Diana opened her eyes lazily, feeling absolutely fabulous. Soreness lingered in her entire body, not bad soreness like from an injury, but the good kind of soreness she got after an intense full body workout. Only much better!

Now if only she knew where she was. It was pitch black and she couldn't see anything. Nor could she tell what her body was doing, it felt almost like she was floating in the air, only she wasn't using the necessary power to keep herself above the ground. Shifting her body around she could feel that she was laying on something, but whatever it was felt extremely soft, almost as if it wasn't there. She felt around looking to see if Clark was near.

"Clark? Where are you?"

"Right here." Clark said.

Upon the sound of his voice the lights raised up to full power. It only took her eyes about half of a second to adjust to the light but that half second was quite jarring. Once her eyesight returned, she discovered that she was laying nude in some sort of silver colored bed, with Clark next to her. His red cape was bunched up at their feet, and was the only sort of sheet or clothing that was anywhere near them.

"Good morning. Sorry about the lights, they kind of work on their own."

"Are we in the fortress?" Diana asked, looking around at the unfamiliar room.

"Yes we are." Clark paused before continuing, adopting a concerned look on his face. "How do you feel?"

"I feel wonderful." Diana announced with a satisfied smile. "That was amazing."

"Yes it was." Clark rolled over to put his arms around her, she turned so that they were face to face, and put her arms around him. He still had that concerned look, and Diana knew why. He was still worried she had been hurt.

"Clark, don't worry." She rubbed his face with her hand. "You didn't hurt me, I loved every second of our night together. My question is: Did I hurt you?"

"Yes." Clark laughed. "But I liked it."

Diana laughed brightly at that. She was fully aware of now fading scratches on his back and bite mark on his shoulder. "I'm sorry about the scratches... and the bite. It was involuntary." Then she kissed him, with a big smile on her face.

"Right." Clark said as if he didn't believe her. "However I suppose it could be worse. It did end in me staring at the most beautiful sight I could ever imagine."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Diana asked as he rolled to lay on top of her. Marveling at the sight of her underneath him, with love mussed hair.

"The most beautiful sight is just this. You, in my bed, with sex hair."

"Sex hair?" Diana asked bemused.

"Oh yeah. You remember when I told you l liked your hair messy?"


"This is why. This is what I imagined you would look like after a long night of lovemaking."

"A long night huh? I hope you don't think we're finished. You may find me more beautiful yet."

"Is that right?" He kissed her.

"That's right." She kissed him back.

After that. They stopped talking and went to work on each other.

Some time later, the actual time unknown to either of them, not that they cared, it was agreed a break was needed. They needed to get some food, and maybe a shower.

It was discovered that Clark's cloud like bed was not very conducive to lovemaking, it was far too soft to offer enough resistance for a proper coupling, so being the closest thing they could find, the floor filled in nicely. They were both laying on their backs, breathing heavily and sweating from exhaustion. Their lovemaking was like a heavyweight championship fight, it was scheduled for 12 rounds, and did not end early.

"We should probably stop." Diana said through heavy breaths. Her mind wanted to keep going, but her body wouldn't let her go another round without resting.

"We could use a shower." Clark breathing just as heavily as Diana.

"That sounds beautiful."

"Actually, I can do you one better. Follow me." Clark jumped up and headed toward the door. Diana moved to follow but immediately upon standing she fell back to the floor. "Woah! Are you alright?"

"My legs are like jelly. And it's all your fault big man." Diana called. Before using her power of flight to get up and steady herself. By now she was sure her legs worked again but wanted Clark to carry her. So she floated into his arms. "To the bathing chamber!" She demanded cheerfully, and Clark obliged.

As Clark carried her, Diana put her arms around his neck and kissed him over and over. "This has been the most fantastic night ever!"

"I agree."

"Hey where are we going? I thought your shower was somewhere else?" Diana finally looked around and realized she didn't recognize anything she was seeing. She knew she didn't know every part of the fortress, but had used the shower many times after training sessions, and this wasn't the way.

"We're going someplace special."

"Someplace special. Should I be excited?"

"Yes." Clark said as he came upon a door, and waved his hand in front of the sensor to open it. "It seems like a really long time ago now, but you once told me that you didn't like the tub or shower in your apartment, and that if I had a bathing pool here, things would be perfect. So, here you go."

Clark set her down and she marveled at the sight before her. It was a large room with two pools, one was rather small with enough room for maybe 4 people and had steam coming off it, and the other was fairly large, about 10 feet by 20 feet, and had a touchscreen computer terminal embedded in the floor about a foot from the edge of all sides of the pool. In the center of the large pool was a small but beautiful looking fountain, that was misting water in the air through glowing jets of assorted bright colors.

Diana walked to the edge of the larger pool and crouched down to access the computer, the screen, which was about a foot and a half wide wrapped around the entire pool, and could be accessed from any point in or out of it. She discovered that unlike the rest of the fortress, the computer language wasn't Kryptonian. It was in fact the same setup that was in the watchtower, which meant he must have built this for her.

"Clark you've been holding out on me! How long has this been here?" She asked, standing up and taking another look around.

"Just a couple of days, the other night after our sparring session I put this together." Actually, he only designed the room, after that the crystals did the work.

"That's why it took you so long to return to me."


"Clark this is wonderful! Thank you!" Diana rushed up and hugged him tightly. "Will you join me?"

"Of course. Why else would I show you this?" It was his original intention to show this off next time they sparred, and she would be alone, or at the very least they'd be clothed, but this was much better.

Diana leaped into the larger pool, then adjusted the temperature to match the hot springs that were on Themyscira. Clark followed soon after. "You know this is much bigger than the bathing pools on Themyscira, this is like a swimming pool."

"Well it basically is. Except this is self cleaning, and fully adjustable, and of course you've got a various assortment of soaps to choose from." Clark pointed to two cut out shelves on each side of the pool that looked like a swim up bar, each shelf was adorned with various bottles of soaps and body washes.

Diana swam over to one of them, and took one of the fancier bottles off the shelf and returned to Clark. "You do me, and I'll do you?" Diana asked.

"Sounds good to me."

Clark and Diana took turns slowly rubbing the contents of the bottle on each other, taking the time to carefully massage every inch of each other. The relaxed nature of the activity, gave them the perfect opportunity to talk.

"So, I have to say." Clark began. "Above the earth, that was a good call. I'm not sure my building would have made it through last night." Or the entire block for that matter.

"Well, I can't take full credit for the idea. You can thank my dreams for that."

"You dreams? Oh do tell."

Diana laughed before continuing. "It wasn't long after we met. Sometime after you convinced everyone that I wasn't some crazed supervillainess bent on destroying you. When I had a dream, about us, flying in the sky. You were kissing me, and I was enjoying it."

"Sounds good." He had no idea that even then he made such an impression on her.

"Not at the time it wasn't. I thought you put some sort of spell on me. I hated you for it, I hated myself for it. Looking back I find it funny."

"Funny how?" He asked, as he began massaging her shoulders and upper back.

"Funny that I was so afraid of something so beautiful. Even just a few days ago I was afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"Losing control. Specifically you losing control. I know now that I was worried for nothing." Diana turned to face him. "I was concerned that you would lose control and be driven by animalistic desires."

Clark laughed. "That sounds more like you." He rubbed the spot just above his collarbone, the mark had long faded by now, but the memory was still fresh. Actually it wasn't so bad, she appeared to be at the peak of pleasure when she did it.

"Well, I am an Amazon." She joked, before becoming serious. "Although now I do better understand the pain my mother and sisters feel. To be with someone who doesn't have your utmost trust or consent. I could not imagine. It's why I'm so happy to have shared this experience with you."

Diana leaned up for a kiss, and more.

Phillipus sat at the table for her daily breakfast with the queen. Hippolyta had been in a funk since she returned from Man's World. She hadn't spoken about her experience yet, but the rumors were that she had on some level approved of Diana's choice to be with Clark. Phillipus wasn't sure though, she heard several stories ranging from Hippolyta attacking him, to her welcoming him with open arms, to catching he and Diana mid coitus, she desperately hoped the last story wasn't true, but she wanted to hear the story directly from the source, but so far there had been nothing.

She had tried to get the story from her queen for days now, and hoped this would be the day. "Hippolyta? Do you want to discuss your trip to the outside world?"

"Not particularly." Hippolyta said emotionless.

"I see." Phillipus wasn't pressing the issue, she'd ask once per day and that was it.

After a few minutes of silence Hippolyta finally spoke up, still devoid of any emotion. "I must allow it." She said of Diana's relationship.

"Is that wise?"

"I have no other choice. Diana has made up her mind. About many things."

"Many things? Surely you don't mean..."

"Yes. As our last meeting she had not lied with him yet. But she says she will."

Phillipus cringed slightly, that was a tidbit of information she wished she didn't know.

"And that was days ago, who knows what has happened between them since. That world is filled with sex, it is advertised on every street corner, it makes men hungry and women loose."

"It sounds awful."

"Believe me it is. I suppose if there is any consolation, Diana's man was raised in a strong family. His mother... would have made and excellent Amazon."

Phillipus lifted an eyebrow. Hippolyta had an interesting theory. Could an Amazon raise a boy into a noble man?

"And Diana has a strong influence in the world. There were many women wearing arm braces as we do. They wear them as a symbol of strength, that they will not be victims of violence and that they will stand together in times of need."

"Yes. I was told that she wanted the women there to wear them."

"There were even men who supported her cause."

"Really?" Phillipus was surprised.

"It makes me think, if Diana standing alone can make such a difference, what could a nation of Amazons do?"

"You mean reveal ourselves?"

"I'm considering it. Perhaps we have put too much on Diana's shoulders. My personal fears are what has kept us hidden all these years, but I am learning that I cannot live in the past."

"We live in peace here, is upsetting that balance a wise decision?"

"We have peace. But have we had healing? The scars run deep within all of us. Perhaps we have not done enough to heal them."

Phillipus just stared thoughtfully, she hadn't considered that.

"However if we do reveal ourselves, we cannot let Donna out of our sight for one moment. She's already asked about courting." Hippolyta state flatly.

Phillipus laughed. "That sounds like her. Always following her sister."

Diana lay content in bed with Clark spooned behind her. They had just had another love session in the bathing pool, displacing most of the water by the time they finished. Now they were back in Clark's cloud bed, dreading the upcoming Monday.

"For the record. Best weekend ever." Clark said.

"I couldn't agree more."

"You called me Superman."


"You've never done that before." Clark observed.

"Really?" Diana asked.

"At first you called me Kal-El."

"That's what you told me your name was."

"Then you shorten that to Kal, then it was Clark when we started dating. Before now you've never called me Superman."

Diana thought about for a second, he was right. She had said Superman before, but only when speaking about him, never to his face. "Well, you are a Superman."

That put a cocky smile on Clark's face.

Clark had the distinct feeling that today would be an awful day of work. Memories of Diana would haunt him all day. He had several missed calls and text messages from Lois, and he fully expected her to question him about it. On top of that he felt exhausted, he and Diana didn't get a whole lot of sleep over the past two days.

"Smallville! What was with you this weekend, why didn't you respond to me?" Lois demanded, stomping up to his desk. She had left him several voice messages and texts, that all went unanswered.

"I was busy."

"So? You can't respond to a text? What were you so busy doing?"

"You really want to know?" Clark asked skeptically.

"Yes. What could have been so important that it prevented you from calling me back for two whole days?"

"I spent the weekend with Diana and we..."

"Say no more!" Lois cut him off, throwing her hands in the air. "I don't want to know anything about you rolling in the hay. You and your... Wait that works."

"What works?"

"I was going to make a farm joke, but I already did."

"Oh. So what did you need?"

"Nothing. I got it taken care of. So, spending the weekend away, does that mean things are getting serious with you and Diana?"

Clark stared up at the ceiling pensively, then shrugged. "I guess you could say that."

Lois had kept her mouth shut, but in truth she wondered about his relationship with Diana. She truly wondered if Clark was being used by her, if she was one of those women who would pick up older guys and get them to pay their bills for them. "Well it's only been like a month and a half, I guess things can't be that serious."

"I don't know, we've known each other longer than that."

"How much longer?"

"Almost two years."

"Really? Then how come I didn't know anything about her until just recently?"

"Lois, there are a lot of things you don't know about me."

"Hey, I'm not trying to put your girl down or anything. I'm just curious. I may tease you and give you a hard time about things, but I only say those things because I love you. In spite of everything, you're one of the better friends I've ever had. I genuinely want to see you happy."

Clark chuckled. "Well thank you."

Diana felt awkward as she walked the halls of the Watchtower, her armor felt heavy and constricting, since she had not worn a stitch of clothing since Friday night. She had monitor duty today, and more than ever she was not looking forward to it. When she and Clark returned to his apartment she discovered that she had a dozen missed calls, two were from Shannon, but the other ten were from Justice League members, specifically female members. This would be all bad.

Dinah, Zatanna, Shayera had each called her multiple times, but strangely none of them left a message. Mari on the other hand only called once, and had left a message about a girls night. If Diana had to run into any of them she hoped Mari would be the one, as she would be least likely to want details on why she got no answer. Diana walked the halls towards the monitor room, trying to look normal, but extra aware of anyone she passed.

Luckily, she found none of those women by the time she arrived, finding Scott Free and Barda waiting for her to take over.

"Hello Scott. Hi Barda, what brings you here?" Barda wasn't an official member of the Justice League, mainly joining up when they were dealing with Apokolips and the League needed some extra muscle, and even then she only fought by Scott's side.

"Hello Diana. I was just keeping my Scott company."

"It's all yours Diana, you may now monitor nothing." Scott said, standing up. "I'll see you at home sweetheart." Scott kissed Barda on the cheek and transported out.

"You're not leaving with Scott?" Diana asked.

"No. I was asked to stay here." Barda answered.

Diana wondered what this was about. Barda rarely spent time at the Watchtower, and never without Scott. "By who?"

"Them." Barda pointed towards the door, where Zatanna, Dinah, Shayera and Mari were on their way in.

"Oh no." Diana groaned.

"What?" Barda asked.

"They know." Diana said.

Barda didn't respond to Diana, but stared quizzically at the others who were pulling up chairs to sit around them. "What is this?" She asked.

"Girls night." Zatanna said cheerfully. "We wanted to do it this weekend but someone who shall remain nameless, Diana, didn't answer her phone for two whole days."

"Just what were you doing?" Dinah asked.

Barda who was far behind the goings on of the league just discovered that Clark and Diana were dating yesterday. Not familiar with being part of a group of women sharing a friendly conversation she didn't display a whole lot of tact. "Perhaps she was with Superman, they are seeing each other."

"Perhaps she was. Were you Diana?" Dinah asked.

"Wait, we need a drink over this." Zatanna stated quickly. "Ytiurf Sknird!" Suddenly a small table appeared in the center of their semi-circle, topped with tropical looking drinks in hurricane glasses. Each one had a curvy straw and one of those little umbrellas. "Don't worry, there's no booze in them. Unfortunately."

Diana didn't take a drink, as the rest did. Nor did she answer Dinah's question. Although she considered all of them friends, she didn't want to tell them anything. Zatanna and to a lesser extent Dinah, were interested in how Clark was in bed, actually not even Clark, they wanted to know what Superman was like. Aside from the fact that it was none of their business, Diana felt that sharing intimate details of her and Clark's weekend was not only a breach of trust, but it was a misguided look into their relationship. Yes their lovemaking was mind blowing but there was so much more to them. The talking, the laughing, the silly jokes, and the fun times. The sex would have been severely lacking had they not already connected mentally.

"If you must know, Clark and I did spend the weekend together."

What followed was a mishmash of shrill voices begging Diana for details about her weekend. Questions that were way too personal to answer, coming from every direction, at a certain point Diana couldn't even tell who was talking anymore.

"Enough!" Diana shouted. "That's all I'm telling, we spent the weekend together, and didn't answer our phones."

Barda who had slowly sipped her drink during the shouting, remained silent. Once everyone calmed down she finally spoke. "I always thought the two of you were in love with each other."

Everyone turned to Barda with a shocked look. But none with a look as shocked as Diana.

Was she in love with Clark?

The question hit her hard.

Clark dropped down on his couch, today had been an exhausting day. Spent running around with Lois getting her interview, and dealing with her frustration at not finding the illegal connections she was looking for. He was glad that the world wasn't under attack right now, because he was definitely not at full strength. The sun kept his body strong, but there was surely something missing. When he heard sounds at his balcony, and watched Diana walk in he couldn't even move.

Diana sauntered into the living room where Clark was slumped on the couch, she was wearing her full Wonder Woman armor. Stopping directly in front of him, and putting her hands at her hips and holding her chin high.

"I've got a problem."

"What?" Clark asked wearily.

"My armor. It's hot, it's heavy and constricting. It's been annoying me all day."

"And?" Clark picked his head up, interested in where she was going with this.

"I want you to take it off for me."

Clark jumped up immediately, suddenly finding a new burst of energy.