Clove's POV

The training centre of District 2 is just what I had expected. Various equipment, high-tech, menacing trainers, it was exactly like my imagination. As I stare at the front of the counter, the man in front seemed to be bewildered by such a small child coming into a place like this.

I know that my skills are just as equal as some others that are a lot older than me, or even better. I take a breath and head to the counter. Once I join, I can never turn back.

"Uh, are you joining?" He asks skeptically. Not many 6 year olds start training, especially in this centre.

I nod and stare into his green eyes. "Clove Sequira," I say briefly.

The man nods slowly and leads me into a room, with different stations for training. He then leaves me to a sturdy man who examines me for a second.

A smile appears on his face as soon as he sees me, and he pats me on the back. "Ah, so this is the talented Clove I've heard about!"

I blush slightly. My father had been the victor of the 63rd Hunger Games, and ever since I was born, he had trained me every day. Now, he feels that I need to learn some 'professional' skills, but I don't even think that's necessary.

"Now, Clove. Feel free to go to any station you like and show me what you can do. Don't be stressed, it's not a test or anything," He says, and then walks back to his chair and watches me carefully.

I have no choice but to go to one of the stations. My eye immediately darts to the knife-throwing station. This is what I am known for. I take 3 knives and throw each on different dummies. They land right in the middle, apart from one, which had slightly missed to the left.

I pass through the other stations easily, excelling at archery and spearing, and climbing up a tree in less than a minute. Luckily, the man stops me before I can go to the mêlée combat station, from which I need a lot more practice on.

"You certainly show some potential, my dear. Now-"

His sentence is cut off when 2 boys walk in, chattering and laughing. The blonde haired boy stares at me, and then smirks, while the black haired one gives a friendly smile.

"Ah. Syne and Cato. I see you bothered to join us" The trainer says.

Cato, the blonde haired boy as I can see, rolls his eyes and sighs. "Filote, I have some training to do. I'll see you later..."

Filote grabs his shoulder, his expression changing completely. "Cato. I'm assigning you to be partners with Clove, here"

Syne looks at me, then at Cato, then quickly at Filote. "But I'm his partner!" I feel quite sorry for him, but I remain silent.

"Don't worry, Syne. You'll have a chance to select a new partner"

As Syne is about to leave, I mouth a "Sorry" to him, and he smiles in return. Then I realise that Filote has disappeared, too. It was now only me and Cato.

He folds his arms, raising an eyebrow. "You better be good to be my training partner." He says, cocky.

I shrug and throw a knife that strikes a dummy in the heart, 10 metres away from me. "Is that good enough for you?"

Cato smiles, and nods. "Congratulations. You've received the position of 'Cato's Training Partner'!"

We both laugh.

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