*I'm going to do a short Ch. Because I'm busy with user/890313 .*

My name is, Danielle.
Chapter 2.

This Ch. Takes place on the same night, but at home.

"Danielle! Danielle! Danielle!" Rodmilla yelled.
"Yes stepmother?" Danielle asked as she walked in the room.
"Where is my brooch!?" Rodmilla demanded.
"It's in your jewelry box, stepmother." Danielle replied.
"No it's not!" Rodmilla yelled in Danielle's face.
"But... But... But you keep it in there," Danielle replied as she walked to where the jewelry box was and opened it and started look through it for the silly brooch, "Your right, it's not in here." Danielle told Rodmilla when she finshed looking for the silly brooch in the jewelry box.
"Then go and look for it!" Rodmilla yelled at Danielle.
"I will!" Danielle yelled as ran out of the room to go and look for the missing brooch.
"To think that my favorite brooch might be stolen." Rodmilla said to herself after Danielle left the room.


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