Chapter 2





"Well would you look at that" I murmured to no one in particular with a bit of a smirk as the vampire we had in cryogenic containment was none other than Victoria.

"Where did you say you captured her again?" I asked Dustin as he stood alongside me with his hands behind his back.

Dustin then slowly began to walk around the energy field of the cell all the while keeping his ruby gaze on the sleep induced redhead. "She was sniffing close to the facility, checking out the perimeter, defences etc. It was perfect, a test subject practically falling right into our laps. So I cut off her ability to move and here she is"

This was no coincidence – the bitch was still after me. After all these years, she still had her unfounded vendetta against me. I will enjoy causing her pain in the weeks to come, give her a taste of her own medicine. "I know who she is" I said simply to Dustin who immediately stopped his circling.

"How? Who is she?"

"This is the infamous Victoria" I replied while glaring at the feline-like face who had haunted my dreams for so long – fearing that she would finally get a hold of me and end me in the most painful ways she could think of. Seems the tables have turned, haven't they Vicky?

Dustin nodded to me in understanding. When I relayed every bit of information I had to my fellow scientists I left nothing out at all – Victoria included. I had explained to them everything I remembered about their biology, their general mindsets, the individual personalities and morals of the Cullens, their monarchy which was the Volturi in Italy. Vampiric mating. The 'gifts' some would acquire once infected. Everything.

"It seems the predator has now become your prey" commented Dustin as he returned to his position by my side.

"So it would seem"

"Sentry, lower the energy field" ordered Dustin to the holding block guards.

"Yes sir" replied the guard before moving to the end of the room and entering the release code into the green holographic keypad.

The blue energy field lowered with a droning sound and both Dustin and I moved to the cryogenic container where Victoria lay incubated and unaware. I went to the pad attached to the container and entered the release code. The container deactivated and Victoria fell out of it to her knees ungraciously and disorientated.

Dustin immediately used his gift to immobilise her before picking her up and taking her to the laboratory. I followed closely behind eager to start the study. Dustin carefully lowered Victoria onto her back atop the stainless steel table before moving away to ready the data-logs and mercury tools which were strong enough to penetrate vampire skin.

I edged closer to the table and made eye contact with my immobile enemy. Her eyes widened before frantically darting her gaze around the lab before resting her hateful gaze on me again. "You!"

"Yes, me. How does it feel being the victim for a change Vicky?" I asked in a calm tone while turning my unsympathetic gaze back to her own.

"Wha-what are you doing? What is this?!" she asked in a panicked voice which was most unusual for a vampire.

"We're mad scientists Vicky, and you have the honour of being our lab rat" I replied to her with a less than nice smile. Dustin snorted at my comment before stepping closer to the redhead with a mercury injection.

"What are you going to do with that? Simple human tools can't hu—aaaaaah!" She quickly swallowed her words as she felt the pain the injection brought. One thing about the mercury was that it hurt vampire skin like blazing hell. Dustin knew first hand just how badly – similar to the change he said.

"You were saying?" I asked with glee – having the time of my life.

Dustin pulled the injection out which was now filled with her venom before placing it within a vial inside the lab fridge.

The experiments and study lasted for weeks accompanied by the pain filled screams of Victoria. Limbs were torn off by Dustin just to be attached again and analyze how the venom corrected the cellular and molecular damage. We took samples upon samples of the cancerous cells which was the key to vampires' immortality as the cells themselves continuously multiplied causing the molecules and cells of the body to be left in a constant state of rejuvenation and youth.

On the twelfth week we had made the breakthrough. Both Dustin and I were in front of our large screened holographic computer looking at the DNA and RNA of both humans and vampires. I had combined my engineered mutated vampiric cancer cell with human DNA and was waiting for the computer to complete its analysis and genetic sequencing to either state success or failure. As I sipped my last bit of cup-soup the computer echoed out a 'pang' sound before stating that our engineered virus was a success.

I had stared at the screen for a good five minutes while hearing the other researchers and Dustin's jovial and elated voices chattering and congratulating in the background. It all sounded so droned out and far away to me. That one DNA strand on the screen was the be all and end all for me. I had succeeded, my goal was complete. Ten years of my blood, sweat and tears had gone into my studies and my work and now I had achieved along with the rest of the team possibly the greatest step for humanity since the first man who had walked on the moon.

But of course not every single human on the planet would be infected with our virus. I did not want glory for my work and for the whole world to know, but I wanted to achieve something paramount – for myself, and I have done it. Now our top agents would be infected along with a select few of our investors.

After the mini celebration that was held in the bases entertainment lounge both Dustin and I went back to our lab to collect Victoria. She was no longer needed and would need to be disposed of. We reached the holding cell which didn't need the energy field any longer as Victoria was a sickly, weak mess crumpled on the floor. I had never seen a vampire look so ill like Victoria did. So broken. Her red eyes were sunken in and devoid of life. I felt no remorse or pity, what I did was nothing less than what she would've done to me. Besides, science demands sacrifice.

Dustin quickly and effectively dismembered Victoria before piling her parts up in his arms. We then descended down to the boiler room where Vicky was tossed into the furnace and reduced to nothing but a purple pile of ash.