Alex Rider and the books of the past.

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Summary: One day Alex is woken up by a mysterious person bringing books of the past for them to read. Who is this mysterious person? How did the books come to be? Read more and find out.

A mysterious encounter

When the doorbell rings at 3 o'clock in the morning, it is never good news. This was something Alex had experience in and was sure of. At the moment however he could not help but wonder if the same thing could be said if the doorbell rang at two. Because if it did, he would rather not bother with getting the door.

The doorbell rang again and brought him out of his musing. After a few moments he figured that he might as well get it as he was already awake. There was no need for Jack to wake up, when he was perfectly capable to do it.

He was halfway to his bedroom door before he quickly grabbed the bat from under his bed. If there was one thing working for MI6 had thought him, it was that you could never be too careful. As he walked to the door he could not help but wonder how it was that his spy of an uncle had never installed a peephole in the door. It would certainly have made things easier.

At first he could not believe what he was seeing, he blinked a few times to try and wake up more, but the person before him did not change. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again the moment he realized he didn't know how to react to this. It seemed like hours passed before he managed to speak.

"Who are you? What do you want?" It really was a logical question, Alex thought. After all the man could not possibly be who he looked to be. If he had learned anything after all his months helping MI6 it was that nothing were ever what it seemed like.

The man didn't answer at first, he just smiled what seemed like a painful smile, and his eyes shone of what seemed like sorrow. "I know I have been gone for a long time, but do you really not recognize me Alex?" The voice was so painfully familiar. Alex felt tears pressing at his eyes. This was really too cruel, showing up at his house pretending to be him, when Alex knew that he was dead

A small voice in the back of his head reminded him that MI6 had lied to him before, there was no reason to trust that they didn't just lie about his death. He quickly shock that thought out of his head, because if he had been alive he could have come back sooner, he could have saved Alex from the hellish life he had been forced to live. He would not let himself hope, he would not let himself be hurt again.

"I know who you look like." Alex stated harshly, "but that doesn't mean that you are him." The man gave him a weird look.

"You didn't use to be this paranoid" the man stated and Alex gave a harsh laugh.

"Well, I guess I grew up." He mumbled. The man starred at him for a while and then he heaved a sigh.

"Well then, I am your father's brother and as to what I am doing here. I am returning home." He finally said and Alex felt his heart jump in his chest.

Ian Rider had always hated being called uncle, therefore calling him that had been out of the question. As an alternative they had started calling him Alex's fathers brother. Whenever Ian sent someone to pick Alex up or called him, that sentence worked as a kind of safe word, something that assured Alex of the identity of the speaker.

Alex felt the bat fall out of his suddenly powerless hand. "H… h… How?" he stammered.

Ian smiled, "perhaps we should continue this inside?" He said and Alex nodded and stepped aside to let him enter.

Ian noticed that the hall and living room had changed very little in his absence and in a way it saddened him. In many ways it seemed like the house had frozen over the day he ``died``. Then he looked at something that nearly broke his heart. When he had left for the stormbreaker mission Alex had, had that youthful happiness that you saw in most kids. Sure he had been stronger and smarter than many, and a little more serious, but he had still been a kid. He had joked around and he had loved to prank people.

When Ian looked at him now, he almost wanted to cry. His little nephew looked almost broken. His eyes that had once shined with life were dull and suspicious. He was almost sickly pale and his body looked stiff as if he were in constant pain.

Ian had always treated Alex as if he was older than he was, but he had always made sure to not go too far. He wanted Alex to be ready for what was out there, but he still wanted him to have the childhood he wanted. All he had done and thought Alex was to make sure he never looked like he did now. To know that he had failed made him even sadder. He could feel the anger building in him. He would make sure the once responsible would pay, and he was sure the things he had received would help him realize who it was that were responsible.

Alex did not know what to believe. Ian Rider was sitting in front of him. He wanted to cry, to yell, but he let none of that show. "How are you here?" he asked. It was after all the most important thing to find out right now.

Ian began to explain. "Firstly, I was never shot by Yassen Gregorovitch. "When he saw the incredulous expression on Alex's face, he hurried on. "Yassen knew who I was, and as he has a soft spot for you, he did not want you to experience the life he knew you would have if I died. So he warned me and I ran, but Sayle sent someone else after me and it was him who shot me. The bullet only hit me in the arm, but I lost control and crashed. I ended up in a coma. Yassen found me and dropped me of at a hospital. I woke up a couple of weeks ago, but I was very weak. Then Yassen came and got me and here I am."

Alex just blinked at him. "So Yassen is alive to?" he said and Ian laughed and nodded. Alex was so not up to this at two fifteen in the morning, but on the positive side, nothing much could surprise him now. Before he had even finished that thought, the doorbell rang. He starred at Ian for a while then he huffed and got up to get it. How Jack could sleep through all this ruckus was beyond him.

He wasn't actually surprised when he opened the door and Yassen was standing on the other side. "This day is so weird he mumbled as he let the assassin in.

They sat in silence for what, to Alex, felt like an eternity. Then Ian broke the silence. "This is your only reaction?" he wondered. Alex lifted his head from where he had rested it on his arms on the table.

"It's two," he cheeked the clock, "thirty in the morning." He stated and gave them a grumpy look. "I have sleep for approximately thirty minutes. How in the world did you think I would react?"

Ian and Yassen looked at each other. "Well, I don't know about Yassen, but I thought you would, freak or cry or something.

Alex laughed. "Two dead people are sitting in my living room, why would I freak?"

Ian got a relieved look on his face. Yassen looked imploringly at him so Ian hurried to explain. "If he hadn't freaked I would have worried even more for his sanity." He whispered, while he watched Alex.

"I am sorry, little Alex, that I did not tell you that your unc…" Yassen broke of when Ian glared at him. Alex actually giggled. Yassen lifted his eyebrows and sighed- He wondered what he had gotten himself into when he had decided to get involved in Rider business. "That I did not tell you that your Ian was alive." Alex giggled again. He really had to ne tired he thought.

"Ian hates being called Uncle. Therefore we call him my father's brother." Alex studied the two men for a while before he broke the silence again. "You aren't well though, why did you come back now?"

Ian pouted, "Well I didn't know you would mind me being here…" Alex just stared at him. "Ookaay. A couple of days ago, we were contacted by a writer who has researched about you and written some books. Therefore I and Yassen…" Yassen interrupted him with a glare.

"Ooookaaay," Ian said. "I decided we should read them with you and some other people you have met while I was away. Because I want to know what you have been doing while I was away" he exclaimed joyfully.

"How much do you already know?" Alex asked suspiciously.

"Yassen only told me you had ended up in some trouble. He wouldn't tell me more" Ian pouted.

Alex gaped. "What?!"

Ian smiled. "I will get to know everything you have done, said and thought over the few last months." He said gleefully.

Sometimes Alex really wondered about Ian's sanity. "How in the world would he know what I have been thinking? Hmm? There is a slight possibility that he know what I have done and said, but my thoughts Ian, really?"

Ian smiled bashfully and Yassen wondered what he was doing here.

"Who exactly did you envision should be here and read these books with us, and how in the world did you imagine you would contact them." Alex asked even thought he really didn't want to know the answer.



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