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Author's Note: This story has been on my mind for a while. This is very AU. Kelly is alive in this fic and Kelly, Abby and Tony are triplets. When Kelly declared dead and was in hiding the other kids were separated and also put into hiding. Abby's guardians are not deaf and Tony's guardians weren't that great.


Anthony DiNozzo, or sometimes he would sometimes wanted to be called Anthony Gibbs, or Tony Gibbs. He hadn't started out Anthony DiNozzo. It all started when his Mom Shannon and Kelly were out shopping. He and Abby were at friends house when it happened. His Mom had witnessed someone killing someone else and Kelly had been with her. Their father had been overseas when it happened. An NCIS Agent had been driving his Mom and Kelly in one car and going somewhere else while they were in another car going a different direction. His Mom and Kelly's car had been hit and had skidded off the road. Somebody had looked inside, but nobody checked to see if the bloody little girl was still alive. The NCIS Agent who were taking his Mom and his sister was supposed to call and when they didn't call in a couple of Agents went looking for them. Their Mom was pronounced dead, but Kelly was still alive. She was covered with blood, but she was alive. They took her out and was quickly taken to a hospital where she was under a different name. They didn't want it known that she was still alive.

They had called Gibbs about the accident and would tell him more when he came to NCIS wanting to see if it was his wife and daughter who died and wanted to know where his other kids were. NCIS Agent Mike Franks told him that Shannon had died on the scene and Kelly was still alive. Gibbs went to see his little girl and found his two other kids. He hugged all three of them and kissed their foreheads.

Drew Thompson took a breath not liking his job at all. He had explained to Gibbs that the children had to go into hiding because of what happened. Gibbs couldn't believe that this was happening. He tried to tell them that he could take care of his children, but they told him what was going to happen. Mike Franks who was another team leader on NCIS tried to tell Drew to instead of taking away the kids to put Agents around the house. Drew told him that it was too dangerous and overrode Mike Franks. The children would all be put into different homes until this blew over and it was safe for them to be with their father.

Gibbs had tears in his eyes as his kids were all around him.

"You have to go into hiding."

"Where are we going?" Kelly his oldest Triplet asked. At eight years old and she loved mothering her little siblings even if they were the same age.

"I don't know, but I want you to know that where ever you go."

"You're not coming with us, Daddy?" Tony his youngest triplet asked with tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry baby boy, but I can't go with you. It's not possible. Don't forget that I will always love all of you." He said as he kissed and hugged all his children. Tears were streaming down his face and the faces of his children. He didn't want this, but the choice was taken out of his hands.

It was raining when he watched his children were lead into three different cars. It was almost like the world was feeling his sadness as his babies were taken away from him. He could hear their voices calling out to him. "Daddy, don't leave us."

He stood there in the rain standing there not moving an inch. The fresh rain mixing in with his salty tears as he allowed them to flow freely down his face. Suddenly a scream emitted from him as he yelled at the world and what happened to his family. He went back inside.

It would be a week later that he went back to Mike Franks who offered him a job after he left Pedro's file out in the open. He looked at it and left. When he was in Mexico he did what he had to do and left. He began his life at NCIS right after that. He tried to get his kids back, but they wouldn't let him bring them home.

He wanted to know where his children were taken, but he didn't have any luck. He had a picture of them on his desk. Tony was in the middle his arms around the two girls all three of them smiling at the camera. He looked at them wondering what they were doing right now.

It was one week without his children and he missed them a lot. It would be sometime later that Abby and Anthony were no longer Gibbs, but the last name of the people who had taken them in.