Crazy Life Story

This is my first Thundercats story and I have no intention of making profit. If I receive any flames they shall be used for smores.


The day started out like any other in Guthrie, Oklahoma. I was asleep on the couch after watching a full marathon of the Harry Potter movies. I had a popcorn bowl on my stomach and my hood was covering my eyes, only two strands of hair showing from the hood. I woke up when I felt my hand being dunked into a bowl of water by my brother. I sighed and got up, my brother running away as I did. I looked around to see the other orphans staring at me, a few snickering.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I asked coldly, my emerald eyes gleaming with annoyance. I got up and walked to the attic, my only quiet place. I closed the door behind my and took my mother's necklace from around my neck. I looked at its red surface and closed my eyes, tears beginning to show. I took off my hood and fingered my cat ears as my cat-like tail appeared. I knew I wasn't normal. Even I considered myself a freak. I set the necklace aside and buried my face in my knees, pressing my back against the door behind me. I saw a glow from beside me and I picked up the necklace. It glowed brighter and I was teleported out of the attic.

Ia closed my eyes and suddenly found myself floating in the air. I opened my eyes and found I was above several people, who were looking at my in awe. I looked around, seeing marble walls around my. I then felt myself falling and I landed with a large thump, my hood over my head and my dress ridding up my legs. I looked around to see that the people were staring at me, and none of them looked remotely like humans. I then heard a muffled laugh and turned to see a man, if I could call him that, with stripes laughing at me and another with a wild mane of red hair, who was holding a sword, looking at me in shock.

I looked at the sword once and got up, backing away slowly, stupidly backing into a guard, who grabbed my arm. My eyes widened at the contact of fur on skin and I lifted my leg up high before kicking the guard in the crotch, making him let go. I ran, more like limped, towards the door, only to have it shut before I could get out. I whimpered and looked back, seeing several people walking towards my, curious about who, and what I was. I shrunk against the door, terrified. "p-please don't eat me..." I said quietly.

"let me see this intruder." a booming voice said and the people parted showing an older man, the same shade of red hair as the younger looking at my. I whimpered in fright and backed away, backing into the door as the man came closer. Then the younger spoke up. " Father, don't you think your scaring the poor thing to death?" he asked, walking over. " I can't see why. She doesn't seem scared to me." he said, turning to his son. I hissed, my hood falling off revealing my cat ears, which were lying against my head, and my tail appeared, bottle-brush at that moment. I swiped at them and stood up, ready to fight.

Several guards ran forward and I jumped over them, landing gracefully. I pulled a sword out of a person's hand and got ready to fight." fencing lessons, don't fail me now." I said as every guard came at me. I fought back, hitting them all with the side of the blade. One guard managed to spear me in the stomach, making me cough up blood. I dropped the sword and fell to my knees, holding my stomach. " Stop!" an elderly man said, rushing over to my. "Can't you all see that she's part of the prophecy? She has the jewel." he said, pointing to the gem around my neck. The young lion man ran forward and picked me up. " take her to the infirmary." the elder said before turning away. I looked around before blacking out completely.