Ollie got Kara's ID settled in just a few days, even faster than Bruce did for Diana. Now she, Clark and Diana sat in the Kent living room in Smallvillle. Going over everything that was necessary in order for her to stay.

"My name is Kara Zora Ellis, I'm 16 years old, entering my junior year at Smallville High School. I have lived in several foster homes across the country in my lifetime, and spent the last year studying abroad in Greece. The adopted parents of my only known relative, Clark Kent, have volunteered to take me in while I finish school."

"You got it." Clark said as she finished reciting the basics of her background.

"Wonderful, Kara you are more than welcome to stay here. In fact I'm happy to have you." Martha beamed, glad to finally have a girl around the house.

"Thank you... Aunt Martha." Kara was going to have to get used to calling her that.

"You know, you two kind of look alike." Jonathan observed, looking at Clark and Kara sitting next to each other on the couch.

"We do?" Clark asked, turning to look at Kara, who was in turn looking at him.

"Yes you do." Diana added, who was also sitting on the couch on the other side of Clark.

"So Kara, why don't I show you where you'll be sleeping." Martha said standing up to head upstairs.

"Ok." Kara followed, leaving Clark, Diana and Jonathan alone in the living room.

"So how are things with you two?" Jonathan asked.

"Good for now, but should be getting crazy soon." Clark answered.

"Why crazy?"

Diana chimed in, "My mother is opening up Themyscira to the world."

"Oh wow." Jonathan was a little bit shocked, he didn't think Hippolyta was that open minded.

"And of course I have to be on the front lines of all this." Clark complained.

"You said you would help me Clark!" Diana argued, he'd been sulking about the role he'd have to play, he'd been asked to serve as some sort of quasi-ambassador for the Amazons.

"How are you planning on doing that? They're just going to leave and that'll be it?"

"Oh no. There's very much we have to do, before that. It could be up to a year before any Amazon leaves the island. For now we're not even telling the government." Diana answered.

Upstairs, Martha was showing Kara where to store her clothes.

"Certain things you'll want to hang up. Right now the closet is full of Clark's clothes, but since you'll be staying for an extended period of time I'll get them out of here."

"Ok." Kara said simply.

"How much do you have in terms of clothes?" Martha queried.

"Not much for now. Just this pair of jeans and shirt really. Other than that it's just the things from Themyscira. Diana said we would go shopping in Metropolis this weekend, she said I needed outfits for school."

"Yes you will." Martha noticed that Kara was looking around at the furniture, and the stars stuck on the ceiling. "You're welcome to change the furniture around, and get rid of the stars."

"I kind of like it. It's comforting."

"So you're like Clark? With the symmetry?"

"Uh huh." Kara shook her head yes. "We all were. It's logical."

Martha frowned pensively. "Clark said that you were older than him?"

"Yes, four years. I even remember when he was born."

Martha smiled at that, then asked something she always wondered about. "What was his mother like? Do you remember anything?"

Kara stopped to think, "Not much, I was just a little girl. But I do remember one time, she held him and just cried and cried. I remember because I didn't understand why she was so sad."

Martha's eyes dropped. Something in her always hurt for Jor-El and Lara, because they couldn't know the joy that their son was.

Downstairs, Clark tuned out Diana and his father's conversation, he wanted to hear what Kara remembered about his mother. The story she told was nothing he'd ever heard before, and it answered something he always wanted to know, did his parents have an emotional connection to him? The memory crystals never indicated that they did, but Kara's memory proved otherwise. It gave him a good feeling to know that his birth mother did indeed love him.

After a nice family dinner in which Clark truly felt how welcome Kara was in his parents home, he and Diana took off for the Watchtower. There was a meeting scheduled tonight, and Diana was planning to tell the others about her plans for Themyscira's reveal.

As the Watchtower's conference room filled up her excitement rose. Even as the others sulked at their boredom.

"What are we even here for?" Wally complained. "We all know, nobody's busy except Bruce. I swear we can do this with a phone call. Not even that, we can just text each other."

"He's actually right." Shayera agreed, her mace and helmet were nowhere in sight. It was quite rare those ever left her side.

"Well, I've got something." Diana began. "Something that I'll ask for everyone's help with."

The room perked up, some action might be good for morale.

"My mother has recently informed me, that Themyscira will soon be revealed to the world."

"Woah really?" Dinah spoke first. Her question was then echoed across the room by many of the others. "How did you convince her?"

"I didn't. Actually, it was Clark."

"Wait, dude you went to the island?" Wally jumped up, looking directly at Clark. Hal perked up too. "When?"

"A couple of days ago." Clark said stoically.

A flurry of questions came Clark's way, 'Were they all as hot as Diana? Or 'Was it everything I dreamed of?' or 'How much girl on girl action was there?' There were several others mixed in, but those were the ones he picked out from the jumbled words. All voiced by Hal and Wally.

"I've actually been twice, and while I didn't have a bad time, I did have an arrow shot at my head. And I received MANY death threats. I don't think you'd enjoy it there. You're much better off doing your club thing."

"And I'm still mad at you for doing that man. You just totally killed the room, if you would have stayed then maybe..."

"Shut up Wally!" Zatanna jumped in. "Haven't I told you, if he's there, you won't see a girl?"

Wally didn't really know what to say, at this point he was just running his mouth. Diana on the other hand was glad that Zatanna was holding hands with John Henry as she spoke. She had way too many good things to say about Clark, it was very annoying.

"Anyway! Diana, what's your plan?" Dinah chimed in again.

"At some point soon I want to bring all of you to Themyscira. I'll start with the women, then I'll invite your boyfriends to come with you. I think for right now any man who visits should be with his partner just to keep my sisters from getting too upset. Clark is accepted by some, but anyone else will be treated like a second class citizen."

"Fifth class." Clark added, catching a frown from Diana.

"So that means John Henry and Ollie you'll be invited very soon." Diana looked over at Bruce, but didn't say anything to him. Making it quite clear that Selina wasn't invited.

"Could I bring a date?" Hal asked.

"No." Diana said sharply, "Only those who are invited will be allowed to visit."

"Is there anything else?" The Batman asked in his usual bogarting way.

Everyone looked at each other, with nothing to say.

"Then meeting over." The Batman stood and strode out the door. The others began to leave as well.

"Hey Clark did you get your cousin squared away?" Ollie asked.

"Yeah I did, thanks for that." Actually Clark was quite thankful, Ollie got the paperwork finished for Kara much faster than Bruce did for Diana. It appears Ollie is the new ID guy.

After work the next day Clark was to meet Diana in Washington DC, at her foundation headquarters. They were taking Julia Kapatelis for a trip to Themyscira, it wouldn't be so bad were it not for two things. He'd have to walk through an office filled with women, and then he'd have to do a very undesirable task on an island with all women. When he'd rather just watch baseball.

Diana sat in the office she shared with Julia as they waited for Superman to arrive. Julia predicted that all the women outside would get loud and excited when he walked through the door. Diana kept quiet but was inclined to agree with her, he had that effect on women.

Sure enough five minutes later the volume outside got loud and excited. Diana opened the door to the office to call him in. While she watched him walk through the office Diana saw a completely different person. While he was friendly and cordial, he held no resemblance to the passionate lover she'd come to know. He was the cold logical alien again. Superman was such a stark contrast to the man he truly was, she wondered how she could have been attracted to him in the early days. This act held no appeal to her whatsoever, but in the end she supposed it would be a good thing. With Julia around she couldn't act like he was her boyfriend, and since the alien was such a turn off, it allowed her to focus.

"Are you ready?" He asked with an emotionless face.

"Superman, you're allowed on the island?" Julia asked, slightly in awe of being in his presence for the first time.

"When I'm invited." He said.

"He and I have worked together on this. He has been and will continue to be instrumental in helping my sisters learn to live in harmony with the modern world. It's the main reason I moved to Metropolis in the first place." Diana told Julia. Which was more or less true, she originally moved to try to learn about the world so that in turn she would better know how to improve it, now she would use what she's learned to help her sisters adapt. There was also the relationship with Clark, which she had wanted with or without going to Metropolis, now she was in a win win situation.

"That's what I thought it was. You two were working on something, that you were keeping quiet. Why else would you go to Metropolis of all places?" Julia observed, there was also the question of were she and Superman in a romantic relationship. They didn't look like they were trying to avoid each other, but now that she had the chance to observe both of them, she would look for signs.

"Are you ready?" He asked again, keeping his face neutral.

"How are we getting there?" Julia asked.

"Until we figure something else out, we have to fly."

"Ok. No problem, just one request. Can I fly with Superman?"

Diana thought she might ask that. Who wouldn't?

"Sure." Superman said, as Diana moved to open the office window. He took off his cape and draped it over Julia's shoulders. "It gets cold when you're that high up. And a little hard to breathe so just be prepared."

"It's heavy." Julia said of the cape, which had to be about 20 pounds. "I wouldn't have imagined it would be, I guess since you're so strong you wouldn't notice."

"It's to protect people from fire or bullets." Diana mentioned, figuring Clark wouldn't say anything.

"It is." Superman confirmed softly. "So just uh, stand on my feet, and try to relax."

Julia did as he instructed, and he put his arms around her back. She couldn't help but smile at the fact that she was being held by Superman. Even though her husband had been gone for years, she felt a little like she was cheating. "Oh my goodness we're in the air!"

Diana smiled at that, knowing how thrilled Julia was. Not at all upset by her giddiness, she leaped out the window and climbed into the sky. Superman followed, flying just slow enough so that Julia would be unhurt.

They touched the ground just outside the main city, near one of the vineyards. Several Amazons were carrying small baskets of grapes out of them.

"What was the lightning storm about?" Julia asked as she let go of Superman and returned his cape.

"It's what protects Themyscira from being detected by the outside world. If anyone manages to breach the magical net, it's there to deter anyone from going through it." The lightning was harmless if one knew how to navigate through it, but Julia didn't need to know that.

"So where am I going again?" Superman asked.

"The southern coast, the dungeons, General Phillipus will be waiting for you."

"The southern coast." Superman repeated, then turned to leave.

Diana cleared her throat, stopping him in his tracks. "That way." Diana pointed south. Superman was about to head west.

After Superman flew away, Julia turned and whispered to Diana. "Is Superman always like that? So... cold and distant? I mean does he ever open up?"

Diana stopped to think about what she wanted to say. As Superman he did act cold and distant, but the real man was the most passionate and loving person she'd ever met. Julia however took Diana's silence as a queue to stop asking questions, it usually was.

"I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that. I forget Superman questions are off limits. So, you were going to show me around?"

"Yes." Diana said quickly.

Superman landed just outside the dungeons where Phillipus had been waiting on him. He was very unhappy with the task that he'd been assigned to do, and upset with Diana for bullying him into doing it. She said a good boyfriend would help her out whenever she needed it. Citing that he had a habit of disappearing when he didn't want to do something.

"General Phillipus. Is everything ready?"

"Yes, they're both waiting but neither know what for. Come with me."

Superman followed Phillipus into the dungeons of Themyscira. Toward the holding cell of it's only inhabitant in several hundred years. Cressida, who after physically attacking Briony was given a rather lenient sentence of 30 days confinement.

Outside the door with another guard was Briony. Phillipus walked past them into a room where Cressida was sitting silently at a table with two other chairs. Upon seeing Briony, Cressida could do nothing but stare at the floor, she hated herself for what she had done. Briony was nervous, but somewhat calmed by Superman's presence, despite being confused about it.

"What are you doing here man?" Cressida asked.

Superman looked back and forth at both women after he sat down and Phillipus and the other guard left the room. Briony was just as puzzled by his presence as anyone, and her face indicated she wanted to know the answer too.

"I have been asked by Princess Diana to be some sort of mediator to your... dispute."

Both women looked at him like he'd grown two heads. He fully expected that.

Julia was amazed at the decor of the palace. It was nothing like she'd ever seen. The art and architecture was an amalgamation of different design styles throughout history. Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian and others Julia had no way of recognizing. She had been walking the halls with Diana and Hippolyta for several hours now, discussing how things would proceed.

"So not all of the Amazons are Greek?" Julia asked.

"No." Hippolyta answered. "Themyscira was a haven. Where we could be safe, any woman who wanted to join our city was allowed. They came from all parts of the known world, followed by the men who tormented them. We were attacked, many times, but entire armies fell before us. It was only from within that our way of life was destroyed."

"It's just so strange to hear about this. To be here, speaking with Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, I mean, I've known all about the twelve labors." Julia was wary of talking about Heracles, and was a little disappointed with herself for bringing this subject up even in the way she had.

Hippolyta laughed. "The myths of Man's World are interesting indeed. I can assure you, none of that is true. Diana has told me all about what the world thinks they know of Hippolyta and the Amazons. They will be in for a surprise indeed."

"So how exactly do you want to do this?" Julia asked.

"We must first learn about the changes the world has undergone. We must learn about the challenges that it faces, once we devise a plan to help this world, only then will any Amazon leave this island."

"How can you learn anything without actually leaving?" Julia wondered aloud.

"The world wide web." Diana said pointedly.

"Of course." Julia said.

Clark transferred a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer in Diana's apartment. She had graciously allowed him to stay until his mattress was delivered, it was on back order, and could take up to two weeks to arrive. Unlike him and his ridiculous refusal to allow Diana more than just lounge clothes at his place, Diana insisted he bring anything he needed until he went back home.

He brought a few work outfits, and a few after work outfits, and kept a Superman suit in a box under the bed. One problem was the fact that one of her house rules was that he couldn't arrange his things the way he wanted. She demanded that they be arranged randomly. It irritated him to no end but he muscled through it since he wasn't paying the bills here. Even now she was moving the suits hanging in the closet to different spots, mixing them between her own things.

"Do you have to do that?" He asked, returning to the bedroom, seeing her re-hang things, as she'd done every night so far.

"Yes Clark, I have a rule in my house, no symmetry." She said with a smile, while his face changed to one of annoyance. "You can pout about it all day, I don't care. And speaking of all day, how did your meeting with Cressida and Briony go?"

"It was... Vindicating." He said as they sat up in bed next to each other.

"How so?"

"I was dead on about Briony. She likes men, she flat out said it."

"Oh." Diana didn't buy his initial theory about Briony, but apparently he was spot on. "What exactly happened? Neither would tell me."

Clark recalled the events. "After the party, when they went back to their home, Briony explained she didn't want them to be together anymore."

"I know that part, but why?"

"It had to do with me. A hard body instead of a soft one, it's all physical. They connected, but the attraction was all on Cressida's part."

"Why would she be with her for so long if she wasn't attracted to her? They were inseparable, always touching, or holding hands."

"She was lonely. There were no other options."

"But the questions that she asked at dinner that night, she didn't even understand how you and I could be together. I simply don't get how just by seeing you, she would change her entire life like that."

"Those questions obviously meant something different than we thought."

Diana sighed. "What about Cressida? Why did she get so angry?"

"As for Cressida, she is hopelessly in love with Briony, she regretted punching her, and didn't protest her sentence into the dungeon. She was ashamed for becoming one of the monsters that had beaten her. She wanted forgiveness, which Briony gave her, and she wanted reconciliation which Briony wouldn't give her."

"Is that all?" Diana asked.

"No, they agreed to still be friends."

"Well, at least they have that."

Clark scoffed. "Not hardly, Cressida is still holding out that Briony will take her back. Briony only agreed for the sake of being civil, but after a breakup like that, they'll never be friends."

"You don't know that."

"I'm not saying it's impossible, but I doubt it. It's no different that me and Lana. After the high school reunion we both said we wanted to be friends again, but we're not. And we probably never will be. You give everything to somebody, for them to reject you, you can't just ignore that."

That last statement frightened Diana. She knew deep down that she and Clark may not be in a relationship forever, but she never imagined a time where they wouldn't even be friends. If the romance ended everything would end with it? Just the thought of it gave her an miserable empty feeling, she wanted him part of her life always. To combat that feeling she adjusted so that she was holding him close.

It happened to Clark and Lana after growing up together, it happened to Cressida and Briony after decades together. Could it happen with her and Clark? As she turned out the light she desperately tried not to think about it. She tried to think about the challenges facing her from the Amazons who were opposed to rejoining the world. Cressida and Briony were sort of an odd microcosm of what she was facing. They feared that men would come between them again, and they would be conquered and abused. Some of them were desperately afraid of this. They were partially right, that in some cultures the women still lived underneath the men, but Diana had to convince them that the Amazons could be the key to changing that.