring smile still there.

"We'll stay here, so go stop Mary."

Ib nods, bowing ever so grateful at the older teenagers who've looked after her since their journey together in Guertena's world. When she leaves to go after Mary, the two fall over in hidden, intense pain. Wren crawls to lean across the black wall, feeling worse by the second. Garry does the same, sitting by her side.

"You feel it, too?" Wren imagines the petals as orange as her hair being plucked off her rose, slowly one by one in glee.

"Won't let her see. Ib." Garry's smile has drowned in pain, but still lingers in a sad fondness. Ib, the little girl they had sworn to get out of here no matter what. The one they hated to see upset. Wren lets out a choked laugh.

"We did good."


They both shut their wary eyes in silence, petals sure dwindling to a few.

"Those macaroons and that cafe you were talking about. I would have liked that." Wren remembers when Garry had mentioned the place, promising them both that he would take them there if they got out. Will get out.

"Yeah. Me too." His voice is getting weaker, and Wren knows she must sound the same. "Ib'll be alright."

"Yeah." Wren nods, unable to feel much else now. "Hey, Garry?"


"It was nice to have known you. You're really great."

"You, too, Wren. You were strong this whole time."

"Hey, so were you." For Ib.

"Mmhmm." Garry understands what she didn't say. They both did good. Wren feels Garry's hand slip into hers, squeezing it to make up for the things they never said. He stops, then suddenly leans over onto Wren's shoulder.

"Garry?" His hand is so cold.

And a single tear rolls down her face as she feels the last orange petal fall down.