Crazy Life Story

Chapter 6

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I sighed as I laid back in the grass of a meadow that was near the camp sight that me and the others had set up. I sighed, thinking of how my parents, the police, and then the orphanage director, all kept scientists from taking me and my brother away for scientific testing and of how I had to keep fending for my little bro until he really was no longer my "little" bro. I couldn't help let my mind wander as I dozed off, falling asleep in the warm sunshine.

"Hey! Let me go!" I squealed as one of the boys in my class pulled my tail for the thousandth time that year. They simply laughed and continued messing with me, trying to pull up my skirt and play with my cat ears. " Black Cat, Black Cat! Get close and she will curse you!" they chanted, the girls joining in the chants. The chant was stupid, but it still hurt. I simply closed my eyes and ran out of the classroom. I ran to the bathroom and cried, like any other mistreated 7th grade girl would. A teacher found me and dragged me back to my English class, where the kids made cross signs with their fingers and leaned away from me in their seats. I sat in my seat at the back of the class and drew silently until the lunch bell rang. When it did ring the teacher said I could eat inside the classroom so I would be left alone, but when the teacher left the room some of the boys and girls snuck in and approached me while I was eating my sushi. They plopped a large newt onto my plate and tried to get me to eat it, because apparently cats eat newts.

When I refused to eat it they attacked and forced the poor creature into my mouth and watched as I spit it back out, shuddering and coughing as I kneeled down on the floor, about to gag. They tried again to make me eat the newt, but I fought back that time. Something in me had snapped and I nearly clawed one of the boy's eyes out. I was suspended and the kids left me mostly alone... until I started High school. I made friends with the only other mutants in the school who had gone through what I had except they've always had their parents, a dog girl and a bunny girl. When I met them, the taunts and accusations seemed to not reach me anymore... I was happy."

I was awoken when the Wily kits threw a bucket of water on my head to get me to wake up. I growled playfully, got up, and chased after them back to the camp sight. I was close to Catching them, but I hadn't been looking where I was going because I barreled right into Lion-O, knocking him to the ground and me going down with him.

I opened my eyes to see that my face was dangerously close to his and that I was lying on top of him. I blushed and got up, brushing my skirt off before helping him up. " I am so sorry." I said, using my hair to hide the blush painting my cheeks. Lion-O nodded, just as red faced and embarrassed as I was. Tygra spoke up, breaking the awkward silence between me and Lion-O. " Lion-O. We're out of supplies." He said, holding up the bags that we used to carry our supplies on our journey. " I'll get them." I said, walking over and taking the bags away from Tygra. " I'll go to. There's no way you can carry them all by yourself." Lion-O added.

I blinked and looked at him. " Seriously? Lion-O, back at the orphanage I was able to carry Three toddlers, my laptop, and a plate of snacks for the little kids all at once. Without dropping anything. I think I can handle it." I retorted as I pulled one of the straps of my backpack on my shoulders. " yeah, but there's also the possibility of you getting attacked by the lizards. I can't allow them to get the jewel." he said as he strapped the gauntlet to his belt. I sighed, knowing he was right. " Fine." I said, handing a few of the bags to him.

We started walking towards a small village that was nearby. I occasionally looked towards Lion-O hoping he had already forgotten the entire event that had happened. I looked up to see there was an uproar going on through the village. I looked at Lion-O and we ran closer to see what was going on. What I saw shocked me. I saw several children getting beaten by what looked to be their father. Some people were egging him on while others were begging him to stop. I growled and ran forward, kicking the guy out of the way. " What makes you thin you have the right to beat these children?!" I shouted at the man, my anger bubbling up. " They wont listen to anything I say! Their WORTHLESS!" the man retorted,getting up. "Oh is that so?! Well listen here pal! Where i'm from, beating a child could get you thrown in jail! If these are your kids, then you shouldn't be beating them!" I growled, walking closer as my nails became claw-like. "Hell! You shouldn't be beating them period! They cant defend themselves against you! They're just kids! Being defiant is part of growing up! I should know!" The man started to back away as I stepped closer. Lion-O walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder to keep me from doing anything rash. " People like you make me sick!" I said before spitting in the man's face and going back to normal.

I walked over to the children and gave each of them a hug. " now listen to me." I said to them, My demeanor changing completely. " if he does something like this again, go find a different adult and tell them what he's doing. Stay strong and look out for each other." I said before turning to Lion-O and walking over to a stand to get the supplies. I knew all the villager's eyes were on me, and at the moment, I didn't particularly care. I just wanted to go back to the camp sight and draw. I felt Lion-O place a hand on my shoulder again and I looked at him.

"what was that about?" he asked, looking at me worriedly. I shook my head. " it's nothing... it's of my best friends was beaten when she was a child and she is scared to death of everything now. When she told me about it I resolved to beat the living crap out of anyone who hurt a child that I could get to. Fortunately, once I got in a few licks on some of the adults, they stopped . I know what I was doing was wrong... but the thought of anyone suffering... it makes me want to hold onto them and try to suck away the pain... though I know I couldn't." I replied, looking down. I sighed softly and shook my head and picked up the supplies, Lion-O doing the same thing."i'm so selfish..." I thought as we started walking back.

Once we were back at the camp sight I set what I had been carrying down and walked away from everyone, back to the meadow, where I laid down again and closed my eyes. I sighed and felt something phase through me. It took control and went to work. " now..." I said, my voice more mature and more evil by far. "The young king will fall into my little briar, and Mumm-ra will praise me for bringing him not only the girl, but the sword. Come now, my young lion king... come and try to save her. For even if you try, you will never find the real girl, and you shall perish in my home of thorns..." The tendrils of vegetation grew and roses of black, white, and red bloomed, as large as Lion-O was tall, large enough to hold a person. In the middle of this dense forest of thorns, my soul was placed in a crystal tomb shaped like a rose bud.

~Time Lapse!~

(Third person narrative.)

Lion-O sighed softly as he stared at the fire. Shea had been gone for hours now and he was starting to get worried. " hey. Maybe we should go find Shea..." Kit said, looking out towards the trail to the meadow. Lion-O nodded and stood. They walked towards where Shea had gone, only to see a briar in their path. Lion-o blinked and pulled his sword to cut a path. Soon they were walking through the briar, Lion-o leading the others. As they got closer thay heard a shriek of pain and Lion-O's eyes widened. " Shea!" He called before swinging his sword. Once he removed the last few vines from his path he saw Shea's soul encased withing the crystal Rose bud, and above that, a more menacing looking woman, a demon under Mumm-ra's control that was Using Shea's body as a vessel to speak to Lion-O.

" Aw. You do care." She said, smirking as she sat on her throne of vines. She stood and waved her hand, making the vines move and encase Tygra and the others, leaving Lion-O to fend for himself. " now then..." she purred, jumping off the platform she was on and landing in front of Lion-o. " give me the sword, or your friends perish."


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