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Tony sat in his Dad's living room with his sisters on the couch with him. He still couldn't believe that they were all back under the same roof again. They had been living with their Dad just like they had before they were taken away from the only family that they knew. Once while their Dad was in the basement they began talking in their own language. It was like they had been speaking it after they were taken away. Each of them had remembered about it and had slipped into it with ease. They began talking in what they called their regular language and went downstairs to help with the boat. Each of them grabbed a piece of sanding paper and began on the boat.

Gibbs watched as his children worked on the boat with a smile on his face. He never gave up hope that they would be reunited some day. The first week that they lived at his house he talked to his kids each individually and asked about their lives with their guardians. He had managed to overturn Kelly's death certificate, but couldn't have Abby's, or Tony's name changed back to their last names. He found out that Kelly had gone to a nice home that had two children one of them older and one younger. They had treated like one of their own and were loved. Abby had gone into a home that had a younger child and like her sister was treated like one of their own and was loved too. It was his baby boy who had the worst home. The home that he had gone into had no other children and he had been abused and bullied when he was older in school. He wanted to beat Tony's guardian up. That man was supposed to keep his child safe and he didn't. In fact he was hurting his little boy. When he found that out he hugged his youngest and cried with him.

It had been years and he still couldn't believe that he was working with two of his kids. He looked up to watch Tony working. He looked over to Ziva too. He still couldn't believe that Kate had died and Ziva had killed her half brother. He was just glad that Tony wasn't the one that had died because he was next to Kate when it happened. Abby was devastated that Kate had died and had to be consoled. Kelly had never met Kate and had never been to NCIS, but she came back to be there with her two younger siblings. Tony had nightmares about what happened.

Tony stood on the rooftop talking to Kate and suddenly the bullet hit her between her eyes. Brain matter and blood splattered everywhere and even on his face. He stared in shock as it hit his face and didn't know what to do. Another dream came to him this time it still was on the rooftop. He knew it was going to happen. He had tried to yell at Kate and move towards her, but he was stuck and no sound was coming out of his mouth. He tried desperately to move, but he couldn't. He tried to shout, but nothing came out.

"Tony, wake up. It's just a dream." He heard his Dad talk to him as he opened his eyes. He could feel sweat on his face and tried wipe it off. Thinking it was blood he scrambled out of bed and fled into the bathroom trying to get it off his face.

"Tony, there's nothing there." His Dad grabbed him and turned him towards him. His Dad's hands were on his face. "It was a dream Tony. Nothing is on your face." Tony blinked and focused on his Dad's face and his words.

Tony's sisters woke up and watched what was happening. Tony turned to them and they came in and hugged him.

Gibbs knew that Tony wouldn't go back to sleep right away, so he told his kids to go downstairs. Gibbs picked out a movie and slid the disk into the player while he turned the TV on. In the dark they all watched the movie and momentarily forgot what had happened which is what Gibbs wanted if only just for a while.

It had been a year later that Kelly decided to come to NCIS where her Dad and siblings worked. She stepped into the elevator and made her way towards the bullpen. When she stepped into the bullpen the only one's that were there was Ziva David the liaison from Mossad and computer tech Tim McGee. Her Dad and brother weren't there.

Ziva looked up at the beautiful woman who looked a little like her mother Shannon. Ziva knew who she was because of the background check on Gibbs's past for Ari. Although she had folders on all the team that info was never shared with her half brother. She didn't know why she held it back, but she did.

"Hello, you must be Kelly, Gibbs's daughter. Can I help you?" When she said that she saw McGee look up from the computer and look at Kelly. She was beautiful he thought.

"I'm looking for my Dad."

"He went for coffee." Ziva said and saw Kelly smile.

Just then the elevator dinged and Gibbs walked out with a fresh cup of coffee in his hands. He smiled as he saw his oldest triplet. "Kelly, it's good to see you here." He said as he gave his daughter a hug.

They talked for a bit and the elevator dinged again this time Tony walked out with a folder in his hands. He put the folder on his desk and looked up to see his Dad and sister. He smiled at the two. He knew that technically he wasn't supposed to know who she was because it was supposed to be a secret.

"Kelly, this is my senior field agent Tony. Tony, this is my daughter Kelly."

"Hello, Tony." Kelly said as she smiled.

"Good to meet you, Kelly."

Tony turned to their father. "Can I take her on a tour?"

"Do you have the folder I asked for?"

"Yes, right here." He said as he grabbed the folder and handed it to him.

"Go ahead."

Tony led his sister to the elevator and waited for the door to slide closed. "Abby's going to be so excited. What made you come to NCIS now?"

"I wanted to see where my family worked."

"I'm glad that you're here." He said as he hugged his sister.

"Me too." The elevator deposited them on the floor and as they stepped out they could hear Abby's music.

"I really can't stand the music she listens to." Tony said. He still couldn't believe what kind of music his sister listened to. He knew that because he was the same age as Abby was that he should like it, but he didn't. He didn't really even like the Caf Pow's that she loved so much.

He turned off the music and stood in front of Kelly as Abby turned to them. "I was listening to that."

"We have a visitor, Abs." He said as he stepped away.

"Kelly." She said as she raced towards her sister and hugged her.

"I'm giving her a tour of NCIS. Do you want to come with us?"

"Of course I do."

They went to go see Ducky and Jimmy and then to the garage where the evidence was taken to and to the interrogation rooms and then back to the bullpen. Gibbs watched as his three walked towards the team's section of the bullpen.

"Thank you for the tour Abby and Tony."

"You're welcome." They both said.

They had made plans to all go out to lunch that day. As they sat at the table in the restaurant their Dad and them talked about the tour Kelly went on and what she liked seeing.

A couple of months later Ziva and McGee were on their lunch break. Tony had went on his at the same time and they didn't have a clue were Abby was. They went into a restaurant and sat down. They were out of the way when they sat down. They saw Abby come in and sit down. Then came in Kelly who Abby hugged.

"I guess they became friends after her tour of NCIS." McGee said.

They watched as Tony entered and walked up to the two women. He hugged each of them and he too sat down. "Okay, maybe all three of them became friends."

They could hear the three, but they knew they couldn't see them. They looked in amazement as the three talked to each other. After they ordered they switched to what was called twin speak, but they called it triplet speak. They didn't want anybody listening to their conversation. Ziva and McGee looked at each other and wondered what was happening. McGee took out his phone and started recording.

When the food came they went back to talking normally. They ate and talked some more and then helped pay the check and then left. Ziva and McGee also made their way back to NCIS.

"Do you have any idea what they were talking back there?"

"No. I've never heard that language."

"Do you know anybody who knows what they might be saying?"

"I might." She said as pulled out her cell phone. When she hung up she turned to McGee. "He said that he could do it tomorrow at lunch time."

"Good, can't wait to see what language they were talking in."

The next day McGee and Ziva made their way towards Michael's work place. McGee played the tape and Michael listened to it. "I have no idea what they were saying." Play it again. The man had dark hair and brown eyes.

They listened to it the third time when someone came in and listened to the recording. "I still don't know what language this is."

"I do." The newcomer said. Her name was Sarah and she was blonde hair and had blue eyes.

"What is it?" Asked Michael.

"Play it again."

As they played it she looked on in amazement. She thought only twins knew this language, as she listened there was three voices. There were two women and one man's voice.

"I don't understand. There are three people?"

"Yes, one guy that we work with Tony, another one we work with Abby and our team leader's daughter Kelly." McGee said.

"This is very interesting. I've never heard three of them talking this language."

"What is it?" Ziva asked.

"My cousin has a set of twins two girls who have this language. My friend also has a set of twin's two boys and they have the same language. They call it twin speak, but I've never heard three people talk it."

"Interesting. It must mean that they know each other. How did this happen?"

"You mean they aren't siblings?" Sarah asked.

"No, they each have different last names."

"Maybe something happened and they split up to keep safe."

"Well, from what I learned. Gibbs's wife was killed in a hit. Their daughter was pronounced dead also, but it was faked and later over turned. I didn't find anything about any more children, but what if there were three kids. Only one was presumed dead and the others files were taken care of. Each of them went into a different home and only now where brought back together again."

"It makes sense." McGee said.

They thanked the two and left to go back to headquarters. They couldn't believe that Gibbs not only had one child, but three. They wondered which one was the youngest then thought with the way that Tony was he probably was the youngest.

"I bet that Tony is the youngest triplet."

"You are probably right." Replied Ziva as she smiled. Then she turned to McGee. "We can't say anything to anybody about this. I kept that Kelly was alive from my brother and we can't tell anyone else that Tony and Abby are also his children."

"I understand. I won't say anything."

"Good." Ziva said as they drove back to headquarters. They watched Gibbs and then Tony work. Nothing has changed in their opinion how Tony was treated and how they were treated. They smiled at each other as they too went back to work.

The End