"My name is, Danielle."

This is my short 'What if' story, What if Danielle had given Henry her real name? Read to find out!.

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Author's Note :
It is known that by birth Danielle is a noblewoman, and this story plays on that fact.

Chapter 1.

"Pray tell me, what is your name?." Henry asked.
"My name is Danielle de Barbarac." Danielle replied.
"Comtesse? Why have I not seen you have before?." Henry asked hoping for a answer.
"Because I'm staying with a family member." Danielle replied full of fear.
"When will I see you again, Comtesse?." Henry asked.
"I'm not sure, Your Highness." Danielle replied.
"Will I see you tomorrow, Comtesse?." Henry asked, yet again.
"Then tomorrow?." Danielle asked back.
"Tomorrow." Henry replied.


I will make a another Ch. Soon.

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