Alucard looked at the person his love had become and felt years of hurt begin to heal. He knew he'd never completely heal that there would always be some kind of intense fear of losing her yet again and not getting her back a second time. Her eyes sparkled with joy and love for him and he smirked in response.
"Alright my sweet ,"he said and led them back to the very confused group of people who were standing in the training area.
"Explain," Integra said.
"I caught a sent on her that is not supposed to exist in humans or even my kind. She smells of holy powers," he answered,"so I took her away and asked about the reason for them."
"And,"Integra prompted.
"My family is a long line of priests and priestesses. holy powers are in my blood just as much as his binding is in yours madam Integra,"Kagome explained with a cheerfully peppy laugh and left to procure the cigar she knew Integra wanted.
Integra turned to Walter as Kagome vanished and asked him to pull up her family files and anything else on her he could find then bring it to her imidiately. he agreed then left to be about his new business.
"here miss" kagome said handing her new boss an expensive cigar and moving to stand to the left and three steps behind her. Integra looked mildly surprised but quickly recovered and went about her day in her usual cold manner. Any time she needed something kagome had already taken care of what ever it was and as a result Integra was done with her work surprisingly quickly. However at around 10:00 a call came in for Alucard to handle. It was the first time kagome had spoken since that morning.
"Sir Integra, might i go on this mission with Alucard? I can be of use in battle and nothing with evil intent can escape my powers save Alucard," she asked lightly as if asking to go to a friends house. Integra looked shocked, this girl who looked so small and frail next to Alucard wanted to go into battle?
"He has never before needed assistance,"Integra began,"but I suppose it couldn't hurt."
"Thank you sir,"she said and left to prepare. It was 15 minutes later when the soldiers of Hellsing spotted the girl dressed in all black and carrying few weapons that they could see. her long hair was captured in a French braid and she wore dark glasses.
"Hey guys,"one soldier asked,"When did we get a battle skank barbie?" Kagome simply turned to him with a slightly sadistic smirk and inclined her head.
"I have never heard of that term before. tell me what is a battle skank," she said her eyes hidden from view by the dark glasses and her voice as cold and frigid as ice.
"Well apearantly its you darling," the soldier replied. he remained unaware of the danger he was in as he approached her with every intention of assaulting her person.
"No my dear i don't think you understand,"she said as she gripped his throat tightly with a smile the was bright as a sun but promised death," I am not a 'battle skank' I am a highly trained warrior with more power than you will ever have." She let the simpering man go as Alucard called her to his side and they set out for their destination a small village named cheddar.

when they arrived it was just after 11:00 and the area was infested with ghouls.
"My guess is they kept sending back up," was Kagome's only remark on the state of things,"our target is in the church with a virgin girl." They eliminated the ghouls in less than four minutes and entered the church just as the priest threatened to rape his poor victim.
"girl my friend is going to shoot the pest but it will hurt you im here to make sure you don't die from it,"Kagome said as though it was any other day and not a life and death situation. She knew she could save he poor girl but the side effects would be major. the girl would be soul bound to kagome as a sister, one that was unable to disobey.
Alucard shot a single round from the cascull and smirked satisfied as it murdered the vampire wanna be. Kagome walked over to the girl and began pouring healing power into the girl. Seras ,as they found out she was named, was now bound to the newest recruit in a way that could never be undone.