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Warnings: Angst, rejection, Mpreg, malexmale. But there is a happy ending.

Summary: When Draco turns Harry down after getting asked out he had no idea just what the consequences him saying 'no' would bring.

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As Harry walked into the great hall and looked around he couldn't help but smile at the feeling that he was finally home. Looking around the great hall as he made his way to the table that had been put there specifically for the returning eighth years, Harry couldn't believe how it looked. You wouldn't have thought that this room had been nearly destroyed in the war just months ago. This was another one of those times when Harry loved magic, amazed by what it could do.

Harry jumped when he felt hands clap down on his shoulders. "Harry mate there you are. Where did you go mate?"

Harry smiled at his redheaded friend. "Just been looking around."

"Good to be home?"


Ron then started to go on about if they could play quidditch even though they were eighth year they were still technically in Gryffindor. But Harry wasn't listening. He looked up when a figure stood in the doorway. Draco.

Harry had returned his wand over the summer and they both called a truce. They had met a few times after to get to know each other and formed what was a slowly building friendship which pleased Harry to no end. Harry had been in love with Draco for some time and if a slowly building friendship was what Draco wanted then Harry took it with both hands.

Draco spotted Harry looking at him and nodded his head in a way of greeting before turning back to talk to Blaise.

"Harry mate?"

Harry blinked and turned to face Ron. "What?"

"You are looking at him again."

"Yeah? We are slowly becoming friends."

"Harry we are best friends and you don't look at me like you do Draco."


"Ugh no. Look Harry me and Hermione are fine with you being gay and will support you to no end but if that ferret ever hurts you."

"He won't Ron."

"He already has when he turned you down."

"Thank you for bringing up that painful memory."

"I'm sorry Harry."

It was back in the summer when Harry was at Grimmauld and Harry went in search for Remus to talk to him. He always knew he could rely on Remus for a talk. He knew he had Hermione and Ron and they told him he could confide in them anytime and for that he was grateful. But what he needed to talk to Remus about was not something he could talk to his best friends about so openly too soon.

Sure they understood his feelings towards Draco but Harry knew they still had time to adjust to it so until they did, Harry would confide and talk to Remus who was more than happy to listen and help in anyway that he could.

He just needed the courage to ask Draco. Harry laughed at that. All that he had done and the one thing he was nervous about doing was asking Draco out.

Remus had told him that the war had taught and shown him how precious life was and to live life to its fullest and if there was something he wanted then to go for it. Remus told him there was someone he wanted and he was going to ask them out.

Feeling Nervous, Harry went to find Remus for some encouragement before he went to meet Draco and got a shock when he opened the door to the library and saw his honorary godfather straddling none other than Severus Snape. Both men glued at the lips, arms around each other, oblivious to Harry standing there.

Harry quickly backed out and quietly shut the door and leaned against it. That was who Remus liked? Well, if Remus could get the courage to ask Severus Snape out then so could he with Draco. With that thought in mind and a smile on his face he headed to the three broomsticks to meet Draco for a drink.

"Oh Harry."

Harry felt his stomach drop at the sound of Draco's voice. He had finally got the courage to ask Draco out and when he did he immediately wished he hadn't with Draco's face.

"Forget it Draco." he said as he stood up to leave but Draco's hand around his wrist stopped him. "Harry please. I am saying no because I need to be just me at the minute. Do you understand that?"

"More than anyone."

"Please Harry I am starting to like our friendship and I don't want to lose it. Please?"

Harry made the mistake of looking Draco in the eyes and found it hard to say no. So he didn't. He put a smile on his face and told him he wouldn't lose him, then felt his stomach do somersaults when Draco smiled back at him.

"Harry?" Harry blinked and looked up to see Remus smiling at him. "It doesn't do any good remembering Harry." he said.

Remus had seen Harry staring before getting a far off look on his face, knowing what he was thinking about, he made his way over to him along with Hermione.

"I wouldn't have been thinking about that day he turned me down if Ron hadn't voiced it."

Hermione gasped and hit Ron on the arm causing him to nearly choke as he was just about to shove a forkful of food in his mouth. "Idiot."

"I said I was sorry 'Mione. Didn't I Harry?"

Harry just nodded and then smiled at the pair when they started to argue quietly. You would think that getting together would cause less arguments but no.

Draco walked into the common room that was shared by the students returning for an eighth year and saw Harry sat in the squishy armchair by the fire, his legs pulled up to his chest, his head leaning to one side as it rested on the back of the chair.

As Draco moved closer to Harry he could see the reflection of the fire dancing in those emerald green orbs before blocking the fire from the brunets view and replacing it with his body. "Harry?"

As much as Harry wanted his eyes to go down he moved them up, locking eyes with the blond. "What's wrong Draco?"


"Then what do you want?"


"Then why are you here?"

Draco growled low in his throat and placed his hands on the arms of the chair and leaned forwards getting into Harry's personal space. "What is wrong with you?"


"Liar. You have had this face on you ever since the welcoming feast when..." Draco broke off and his face softened. "Since I only gave you a nod in greeting. Is that why you are like this now? Because I didn't acknowledge you more?"

"My world doesn't revolve around you Draco."

"I never said it did."

Harry shoved Draco back and stood up. "Just leave me alone."

Once again Harry found himself unable to walk away as Draco had caught his wrist. "Harry please I thought we were fine now."

"We are."

"You are not acting like it."

"Honestly Draco. You don't know how I am on the first night back. Just leave me be."

"I don't believe you Harry."

"You have no choice but to believe me." Harry said, pulling his wrist free and walking up to the boys dormitories.

"He is right you know." Hermione said who was sat in the corner with Ron.

The redhead frowned and looked up to see Draco looking dejected. "Who?"

"Draco is. Harry lied to Draco you know that he is always happy the first night back as this is like home for him but as Draco doesn't know that all he can do is take Harry's word for it."

Hermione closed her book and walked over to Draco. "You know. Since we started here Harry has watched you closely, just by your facial expressions he knows when you are happy, sad, excited, planning something, scared, lying, being truthful, trying to look brave when actually you are scared."

Hermione looked at Draco closely when he turned to look at her. "Are you the same with Harry?"


"Then you know that he was lying just then."

"I do."

"We, that is Ron and I, know that it was what you said it was and we are afraid he is getting his hopes up too much with you."

"I am not encouraging him."

"I never said you were but this is how Harry is. Just be his friend and in a couple of days he will be fine. I promise."

Over the next few days Draco was glad that what Hermione said that night in the common was true. Harry was his happy self again talking to anyone who called his name, laughing and joking again and even getting Draco to join in on the jokes.

It was times like these when Draco cursed himself for listening to his father and believing him when he told him that Harry was no good and it would do no good to get involved with him in any way.

As the weeks went on Harry and Draco's slowly building friendship was getting stronger everyday.

Harry made his way to Remus' rooms. Harry had been stopped by Remus after class asking him to stop by for a talk anytime after dinner. Harry had looked on his map to see if Remus was alone but it seemed that Severus had decided to spend the night with Remus as it was three hours after dinner and Severus was still there.

Hoping he wasn't stopping anything, Harry knocked and waited. He heard a scuffling about before a slight disheveled looking Remus answered the door with a smile on his face. "Harry. Glad you came."

Harry merely smiled and walked inside, looking around he spotted Severus sat in the big chair beside the fire.

"What did you want to talk about Remus?"

"We haven't had any chance to talk since you started back. In fact I think the last time we had a proper talk was when-"

"We were at Grimmauld and I told you about my feelings for Draco and was in two minds whether to ask him out." Harry sighed as he sat on Remus' comfy sofa.

"Well you obviously got the courage and I am happy to see it paid off."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, turning to look at Remus who sat beside him.

"Well you are always together and laughing. I can see it as I know your feelings but to anyone else you are friends. Why are you not telling anyone?"

"Because there is nothing to tell."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean Draco and I are not a couple. I told him of my feelings and asked him out and he turned me down."

"My godson turned you down?" Severus piped up.

"He said he wasn't ready for a relationship and that he just wanted to be himself. He asked me if I understood and at the time I did. He asked if we could still be friends and I told we were but we have been getting on so well lately. I am thinking of asking him out again. We are a lot closer now then what we were before school started."

"When are you going to ask him Harry?"

"Tomorrow at Halloween."

Harry stayed and talked to Remus and Severus a while longer before saying goodnight and leaving.

"Are you alright?" Severus asked Remus who looked worried after Harry had left.

"I am just hoping Draco doesn't say 'no' when Harry asks him tomorrow. Ugh why does he have to pick tomorrow of all days?"

Severus walked over and sat beside Remus, taking his lover into his arms. "Why have I got such a bad feeling about tomorrow Sev?"

"I don't know, but I feel the same. All we can do is watch Harry closely."

After the Halloween feast Draco took Harry into a side room and warded it off. "Harry are you alright, you didn't eat much."

"I never do on Halloween." Harry sighed. "Actually Draco I am glad you brought us in here as I need to talk to you and ask you something."

"What is it Harry?"

"Remember back in the summer. What I told you."


"My feelings for you have only grown Draco. We know each other a lot better now and we have gotten closer you have to admit that."

"I do-"

"Then will you go out with me Draco. Will you be my boyfriend?"

"Harry, I am sorry but no."


"You're just a little too heavy for me Harry."

Harry gasped and backed back before heading for the door but Draco grabbed him. "Let go of me."

"No Harry."

"Look you gave me your answer now just let me go."

"Harry please don't leave it like this."

Harry stiffened in Draco's arms looking him in the eyes. Draco saw anger and hurt but mostly anger in those emerald eyes but refused to loosen his hold on the Gryffindor. "Don't think I won't use wandless magic to get you off me because I will." Harry threatened. "Now let go."

As soon as Draco removed his hands Harry was out the door before the blond could blink, leaving him staring at the door. What have I done?

Harry stormed straight into the eighth year common room, thankful that no-one was there and went straight to the dormitory. He quickly changed and dropped onto his bed, closing the hangings around him and used a spell so that they couldn't be open from the outside and placed a silencing charm so no-one could hear him. It was only then that Harry completely broke down with just one thought on his mind as he hugged his knees to his chest looking at the photo of his parents. I want my mum.

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