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Summary: When Draco turns Harry down after getting asked out he had no idea just what the consequences him saying 'no' would bring.

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Draco awoke the next morning and smiled when he saw Harry fast asleep in his arms. "Kreacher?" he whispered.

Kreacher appeared and bowed when he saw Draco. "Kreacher can you please fetch me Harry's favorite breakfast."

"Kreacher be getting it for master Harry right away."

Draco only had to wait a few minutes before Kreacher reappeared with Harry's breakfast, placing on the table by the bed before disappearing with a 'pop'.

When alone again Draco turned and started to stroke the hair from Harry's face, placing a kiss on his forehead. "Harry?"

Hermione rushed to keep up with Ron. "Slow down, you don't know for certain that Draco is hurting Harry." She panted as she rushed to keep up with her boyfriend who after seeing Draco with Harry on the map, quickly dressed and made his way there. "You don't believe that Hermione otherwise you wouldn't have brought Professor Snape and Remus along."

"I brought them along to stop you in case you decide to do something stupid." She said as she, along with the others, reached the hospital wing doors. "Now lets go about this quietly Ron because not only might you wake Harry who needs all the sleep he can get if he is to get better, but Madam Pomfrey will scold you if you make too much noise in her hospital."

Ron sighed and nodded, stepping aside to let his girlfriend open the doors quietly. The sight in front of them had them all frozen to the spot, unable to do anything as the scene in front of them played out.


Harry sighed and buried his face further into Draco who smiled. "Come on Harry. Time to get up."

"Why? Madam Pomfrey says I need sleep."

"Yes but you also need food. The Christmas holidays have started. I don't have to be anywhere. Have something to eat and I promise we can go back to sleep."

The four people stood in the doorway watched in amazement as Harry slowly began to eat his breakfast whilst drinking the potion he needed to in order not to be sick. Hermione slowly and quietly closed the doors to the hospital wing and turned to face the others. "He's getting Harry to eat. And he got him to sleep as well."

"If I know my godson well he went to Harry in the night to talk and from the looks of it I say they have made up."

"Harry can't just forgive him like that!" Ron said.

"Ron we don't know what truly happened between them or what they talked about last night. If they have had a long talk and have gotten together then I am happy."


"Yes Ron. I will let Harry be with anyone and love them if it has gotten him eating and sleeping again."

"But it is because of him that Harry is like that in the first place."

"Draco didn't know that." said a voice.

All four turned to see Blaise stood there. "None of you have seen how Draco has been since Halloween. I have."

"Tell us Blaise." Severus said, stepping forward a little. Blaise sighed and told them everything. How Draco had thrown himself into his studies, crying himself to sleep most nights, only eating properly as Blaise had forced him to, would sometimes go and walk off and disappear for a while before returning all red eyed. "Draco has only looked like himself because of me. It is me that has had to shove him in the shower each morning, me who has had to cast spells to do his hair. He was starting to give up until Harry collapsed in front of him."

"It is his own fault. He turned my mate down saying he was too heavy for him." Ron snapped and Blaise shook his head and began to explain what Draco meant by heavy and Hermione found herself nodding. "In a way I understand where Draco is coming from."


"I am sorry Ron but I do. I think we should just leave them to it and get to know each other again, catching up on the time they have missed out. If Harry has forgiven Draco then so should we. After all we have only gone by on what we saw."

"Well I came here to see if Draco was here and he obviously is. Is he alright?"

"He looked it Blaise. He is with Harry and they look happy." Remus answered.

Blaise sighed. "Thank Merlin for that." he said before turning and leaving.

"Did we have company just then?" Harry asked.

"We did. And seeing as I am not being dragged away from you by now or being yelled at I am guessing they are okay with us."

"They better be."

"Why is that Harry?" The blond asked as he picked up a blueberry muffin and took a bite.

"Because I would hate to choose between my friends and the man I love."

"You still love me after what I have done to you?"

"Draco you didn't do this to me. All you did was say 'no' I did this to myself."

"I pushed you over the edge though." Draco sighed, placing his muffin back on the tray.

"Draco please don't blame yourself. I chose not to eat or sleep. I and I alone made myself ill."

"Oh Harry you are eating!" Poppy exclaimed as she hurried over to him and started to check him over.

"When can I leave then Poppy?"

"Not yet Harry. I want you in here for a couple of more days. You are weak from going too long without food or sleep. I want to keep a close eye on you."

"My friends can do that."

"No disrespect Harry but they were keeping an eye on you before and you still ended up in here."

"But they know what is happening now Poppy and I have Draco here. I doubt I won't even be able to shower without him."

"Too right."

"Please Poppy. I can come to you after having my breakfast, lunch and dinner and let you check on me. I will go to Severus for my potions and drink them in front of him. Please?"

Poppy sighed and saw the pleading look on Harry's face. "Alright. Providing you do come to me after every time you eat and go to Severus and let him watch you as you drink the necessary potions. And you." she added, pointing at Draco. "You make yourself his shadow."

"I will do Poppy. He is not leaving my sight."

Twenty minutes later they left the hospital wing. "Right then Harry, most people are away on holiday so we shouldn't be seen going back to eighth year tower." Draco said as he wrapped a supportive arm around Harry and helped him walk as he was still a bit weak on his feet.

"How did I get to the hospital in the first place? Last thing I remembered was calling out to you."

"I carried you here. Actually. Poppy said you need proper rest. So..."

"So?" Harry asked and then yelped when Draco picked him up and carried him through the halls and up the staircases until they reached their dorm, only placing Harry down when he reached the brunet's bed.

"Are you going to be in this room with me?"

"I can do better than that Harry."


Draco waved his wand over himself and went from being fully dressed to being in just his boxer briefs in seconds, smiling at Harry's blush and got under the covers.

Harry reached over and took his wand, casting the same spell on him as Draco did, shivering slightly when he went from fully clothed under the covers to just his boxer briefs.

"Let me keep you warm." The blond whispered when he noticed the shiver. Draco moved and laid on top of Harry, placing gentle kisses on his neck behind his ear, moving down, trailing kisses along his jaw before capturing his lips.

Harry opened his mouth straight away giving Draco access to his tongue, moaning as their tongues danced, gripping the blond hair tighter with his left hand whilst his right arm that was across Draco's back was pushing the blond down, trying to get him closer.

Harry pulled his mouth away and held on to the back of Draco's head as he started to places kisses on Harry's neck. "Please Draco."

"Harry you are still weak."

"Not as much as I was. Please Draco I want you now. I don't how long I will be able to wait."

Draco smiled and placed a gentle kiss on the brunets lips and instructed him to relax as he made his way down the body under him with his lips. He stopped at the chest and took one of the nipples into his mouth as he played with the other with his finger and thumb, making Harry moan and arch for more of his touch.

He smiled and stuck his tongue out, leaving behind a wet trail as he licked his way down Harry's stomach, only stopping when he reached the boxer briefs that was hiding the one thing he so desperately wanted to see.

Silently asking for Harry's permission, Draco quickly pulled the things off at Harry's nod and stared at amazement at Harry. "Gods you are beautiful."

"Are you talking to me or my cock Draco?"

"Both," the blond smirked and dropped his head, taking the length into his mouth.

"Oh Merlin, Draco." Harry moaned, as he buried his fingers into the blond strands.

Draco reached up with his hand and blindly reached for his wand. He pulled from Harry with a pop. He aimed his wand at Harry's entrance and smiled when he heard Harry intake a sharp breath. "What was that Draco?"

Draco moved up and placed his wand back on the table by Harry's bed. "I magically prepared you love," the blond took his cock in hand and moved forwards, entering Harry. "Ah!"

"Sorry." Draco made to pull out but Harry stopped him. "No, keep going, but slowly."

When Draco was fully sheathed inside his boyfriend he waited for the nod so he could start moving. Draco kept the steady paste and slowly moved in and out of Harry until he felt legs wrap around him and blunt fingernails dig into his shoulders with a hoarse voice telling him to go faster.

"Touch me Draco, please." Harry moaned.

Draco reached down and took Harry's cock in hand and started to pump it in time with his thrusts and soon Harry was cumming, spilling all over Draco's hand and both their stomachs screaming the blond's name.

Draco thrust one, two, three more times before spilling deep into Harry screaming his name. He pulled out of Harry and dropped to the side, pulling his boyfriend close and kissed his lips. "I love you Harry Potter."

"I love you too Draco Malfoy."


Draco walked up to Harry who was talking to Ron and Hermione at one of the many rounded tables that filled the great hall. It was a Saturday evening and McGonagall had decided to throw a ball in celebration of Valentines day and every student was invited.

Seeing as all the previous balls where from year four and up, the first, second and third years were excited to attend.

Harry looked up when he saw a figure stood in front of him with a big heart shaped balloon covering their face. "Can a handsome stranger give the beautiful man in front of him a love balloon?"

Harry smiled and stood up, knowing that voice only too well. "If you give me this balloon what do you expect in return?"

"A kiss."

"Oh I don't know about that. My boyfriend is very possessive."

"I don't blame him."

"On the other hand. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

The balloon moved to reveal Draco. "You better not act like that to anyone who wants to give you something."

Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's neck. "Only with you Draco." he took the red balloon from the blond with a kiss. "Thank you."

"Would you like to dance?"

"I would, but you will have to wait. I promised Hermione one." Harry gave the balloon to Draco and pulled Hermione to her feet and led her to the dance floor.

Draco sat down and watched Harry as danced with Hermione, turning and spinning her, laughing along with her.

"He has come far in two months hasn't he."

Draco turned and grinned at Ron. "He has. I still feel bad for what I put him through."

"Don't let Harry hear you blaming yourself again. Even I agree with Harry. I was as much to blame for not seeing it. You didn't because he wouldn't let you near him but me and Hermione was there always and we didn't see it."

Just then Harry ran up to Draco and took his hands. "Come with me? I just remembered my promise to someone."


"Moaning Myrtle's bathroom Harry?"

"She is the only one who knew what I was going through, how I looked. She just sat and listened as I talked. One time I took my glamour off to look at myself and she saw what I really looked like. She was going to tell someone and I was desperate. I promised that I would get you to come and see her as she missed you and she agreed."

"Did talking to her with her listening make it better for you as you had someone to talk to?"

"Yes Draco."

"Then I have something to thank her for."

Harry smiled and stepped forwards. "Myrtle. I have brought with me what I promised."

Myrtle came out of one of the cubicles and beamed when she saw Draco stood there next to Harry with a smile on his face. "I understand I have you to thank for being there for Harry when I wasn't. Thank you Myrtle."

Myrtle squealed when Draco smiled at her and rushed forwards with her arms out and went straight through the blond making him shiver. "Please don't do that again Myrtle." he said.

After spending ten minutes with Myrtle they made their way back to the great hall. They just walked through the doors when Severus pulled Draco aside, asking to have a word in private. "Severus what's wrong?"

"Is Harry alright?"

"Yes why?"

"I was doing a patrol after dinner last night and heard someone throwing up. I was about to go and see who it was when Harry came out looking ill."

Draco paled. "But he is eating. I sit with him when he eats."

"If he brings back everything he eats then he is not eating properly."

"I am going to ask him. I can't have him how he was at Christmas."

Draco thanked his godfather and hurried over to Harry, taking his hand and leading him to the dance floor. "Harry I need to ask you something." he said as he held Harry close.

"What's wrong?"

"Severus was patrolling last night when he heard something."


"Someone was being sick. He went to see if he could help when he saw the bloke being sick stumble out of the bathroom looking pale. It was you Harry."


"Harry what's wrong? I am worried that-"

"Nothing is wrong with me Draco. I went to see Poppy and I am fine. Nothing that won't go away in a few months."

"A few months?"

"Yes. Seven to be precise."


"I'm pregnant Draco."

Draco stopped dancing and stared at Harry before beaming and picking him up, spinning him around. He placed Harry on the floor and hurried off the dance floor and over to Severus and Remus who was talking to Ron and Hermione. "Can we tell them?"

Harry laughed. "Of co-"

"Harry's pregnant."

Hermione squealed and threw herself at Harry. "So that was why you were sick last night?"

"Yes Severus."

Draco pulled Harry from his Ron's arms who grabbed him and hugged him after Hermione and placed kisses all over the brunet's face, finally capturing his lips. "I love you Harry."

"I love you too Draco." Harry replied hugging his boyfriend close. Not believing that just three months ago he'd been beyond all hope of happiness and now he was happy with his lover, his baby and his family.

The end.

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