Clove's POV

It catches me right off track. Originally, Marvel and I had planned to grab a knife I had dropped on the roof. I wouldn't have expected this to happen - not even in my imagination. My senses have disappeared completely; I can't move, speak or think. The only thing I can do is stare.

Once Cato has noticed that we were spectating, he pushes Glimmer away and steps out of the elevator. My eyes lock on him. I can feel Marvel's hand gently rest on my shoulder. Usually, I despise anybody touching me, but that hand reassured that I wasn't completely broken.

"'s not what you saw. I can explain..." Cato says desperately, slowly trying to approach me. WIth instinct, I step back, my eyes still focused on him. Cato, my training partner, best friend and lover; did he just betray me? I don't really know what I'm feeling. There are mixed thoughts in my brain, and all I just want to do is just rest.

To make matters worse, Glimmer follows Cato and clutches his arm tightly, almost hugging it. Anger bubbles up inside me as I see this. If it wasn't for the strict rules of the Hunger Games, I would have cut through her with my knives. I can see Cato trying to get away from Glimmer's irresistible charm and clutch, but he gives up.

"Clove-" Cato starts, but I rush into an open elevator before he can continue. I can't bear to hear him say another word, or even catch sight of that flirty, annoying Glimmer. Cato and Marvel try to come with me, but I constantly press the close button so the door can shut before they reach me.

As I go up to the roof, tears form in my eyes. For a moment I don't believe it. It's been so long since I've cried - I can't cry now. Not in the Hunger Games. Not in front of everyone. I head back down, and Marvel and Cato greet me in sympathy. I roll my eyes and glare at Cato.

"Oh, don't worry about me. You should go and take care of your princess Glimmer" I say sarcastically, and storm off, irked. Behind me I can barely make out the words of Marvel and Cato arguing, but my ears feel like they've been blocked with earmuffs.

Without any form of thinking, I barge in our apartment, hoping to just be alone. But as usual, Brutus and Enobaria are sitting at the dining table and chatting to one another. Brutus notices me and beckons me to come as he pops a grape into his mouth. I have no other choice but to do what he says, if I don't want to look suspicious.

"So, how was your first day of training, Cupcake?" He says playfully. I smile weakly and mutter a small 'fine'. It seems that I have lost my voice due to the choking of my quick cry. He peers into my face closely and narrows his eyes.

"Your face is red. Even your eyes are bloodshot. Was training that bad? I expected better from a District 2 tribute-"

"Where's Cato?" Enobaria cuts in, fiddling with a fork and stabbing a piece of meat. I sigh deeply and look down, avoiding any eye contact. Shrugging, I stand up and take my leave, but I can't hold it in anymore.

"Just one thing. If you expect me to team up with the girl from 1, count me out!" I say briefly and head for my neat, modern room. I toss my brown side-bag on a red, stripy armchair and lay down on my bed, breathing heavily in a steady pace.

I don't know how long I've been staring at the ceiling for. Surprisingly, the ceiling is quite interesting. The patterns and flicks that are carved into the wood are uniquely if it was a picture. Suddenly, I sit up and look up. It was true, there seemed to be a message or a picture. As I stare into the intricate designs intertwining into each other, I finally see it. There seems to be a picture of a wolf, but not just a normal wolf. It almost seems mutant; abnormal.

Suddenly the door swings open. I don't care who it is, but this moment really isn't the right time to interrupt me. Slowly, my fixed gaze moves to the tall, build figure standing in the doorway. It's him.

My glare catches him off track. He flinches slightly, but his eyes are still gazing into mine. I avoid eye contact and stand up, heading to my bag sitting on the chair. He starts to slowly move to me, but I glare at him again.

"Don't you dare..." I utter coldly. He continues to walk though, ignoring my threat. "I'm serious, Cato."

"Hear me out, Clove..." He pleads desperately, still walking towards me. I'm now at a dead end. The wall is behind me, and Cato is blocking my only route to getting out. Finally, I sigh and nod vaguely. His face expression changes instantly; from a worried, sad expression to being relieved. "She came right at me in the elevator. I swear on my life, Clove! Do you think I-"

"And you just let her?" I interrupt carelessly, raising an eyebrow. I decide that for now the best thing to do is to put on a tough front. Getting all worked up and emotional will just ruin my reputation. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

"No! I tried to push her away! Look, do you think I would lie to you?" Cato protests. Knowing his personality, Cato doesn't waste his time arguing for something he doesn't believe in. With this thought in mind, I soften up slightly. Yet I still feel betrayed.

I lower my eyes to the ground and sigh. It was no use arguing with Cato. Mouth dry, I reach inside my bag and fish out a blue water bottle I had received from my parents. As I take a sip from it, I see Cato smile slightly at the corner of my eye. Once I chuck the bottle into my bag, he saunters over to me and pinches my cheek gently.

"What- Hey!" I chuckle, slapping his hand away. Cato grins and gives me a massive bear hug. If it's one thing I can't escape from, it's his bear hugs. With his tall build and strength, I can't slip away or jump out. And I have to admit, I enjoy them quite a bit.

"So you forgive me?" He begs. I can hear the reluctance in his tone. I fold my arms and look up at him, nodding slowly. He gives me a mischievous smile. "That's why you're Clovable."

I scowl jokingly and walk out of my room in a completely different manner and mood as when I had walked into it. Expecting Brutus and Enobaria to criticize me as always, I steadily walk to the dining table and sit next to Brutus. Cato follows my steps, sitting opposite of me. However, they don't say a word or even look at us. Not even a quick, acknowledging glance.

We sit in silence. I fidget with my food while Cato gobbles up the food hungrily. Although I do have a bit of remaining anger inside me, my mind wasn't focused on that. Why weren't our mentors talking to us?

"I apologise for how I acted earlier..." I finally say, softly. I can hear them put down their cutlery at almost the same time, and I slowly drag my eyes up. Brutus folds his arms and stares at Cato, while Enobaria gives me a piercing glare.

"Do you think this is some sort of game, Clove?" Enobaria asks in a soft yet threatening voice. As she speaks, the gold on her teeth flashes like light reflecting on a mirror. I shake my head profoundly. "This isn't a fairytale. This is a matter of life and death! You can't have a grudge on your only team mate, just because he was with another girl!"

The room seems quieter than before. Cato has stopped eating immediately. How did they know about what happened? They probably overheard our conversation before or found out from a despicable source. Either way, I stare into my mentor's eyes. Although this was sudden, I'm not one to show weakness.

"You think I don't know this? I'm trying to train and prepare myself so Cato can win this!" I raise my voice, almost shouting, as I retaliate and blurt it all out. As I take a deep breath, I glance at Cato for a second, and then look back at Enobaria. "That slut is using him. She was trying to use him. If she succeeded in seducing him, he would die in the battlefield."

I'm panting now. I can feel my cheeks burning in anger, in frustration, in anguish. Enobaria's eyes have changed from being disappointed to surprised. Brutus puts a hand on my shoulder firmly. I calm down after a few minutes, and take a sip out of my large, glass cup.

Cato seems to be staring into space in my direction. From my gaze, Brutus and Enobaria's eyes follow and notice his reaction. His eyes are wide, in surprise. His hands are clenched tightly, and I can see veins popping visibly from his neck.

"Hey, Cato..." I whisper gently, reaching forward to touch his hands. However, in a sudden, quick movement, he jumped to his feet and trudged to his room, almost like a drunkard.

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