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Draco's Peril

Part I – The Tributes

Chapter 1 – The Reaping

Not being able to sleep is a nightmare in itself – for me at least, but going to the Reaping is just a living Hell! I keep telling myself to stop thinking about it, but it still doesn't help my nerves. How can I sleep knowing the Reaping is just hours away?

Oh, right… I should probably explain what the Reaping is exactly, since you're all probably confused already. Ever since the fall of Voldemort and the last year at my school, Hogwarts, things back home haven't been the same since. The Death Eaters have composed a dark plan to keep the misery going, (Like it wasn't bad enough). After they proclaimed my father, Lucius Malfoy to become president a set of Games were invented. These said Games take 6 tributes from each Hogwarts house to compete in what's called The Hunger Games to fight to the death. Scared yet? You can turn back now if you want, I don't really care. But to the rest of you who don't want to stop reading – good luck! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, no magic is allowed. If a tribute does decide to use magic or even attempts to sneak their wand in the arena, they will automatically lose the Game and get brutally killed by the Capitol themselves. Every year each Witch and Wizard from Hogwarts, between the ages of 12 and 18 are called to the London square, which is where the tributes' names are drawn, and every year their names are added once more, which gives you a higher risk of being picked. Oh! And guess what the fun part of this is? This is my favorite: It's all broadcasted on live television so everyone can see! Yeah, I said it; every death, interview, blood bath, everything. They leave nothing out.

Was I clear? Good, because I'm not going through it again.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next time I open my eyes it's morning. I'm rather calm at first, but then I realize what day it actually is. My stomach lurches at the thought, and I pull my covers over my head with a groan. I really feel like I'm living a nightmare. Suddenly there is a loud knocking on my bed room door. Whoever it is, leave me alone.

"Draco, get up! You need to get ready." My mother yells from the other side of the door. Urgh! The Reaping isn't until one o'clock in the afternoon, so why is she waking me up now?!

I was just a bout to doze off when I realize I actually slept until 11:30. So – still half dead – I get up to take a shower and met my wonderful family downstairs. Since my father is the president now, he's been too busy to leave his office. I try to ignore him as I walk by to get to the kitchen, but he still manages to speak to me. "You don't know how it's killing me to put your name down…" He says.

Yeah, whatever! I know he can probably care less. I don't even answer him, instead I Lower my head to make it look like I didn't just hear him before I go meet my mother in the kitchen. She's cooking something by the smell, but honesty, I feel way too sick to eat and the smell of food makes me feel like I'm about to puke. "Hungry?" She says, trying to sound calm. I know my mother and I can't ignore the fear in her tone. I just shake my head.

"You're awfully quiet this morning."

I nod. I'm really not in the mood for conversation. "Well, we need some groceries and your father is busy as usual." She hands me a pouch of money.

Oh, come on; don't make me do your damn shopping!

"Mind going out before the Reaping starts?" Yes! I do mind, let me go back to sleep!

What was I supposed to do? We're all freaking out so I just take the money and head outside, where I meet my friend Pansy, holding up a fist like she was ready to knock on the door. I like her and all, but I'm not in the mood to act like I'm happy to see her. "Draco. Hi!" She says.

"Hey." I say in a flat voice.

"Where you off to?"

Oh, here we go, now she wants to follow me around. "Some shopping." I say.

"Can I come along?"


Muscles tense and mind going every which way, I'm being rather quite the whole walk, which I guess wouldn't matter anyway since the streets are full of people who – considering the circumstances – are too scared to speak. The street is rather quiet too. The occasional car would drive by, but other than that, nothing. Even the shops and houses on the side walk we're walking on is like part of a ghost town."You're really down today… I mean I know you're not the happiest person, but lighten up! We won't get picked! And if we do, we go in there with the thought that Slytherin won last year, and we can win again." Pansy says. I wasn't really expecting her to talk, but whatever.

I just smirk, remembering the no magic is allowed rule. Well, someone broke that rule last year and it was a Slytherin, "Yeah, except for that one kid who used magic and got his limbs ripped off." I shudder at the thought, "Ugh…"

Pansy smiles and grabs my arm, "Well, either way, I'm sure we'll all be fine."


"You know what I mean, Dray. Oh look, here's the store." We finally make it to a small side corner shop and she decides run on ahead of me. My thoughts are going every which way and I know I'm being slow. When I finally catch up to her, she actually drags me by the arm so I wouldn't lag behind, causing me to stagger to keep up with her.

As soon as we set foot in the store, I already see something I don't really like. "What is it now, Dray?" Pansy asks. I guess she can read my expression…

"He's here!" I say, nodding my head over to the meat isle where Ron Weasley is dragging his friends Hermione and Harry to. All that ginger does is eat! How he can even eat right now is beyond me, then again, I never did and never will understand him.

"Oh, Harry? You still got beef with him?"

I sigh, "Never mind, let's just get what we need to and leave."

As we look and walk around the store, I suddenly feel someone grab my shoulder. I give a little jump before turning around to see Goyle behind me. "Hey! You guys ready for the Reaping?"

Ugh… Go away. I just roll my eyes and roughly shrug my shoulder out of his grasp, "Not funny." I say irritated.

Goyle and Pansy share looks, "I was only kidding. But I can't wait to see those stupid Hufflepuffs-"

"I said it's not funny, okay!? What about this situation makes you so excited? The fact that everyone is dying for no reason? Or the fact that your just an insane git?" I snap. Really I'm not in the mood for this bullshit right now. Besides, Goyle and I haven't exactly seen eye to eye ever since sixth year. I try to ignore him for the most part, but usually when he talks I get the sudden urge to punch him in his fat face.

"Watch it, Malfoy. You're lucky this isn't the Games otherwise I would have just gutted you." I blink. What!? What, did he just say to me?

"Goyle! Leave him alone." Pansy says. "We're all scared; can you just lay off it?"

Oh, good, at least someone sticks up for me. I give Pansy a grateful look for that and she smiles back at me.

Finally, I'm ready to cash this crap out and go home, but as I'm walking to the counter I bump into a certain someone I'm really not in the mood to see. Harry Potter. He didn't even seem to be paying any sort of attention to where he was going since he and Ron were laughing the whole time. I just huff. "Oh. Draco…" Harry says. Ron's smile fades from his face when he notices me. Hermione just looks at me with watchful eyes as if I'm a criminal. "Sorry." I mutter, breaking eye contact and just letting Harry go on ahead of me. Weird thing is, he actually gives me a soft smile as if saying thank you, but afraid to say it out loud. I think if Ron and Hermione weren't here he would have actually talked to me.

"Oh, there's Blaise!" Goyle says, "You guys go, I'll catch up later."

I notice Pansy watching him leave before she grabs onto my arm, "What's going on with you two?"

"Who?" I ask.

"You and Goyle?"

"N-Nothing he's just… I don't know. He scares me lately, like he wants to get picked just so he can kill people. Does that sound weird?"

Pansy smirks, "Yes! Draco, Goyle, has been your best friend since first year. There's no reason he would hurt you or anyone."

"You heard what he said! 'If this were the Games, I would have just gutted you.' That kind of scares me…"

"Oh, come on! You know, Goyle, he kids around in ways he shouldn't sometimes. You both lost your cool for a moment but it's okay; we're all nervous, Dray, you need to calm down."

I don't know. Maybe she's right, but Goyle hasn't been the same ever since we got home. He's been more… I don't know he's just been different, especially around me. Finally Harry leaves the counter with one brief look over his shoulder at me. Did he hear what Pansy and I said? Judging by the look on his face, he did. Actually, he was rather quiet while we were talking. Why would he just decide to ease drop? That's annoying…

I feel Pansy push me along to the counter, causing me to break eye contact with Harry. I sigh. What time is it, now? I notice a little clock behind the cashier's head that reads 12:30. Wait, 12:30?! The Reaping starts in a half hour!

"12 Gallons." Where is this voice coming from, now? Am I going crazy on top of it all?

I pick my head up and see the cashier staring at me. "What?" I ask.

He holds out his hand, "12 Gallons, boy."

"Oh, yeah…" Take the damn money so I can go home!

Finally, we can leave.

"Draco, stop walking so fast! First you walk too slowly, now you're practically running!" I hear Pansy yell from behind me.

"We have a half hour."

"So!? Draco, the square is only 15 minutes away! We'll be there on time…"

"We just wasted enough time. I want to get this over with. I'll see you at the Reaping."

As soon I get to the Manor, I pretty much slam the door in her face, I feel bad in away, but she knows I'm freaking out. Whatever, she'll understand.

"Draco! There you are!" My mother says, dragging me into the kitchen, snatching the bag from my hand, and begins to fix my hair like it matters! I yank my head away, "Mom, it's just the Reaping, why do I have to 'look good' if I'm just gonna get picked to die?"

"Leave him be." My dad says in a cold voice. "He won't even get picked…"

"You never know with these games, his name has already been in there twice, that's twice the chance."

"A-And if I do get picked…?" I dare ask. The kitchen got dead silent. I shift a bit, wishing I could read my father's mind because judging by his expression, what he's about to say is far from anything I would want to hear.

"Let's just say – if you do get picked – Slytherin wouldn't have a victor."

I try swallowing the lump in my throat, but it feels like I'm suddenly suffocating. What was that supposed to mean? Okay, I know I wouldn't win by the off chance I get picked, but hearing my own father say so as well? I mean, you would think that a parent would try to stay positive about the situation even if they secretly knew it would end badly. Not only that, the way he said it just sounded so heartless.

"We need to go." My father says, taking his lead to leave the Manor.

The whole walk to the square is hell! I have to listen to my father complain about me being late and that I'm the reason he has to scramble to get things ready the last minute. Oh, well, excuse me! I didn't want to leave the house! "I'm the president, if anything we should be the first to arrive but you had to come home late." Oh, give me a break, already. He makes it sound like he has it worse than me. It's not like he has to stand around for an hour waiting to get called to just get killed! Of course, I say nothing. Arguing will only make me even more tense.

When we finally get to the square there are already hundreds of Hogwarts students lined up with their houses.

"Draco." I hear a voice from behind. I turn around to see Pansy running up to me. Good, at least I'm with someone so I won't feel so alone. "Hey. Nervous?"

I take a deep breath, "Let's just get this over with…"

My mother and father both decide to leave us since my dad needs to ready his announcement about the Games, and to also welcome the new head Game Keeper for this year. Basically Game Keepers are people who add random obstacles in the Games to make them harder and more interesting. Apparently every year there's a new head Game Keeper, but since this is only the second year of the Games, I'm not 100% sure how it works yet.

We both get in the Slytherin line that leads to a long table of people who have you write down your name and prick your finger for blood – kind of like an ID check.

Next to the Slytherin line is the Gryffindors. Harry's among them and turns his head, again, to look at me. I face him but shift my eyes away when the woman at the tale ahead of me yells, "Next!" Her sharp tone makes me jump.

After I writing my name down comes the fun part. I give my hand to her and he she pulls it toward her, making me stagger forward. She pretty much stabs – I mean stabs my finger, it feels she's trying to pull my whole damn hand off. I wince a bit, since the she's nowhere near gentle with how she takes my blood. After I pull back I whip the remaining blood on my sleeve. "Next" She scowled as she shooed me away. Well than! I'd like to stab your hand and see how you like it, lady!

Anyway, I can't find my friends, Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle, (If he even is my friend anymore) so I follow Pansy to the middle of the Slytherin crowd in front of the stage.

As quickly as we get there the ceremony is already starting. I'm still trying to stop my finger from gushing blood when I hear a soft giggle from the stage. I look up to see Dolores Jane Umbridge standing at the microphone, wearing pink, as usual, and carrying on her perky smile. She reminds me of a huge, pink marshmallow that only puffs up even more when you put it in the microwave. Oh and there's my father standing behind her along with three other people sitting against the wall: Mad Eye Moody was among them, since he is probably head Game Keeper, also Gildroy Lockheart, who is the interviewer of the Games and Severus Snape. Well, they have, I guess you can say, interesting people this year.

"Welcome! Welcome, everybody," Umbridge announces in her cheerful tone. The square is so quiet and awkward with nervous people that her voice can probably carry all the way to America. This only makes it worse for me. How could she be so happy at a time like this? I mean, I know Umbridge is always happy. She probably kicks puppies to get a good laugh. "to the second annual Games!" She continues. "Before we begin, I would like to introduce you to Mad Eye Moody – well, you all know who Mad Eye is, don't we?" She gives a soft chuckle, bot no one seems to care – we're all dead silent. "Mad Eye is our new head Game Keeper for this year! Anything that goes crazy in the arena, you can be sure it was his idea!

"Now! I would like to turn this over to President, Lucius Malfoy, for his speech." She backs up to hand the microphone over to my father as he clears his throat. No one even cares about the speeches or the perky attitudes! They just wanted to get this over with!

"Good afternoon." Jeez, he almost sounds as cheerful as Umbridge! What is this? He was so serious when we left the Manor, now he's just putting on this cheesy little act! Well, I don't like it. I honestly can't tell if it's fake or if he really is happy about this.

"As you all know, the Games were founded by the Death Eaters in honor of Lord Voldemort."

Don't even say his name! This is far from amusing!

"We all know, you're probably anxious, nervous, some of you even excited…"

"Excited?" I muttered. "Dray…" Pansy whispers by my side. I don't even bother to answer her or even turn my head; my eyes are glued to that stage, shocked by what I'm seeing and hearing. My father seems to find this all amusing or maybe just interesting. People are dying for no reason yet he's putting on this big act! Just stop it, stop it right now.

"I'm sure Voldemort would be very pleased if he were here today, but due to some unfortunate events…" His eyes drifted over to the Gryffindor line and I follow his gaze and managed to spot Harry in the crowd, returning my father evil glare. Apparently he isn't happy with this either and looks like he wants to rip my dad's throat out. "Voldemort is not here…" He says, turning back to the crowd, "So make him proud! Now, Umbridge would you do the honors of drawing the names?"

"Certainly." She says cheerfully as she takes the microphone, and moves over to the name table where four bowls for each house are set up. "We'll start with Gryffindor!" Here we go. At least I can calm down a bit since Slytherin is always last, but she's taking her blessed time digging through those names, circling her hand around the rim of the bowl, trying to be dramatic. Oh, God, hurry up! Seriously, my heart is beating so fast it can probably be heard through the awkward silence of this square.

Finally, Umbridge pulls out a small piece of paper with a smile, unfolds it and reads the name, "Hermione Granger!" What!? Hermione? Why her?

I can see her in the Gryffindor section. She looks petrified but she manages to snake out of the crowd. Ron is there looking like he wants to jump out of line and pull her back to him. Just looking at his face – I can't help but feel terrible. My heart actually acts for both of them, and I don't know why. I spent most of my life hating most of the Gryffindors, but it might just be this situation.

"Oh, this is gonna be good, eh, Draco?" Pansy says with a smirk. No, I'm not answering her. This isn't good, this is bad. Why doesn't anyone get this? Am I the only sane person here!?

Poor Hermione. I've honestly never seen her this scared. "Congratulations, Miss. Granger!" Umbridge says when she gets to the sage, shaking Hermione's hand and gesturing her to the Gryffindor spot on the stage.

Pansy smirks again, "I can't wait to see that Mudblood get gutted!" I nudge her. Just shut up "What? Jeez, Draco, you're no fun anymore…"

Umbridge went ahead in pulling out the next name, "Ginevra Weasley!" Really? Ron's sister? I lean over to look at the Gryffindors and spot Ginny. She's completely frozen, making everyone turn heads at her for not getting out of line. "Now, where are you, dear?" I hear Umbridge say from the stage. Hermione has a look of horror on her face. Hesitantly, Ginny steps out of line, slowly walking to the stage as if awaiting a miracle to save her.

Suddenly a voice calls out from the Gryffindor crowd and Ron jumps out of line. My stomach jumps, "Ginny!" He yells. His sister froze and spun around on the stairs before she could even set a foot on the stage. He tries to run to her, but a few guards from the stage pull him back. He's trying to fight them off though. Well, obviously this causes a lot of attention. I've never gotten into a serious fight with Ron, but I'll be honest when I say I don't want to. He doesn't seem like the nicest person when he's mad and he can probably snap my neck with one hand.

"Stupid, boy!" Pansy mutters, "What does he think he's doing!?"

"No, let me go!" Ron yells still trying to fight those guards off of him. I don't tell Pansy but I'm secretly rooting for him. "Wait!" He suddenly says as if a thought just stuck him and he manages to shake the guards off, somehow, or they just let him go. "I…I'll take her place …"

Wait. What?!

Ginny shakes her head and I can see her eyes getting glassy from where I'm standing.

"You what?" Umbridge asks, trying to keep her cheerful expression but I can hear the hint of shock in there. "I volunteer… For my sister." Ron says. What is he doing? Is he actually going in his sister's place? You know, I'm not even surprised. It does seem like something Ron would do.

"Well, a volunteer!" Umbridge says, getting her usual expression back, "Come up here then!"

"No, Ron don't do this!" Ginny screams. Now she's crying. She tries to run after him as he steps to the stage, only for Harry to jump out of the crowd and try to pull her back in line. I follow Ron up the stage with my eyes. His head is down and he looks like he's trying to fight back tears as he blocks out his sister's yelling. Don't cry, Ron I tell myself, though I wish I can tell him.

You'll look weak. "No, stop! Ron! Please, don't take my brother!" Ginny cries, trying to force Harry back until she finally breaks down, turning into him and burring her face into his chest to cry. He pulls her back in line but Ginny's sobs can still be heard in the awkward silence.

Umbridge does the same thing to Ron as she did to Hermione when he enters the stage: Congratulating him and all that bullshit stuff. After that, Ron takes his spot next to Hermione. "Well, now that was interesting!" Umbridge says, going back to the bowls, "Now, who's next?"

"Seamus Finnigan!" Umbridge announces.

"Oh, no!" Pansy says, "Not him, he'll blow up the whole arena."

"Nervous, now?" I sneer, really getting annoyed with her.

Pansy blinks, "Don't be silly! If anything he'll blow himself up. At least that's one tribute the others won't have to worry about, right?"

I just roll my eyes before bringing my attention to Seamus as he goes up to the stage. "This is torture…" I mutter, "How much longer until they get to Slytherin?" I really can't take the waiting anymore. Only three names and it feels like hours!

"Sit back and enjoy the show, we still got Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff to go through."

"Oh, Hufflepuff…" I say.

Pansy smirks. "Oh, shhh! Next name, I wanna watch!"

"Neville Longbottom!"

I can tell Pansy is trying not to laugh, "This is so humiliating for Gryffindor, I actually wanna cry for them. Speaking of crying, Ginny won't shut up. If I were Harry I'd slap her."

"Will you stop?" I say. "Her brother just sacrificed himself for her, you'd be crying too."

Pansy laughs softly, "Oh, Draco you're cute…" Don't call me cute. Just don't.

"Lavender Brown!"

"Lavender?" Pansy echoes softly. "The girl who was obsessed with Ron? This will be interesting with Granger in the Games…"

I huff silently, wishing she would just stop with her nasty comments.

I can hear Umbridge giggle as she goes back to the Gryffindor bowl to pull out the last name, "Last but not least for our brave Gryffindors…" Her voice trails off as she unfolds the paper. Her face drops at the name and it seemed like she almost forgot to speak. I'm not sure what she's saying, but her mouth moves as she stares down at the paper. "Harry Potter!"

Well, of course the crowd beaks out into mummers and whispers. I can see the fear in Harry's face. Ginny looks up at him in horror, even Hermione and Ron looked scared. Why doesn't this surprise me? It really doesn't, but I still feel scared for him. He gives Ginny a tight hug before he stiffly walks to the stage. "Well, Draco, it's like a dream come true for you! Hey, maybe if you get picked you can be the one to kill him." Pansy says. No! No it's not! How could she say that? Just thinking about taking his life make me shudder, "That's the last thing I would ever want to do…" I mumble. "What?" Pansy asks. I'm not answering her. Let her dwell on it.

"This really is interesting!" Umbridge says after congratulating Harry. For some reason, I can't take my eyes off him. This whole thing just seems so wrong and I never thought I would fell this awful for Harry. Ever…

Great, now Gryffindor is finished getting their names drawn, so now it's Ravenclaw's turn and then Hufflepuff's. Yay. I'm so excited I can die… literally…

Most of the Hufflepuffs seem to be between 12 and 14 years in age by the looks of it, but I don't recognize any of them. I don't even talk to Hufflepuffs and they're never a problem in the arena. The Ravenclaws were also young but look to be slightly older than the Hufflepuffs. Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang are among them. Eh, I know them, but I was never close to them, nor were we even friends. I talked to Luna a few times, but that's about it, and I never liked Cho.

Finally, it's Slytherin's turn. I was dreading this moment and just calmed down a bit but now my nerves are rocketing sky high, "Now, time for Slytherin!" Umbridge says. She moves across the table to the last bowl of names. Okay. Deep breath, it'll be over soon.

"Here we go…" Pansy says. Now, I can tell she's nervous.

Umbridge seems to be getting impatient, I mean this ceremony is going on forever, she probably wants to leave just as badly as we do by now. She quickly pulls out a name and smirks, "Gregory Goyle!"

Whoa! I jump and so does my poor heart! Pansy presses next to me and I can feel her trembling "What!? Why Goyle!?"

I bite my lip. Goyle doesn't even seem the least bit nervous, believe it or not! He walks up to that stage as boldly as ever with a smirk of the devil on his face, as if wanting to get picked. "I don't like that smirk…" I whisper.

"H-He's just confident…" Pansy says, but I can tell she's nervous about his domineer too.

"Vincent Crabbe!" Umbridge announces. Goyle's smirk only seems to grow wider at Crabbe's name. This isn't good. It feels like it's only getting closer and closer to me, and I'm shaking so badly right now I feel like I might being to rattle. I shift next to Pansy and she grabs my arm, "It'll be over soon…" She tries to say calmly, but her voice is breaking.

Okay, next name…

"Marcus Flint!"

Okay, not so bad. I broke off ties with Marcus in sixth year, but we were still civil, not exactly friends anymore but civil. The name only has me shiver because we're getting close to the end now. Pansy hugs my arm tighter, I guess trying to comfort me.

"Blaise Zabini!"

"No…" Pansy mutters. "Not Blaise!"

Seriously! Not Blaise! He's my best friend. Okay just calm down. Two more left. Just pray it's not me…

"Pansy Parkinson!" What?! Okay no, you're not taking her away from me too! I don't think I can take much more of this and feeling her go stiff against me only makes me realize how scared she really is, because she never acts nervous unless It's something bad. "No…" She says. "No, there must be some mistake…"

"Pansy, where are you, darling?" Umbridge says.

I grab her hand. I can't let her go too. First my best friend then… No! I want to volunteer for her but I can't even move!

"Bye, Dray…" She says as she loosens her grip on my hand. I can see tears rolling down her face, but she tries to hide it. No, don't leave me I want to call out to her but I can't do anything but just think it.

"Pansy!" Umbridge calls again. Crabbe and Goyle snicker a bit on stage. Oh, shut up!

She lets my hand go, but I just want to yank her back. Instead I watch her leave and walk up to that stage. I can feel the emotion burning behind my gray eyes.

No, don't cry! I tell myself. Don't let these bastards see you cry!

I just feel more alone now than ever without Pansy next to me. Only one name left… I shut my eyes as I feel my heart racing faster.

"Draco Malfoy!"

My eyes shoot open. What?!

I feel like I can't breathe; like my heart stopped beating. Looking up at Goyle on stage, he only looks more evil. Pansy covers her mouth in horror and my dad's smile drops as he turns whiter than usual, even Harry looks shocked.

Every bone in my body stops moving, as forbidding me to go up there. "Draco." I hear my father say on stage. I'm so stiff but if I don't go up there they'll kill me anyway.

Hesitantly, I leave the line of Slytherins and shakily go up to Umbridge, "Congratulations, Draco!"

Yes I think Congratulations that I'm about to die.

My father is standing only a few inches away, so I turn to him and give him a desperate look that said "help me" but he just turns away from me, nothing doing a single thing. I go to stand next to Pansy. I try not to look up, but on the corner of my eye I can see Goyle looking down at me with the most evil face I've ever seen.

"Congratulations to our 24 tributes!" The crowd broke out in a choppy applause, most still in shock, others happy it's not them up here. I wish I were one of them.

"Hope you all enjoy the second annual Games! I'm sure it will be very, very exciting!" She let out a softy chuckle before continuing; "Now, our tributes will be transferred to the Capitol, where they will be treated to luxury and trained in the art of survival to fight to the death in the Games!"

The fight to the death part only makes me shiver.

"We will give each family 15 minutes time to say their good-byes. Good luck to everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor!"