Alternate Universe


For mature readers

Twilight franchise belongs to Stephenie Meyer

Some Twilight lore has been changed to suit my fic.

Chapter 1





I scrunched my eyes shut tightly while pinching the bridge of my nose and let out a frustrated sigh. I leaned back into the white leather chair and took a long sip of my Starbuck's coffee. The sequences and codes on the holographic screen in front of me were nothing but blurry shapes. I had spent a full two weeks living inside my lab because I was so damn close to uncovering the key to the genetic code but blast it all I was just a human, a tired, burnt out human who needed sleep and sustenance – but not for long if I had anything to say about it.

After Edward Cullen called our relationship off in the woods behind my house I was a wreck. A naïve teenage girl who was swept up in the excitement and drama of my first love coupled with the fact that he was supernatural – supernatural my eye. I had discovered and learnt much with my time in S.S.R.A.H.E (Supernatural Sciences Research for Advancement in Human Evolution). I had and still harboured much resentment, bitterness, anger, hate and envy with regards to Edward and his family of Vampires or more accurately humans infected with Porphyria-Necrosis.

I hated the fact that I was weak in almost every sense compared to them and I wanted to be equal if not better. It was a determination and hatred that burned its mark deep within my soul – always at the forefront of my mind. I was willing to give up my humanity to be like Edward, to be with him for all eternity but that was no longer an option. So I stomped on and buried the pain which had caused my 'zombie phase' – it was not fair to Charlie, not fair to Angela who had stuck by my side since I first came to Forks, and most of all it was not fair to myself. I was so much more than the hopeless waif I had been reduced to. And I would prove it in every way possible.

And that is exactly what I did. Seven distinctions later with a full scholarship I then spent eight years at Harvard University in Massachusetts studying Bio-engineering, Advanced Biology and Chemistry. I socialized with no one as I was fiercely obsessed with excelling at my studies, Sarah my dorm mate who was studying Medical Sciences knew to leave me be and keep to herself. I was a shadow amongst the students of Harvard, taking my meals by myself, keeping my nose in a book and only speaking when necessary. I would let nothing and no one come between me and my goal.

And it paid off in the end. And I had no one to thank other than myself and the Cullen family. Perhaps I sound arrogant, maybe I am but only I could have achieved academic excellence and I alone. Just as every other student is responsible for their success or failure. And without the Cullen clan I would never have realized just how great I could become – them leaving was the best thing that could have happened to me, for it pushed me to succeed, pushed me to prove myself to them even in their absence and to myself, pushed me to be the best that I could be. If they had stayed I would have still been a simpering pet for Edward with potential that would have forever been locked away. So thank you Cullens wherever you are for you had helped to pave a path for me which will mean a lot to the human race in the future.

And finally when I graduated from University a tall and fair haired middle aged man dressed in a finely tailored charcoal grey suit approached me and offered me a position in a secretive splinter group which broke away from the CIA and America's top medical and biological research organization due to their 'unethical' methods. And I accepted without hesitation. I was given full private insurance which included medical aid funded by S.S.R.A.H.E's extremely wealthy investors, a car and a fully furnished underground apartment within the hidden facility in an abandoned military bunker situated in Death Valley, California.

For two years I worked under and learned as an assistant to Dr Zimmermann – one of the chief researchers, however my drive and determination quickly shot me through the ranks and now at 28 years of age I have my own laboratory while overseeing my own research project.

"Isabella?" I was pulled out of my little reverie by Dr Dustin Lovell standing in the doorway with his arms folded against his chest sporting a fair raised eyebrow.

What could one say about Dustin, other than he was a good friend of mine. Perhaps I should say that ten years ago during an unfortunate hike through the Minnesotan woods he was attacked and infected with the Porphyria-Necrosis virus. Yes, Dustin was a vampire who after getting his bloodlust under control after his newborn stage was accepted back within our splinter group due to the fact that the scientists could now attempt to decipher the gift of immortality present within the virus. I was the first to volunteer as project leader as I had firsthand experience with people infected with the disease. Naturally I was assaulted with questions left, right and centre but in the end I was given free reign over the project with as much funding and resources that I would need.

Dustin and I worked side by side to unravel the mystery of the immortal cancerous cell and how to develop a new virus from erasing all negative effects the original produced within its hosts. And we almost had the answer, and perhaps we would have had it already if my brain wasn't farting so much from exhaustion. I was probably more hindrance than help at the moment.

"Yes Dustin?" I replied with a large yawn which could have probably swallowed him whole if he were closer.

"Important news. I have captured a vampire via my gift. She is in the energy-enhanced holding cells. It would be best to start experimenting as soon as possible…after you've had some rest of course"

I blinked a few times while processing what he had just said. We could never be too invasive with Dustin as he was a friend and colleague to all here, but now with a live vampire for us to fully study on, while most likely gaining the answers to the missing link to our enhanced virus. I jumped up suddenly not feeling so tired any longer, the study had to begin now!

"No. Sleep can wait, we must begin at once!" I said with barely contained excitement as I attempted to make my way past him.

Dustin caught my shoulders gently with his ice cold hands and stared disapprovingly into dark chocolate eyes with his burgundy ones. "You wasted a whole hour blundering around with our research while your head lolled to the side every five minutes – go. to. bed. The vampire will still be here when you wake up"

I huffed in annoyance at him being right. A few hours sleep would indeed do me good. "Fine, fine. You win. I'll see you in a few hours"

He pulled away from me to let me past and I headed for the elevator to take me to the residential level. Once inside my modern styled apartment I shrugged off my white scientist's coat, placed my ID tag onto my bedside table and plopped onto my silver sheeted bed, clothes and all with a smile and a sigh and immediately fell into a deep slumber.