Ah, I am back from the *cough*almostendlessandnotmentioned*cough**cough* hiatus! -brick'd- Anyway, the long awaited chapter has come! I have finally found the inspiration to write again. Took me long enough. It has been a while, fellow readers. I wonder if any of you are still here, or am I just talking to an empty space? Even so, I shall continue. There's not really much more to continue, so if you're there, please enjoy the story.

"Hey, you okay there?"

"Ugh…what happened?" Deidara groaned, rubbing his head and sitting up. He widened his eyes to discover that it was dawn. The sun was still coming out, giving him a beautiful view of the luminous light over the hill, just beyond the college. He squinted due to the sudden brightness hitting his eyes, as if he hadn't opened them in a long time. Deidara tried his best not to stare directly into the sunlight, but rather the visitor.

"Oh, you're alive. Thank goodness." The blonde adjusted his attention to the source of the voice. It was another man with a seemingly friendly character. There was something peculiar about him though. Deidara swore it was probably the way the way those chestnut brown eyes glowed, or the way his scarlet red hair rustled in the slight breeze. Perhaps it was both. Man, that sounded familiar.

His eyes suddenly widened, remembering the murder he'd witnessed last night. That man…and that young, probably a college student he'd killed. He whipped his head to the cement space behind the building, expecting to not see anything, hoping that horrible experience was just a nightmare. But to his dismay, there was something there.

It was that disturbingly large blotch of red on the pavement. In the exact same spot the redhead was standing in last night, letting the girl's blood drip carelessly. It now appeared red-brown, as the blood had dried overnight. So all that really happened…but what about this guy, who just happened to look exactly the same as that criminal? They were identical, down to the way their lips curled up into a crude smile.

The blonde shook his head. No, he could assume anything at this point. Besides, he would've been dead by now if the redhead beside him was the one he'd seen last night. Maybe he was some evil doppelganger.

"Um….who are you?" Deidara stuttered suddenly, remembering that the guy was still there, and having nothing to say. The redhead responded with a warm smile.

"You seemed to be in quite a trance, there. I was worried. As for who I am, I live across from your house," he stated, pointing to a small tan house. "Making me your across-the-street-neighbor. You were looking at me like I was a ghost." He laughed.

Deidara let out a low sigh of relief. There was no way this friendly person could be that horrendous criminal. He seemed too nice to be someone that had just killed a college student. Desperately trying to make conversation, he replied, "So, can you fill me in here? Still kinda confused."

"Well," the redhead said slowly. "I was here… about fifteen minutes ago. Last night I heard a scream. This morning too. And I wanted to check it out. I would ask your neighbor, but he seemed really cranky. And you were here, passed out. Sorry I can't tell you more." He slid his eyes to the right, as if he was thinking hard about it.

Deidara let out a haughty chuckle, trying to hide the fact that he was flustered. His hands unconsciously gripped patches of grass. "So I was laying here practically half-dead all night…" he muttered.

The redhead held his hand towards the blonde and helped him up. "What's your name?"

"…Deidara. Deidara Iwa. You?"

"Me? Sasori Akasuna." The redhead responded with a grin. "Would you like to have breakfast at my house?"

"…Kinda early for breakfast…" The blonde pointed out meekly. Something about this guy seemed out of line, and he was feeling uncomfortable. But he couldn't exactly say what.

"Ah, I already forgot what time it is!" He scratched his head sheepishly. He decided to change the subject. "You just moved here, right?" Sasori made hand motions for Deidara to follow him back to the house. The blonde eagerly followed, it was getting cold.

"Yes, I did." The blonde said, just as they reached the front of the house and opened the door.

"I can tell." snickered Sasori, who scanned over the randomly assorted mess of boxes on the wooden floor. "I just moved here too, last night, but at least I unpacked immediately." Deidara let out a 'hmf'. He'd planned to unpack today. Still, he knew Sasori was right. The place was very messy. He just didn't want to admit it.

"…I like your tattoo." The redhead stated suddenly, trying to fill the silence.

"Huh?" Deidara was puzzled. He didn't have any tattoos.

"Why are you so confused? I like that scorpion. On your neck." Sasori handed the blonde a mirror from a nearby box so he could see. Blue eyes widened at the sight. Indeed, there it was, a seemingly red tattoo that looked just like a scorpion. Anxiousness went through his veins. No way. It couldn't be…

The man swiftly ran over to Deidara, who was to frozen to move. The redhead halted in front of him. Deidara thought he was going to have a heart attack. The guy drew his arm forward slowly, covered in blood, and dabbed a bit on Deidara's neck. He drew a symbol carefully, even though the blonde couldn't tell what he was doing.

No. No. No. NO. That was not it. The blonde kept telling himself this, but still he was not convinced. He never got a tattoo. And there was no other explanation. For a second, he lost control of his thoughts. That second helped his mind travel quickly. A scorpion… he had heard the name Sasori before…but when? Or where? Sasori…scorpion…Sasori…scorpion. Wait, 'Sasori' meant scorpion. Maybe it was more than a coincidence that this man, named Sasori and looked just like the one who painted a scorpion on his neck last night…


Deidara was jumping to conclusions. He shook his head. It WAS a coincidence. He was to assume nothing. What had Sasori done wrong? Nothing. So he was just being paranoid. He just focus and celebrate the fact that he was alive.

"T-Thank you…" The blonde answered awkwardly.

There was a knock on the door. Deidara jumped, spooked.

"Geez. What's up with you?" Sasori asked nonchalantly. The redhead opened the door. A scary-looking blue creature was there. Deidara screamed. First murderers, now monsters?

The 'monster' clapped his hands over his ears, not wanted to hear that high-pitched, girly scream. By doing so, he dropped the heavy-looking metal toolbox he was carrying. It found its landing on his foot. He kicked the box over upon its contact with his foot. His hands quickly moved from his ears to his injured foot. Deidara clapped his hand over his mouth.

"Ahh! Ow! Ow! Ow!" The guy yelled, hopping around clutching his foot. He was occupied hollering in pain that he didn't notice the box containing some of Deidara's possessions and tripped over it. He landed with a 'thud' on the nice, hard floor.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" Deidara cried.

"Kisame?" Sasori blinked.

"Sasori?" Kisame answered, getting up and brushing dust off his clothes.

"What are you doing here?" They asked in unison.

"Wait, you're Kisame?" Deidara asked.

"The one and only." The blue-skinned man replied with a grin. "You must be Deidara. Pleased to meet you. Itachi told me about you. I'm here to fix up this old house. No one's lived here in a while." The blonde's mouth hung wide open. The creature was his fix-it man?"

"You two know each other?" The blonde continued, still a little shaken.

"Sasori was my boss before he moved." Kisame explained. He turned to the redhead. "I thought you died in that explosion at the grocery store five months ago. They showed all the names of the victims on TV. Could've sworn your name was among them…and when you stopped showing up at work…"

Sasori shrugged. "Don't recall any explosion. And I'm here now, aren't I? I don't feel dead."

"That sounds odd." Said Deidara.

"Anyway, I should get to work." Kisame replied. All of a sudden, everyone heard a low growling noise.

"What was that?" The redhead asked, looking around to see Kisame clutching his stomach.

"Um…do you mind if I have breakfast here? I haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon." He smiled, embarrassed.

Deidara shook his head. "I don't mind. But I really don't have anything to eat besides sandwiches and instant noodles."

"That's fine, I'll eat anything at this point." Kisame opened the refrigerator and reached for a sandwich. "I'll get to work once I finish eating."

"Well, I gotta get to work soon. They said I'm supposed to be there by 7:25. It's 7:15 now. If I take off, I should get there on time. So Sasori, can you…" The blonde trailed off when he noticed that the redhead was missing. "Sasori? Hm, where did he go?"

Kisame chuckled. "Don't worry. Sasori's always disappearing like that. I wonder where he runs off to. But he'll come back in a while. Kinda like a ghost, right? There one minute and gone another..." The blue-skinned man noticed the look of horror on Deidara's face and stopped. "Don't worry, he'll be back in a while. Anyway, you go ahead and leave for work. I'll get started when I finish eating. And I'll ask Itachi if I have any questions."

Deidara nodded and grabbed his car keys off the kitchen counter. He shut the door behind him and headed for the car. He quickly unlocked the door and got in. The old vehicle had to be started a few times before it got going, but soon it gave in and drove the blonde all the way to his new workplace. It resided in the parking lot as Deidara rode the elevator to meet Konan at her office.

"Ah, Deidara. I've been expecting you. Glad to see you coming in on time." Konan greeted Deidara without looking up, busily typing on her computer. "I'll be with you in a moment." The blonde waited patiently for the bluenette to pause her work.

She stood up. "Thank you for waiting. I'll show you to your office." Deidara watched as they passed by several offices, smaller than Konan's filled with people typing away on their computers and talking on the phone. He wondered what his office would look like.

They reached the end of the hallway. One lonely door stood there. It seemed kind of lonely and creepy, but Deidara decided not to complain. After all, he didn't know what Konan's bad side was like. And he was not willing to find out.

"There you go. I'm sure you remember all the tips from yesterday. And it won't be hard to figure out how the phone works. I've got to get back to work, good luck." She smiled and left.

Deidara got to work immediately. Well done, Deidara. He thought. You really accomplished your dream of becoming a famous artist. He was working as a telemarketer. That was so close to an artist. But what the blonde found them most annoying was saying the same thing over and over again.

"Hi, would you like to sign up for a subscription for The Wilds Monthly?"

Suddenly the door opened. Deidara couldn't believe what he saw. "Excuse me, please hold."

"Sasori? What are you doing here?" He asked sharply.

"I came here to give you a stack of forms." The redhead answered casually, dumping a huge pile of papers onto the blonde's desk. "You didn't tell me you worked here."

"You didn't tell me you worked here!"

"You could…say that…."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Deidara asked, confused. He looked up from the paper. "Sasori?" But the redhead was gone. Again. He let out a soft sigh. At least he could tell him where he was going.

He continued a few more moments of work. Man, this was boring. And making him thirsty from talking so much. So much that he memorized his line by heart. So much that whenever he said it, it lost meaning. How did Konan or the others stand working like this, every day? He decided to take a quick break and go to the lounge. There had to be some water there.

And there was. Surprisingly only a few employees were in the room. It was almost time for lunch. It should've been packed. But the blonde was so parched that he didn't care anymore. At last, that long awaited sip came after filling the cup he'd found on his desk. Instantly Deidara spit out what he had just drank.

It tasted horrible! Like sewer water. He stared at the cup in frustration. But he couldn't stay angry for long before the door opened harshly.

"All of you! Get out now!" Konan yelled. That was all Deidara could hear before the hustling and bustling of the remaining employees overcame the sound of her voice. He was pushed and shoved around a lot before he was united with the bluenette.

"What's going on?" He yelled over the noise.

"This place is about to blow!" She shrieked in reply. "Get out!" A pair of hands pushed Deidara towards the stairs. He stumbled, almost falling down the stairs. The blonde panicked. The building was about to explode? Who would do this? It was all flashing by. Before he knew it, Deidara followed the group until he was outside and directed safely by police officers.

Everyone stood outside, waiting the big explosion. During this time, the blonde worried about Konan. She was so busy making sure every last one of her employees got out. Would she get caught in the explosion? Deidara couldn't stop worrying. He considered Konan…a person he would like to become friends with.

"You're worried about your friends, aren't you?" The blonde whipped around to see Sasori.

"…Y-yeah, I guess… she's my boss…where did you come from?"

The redhead had no time to answer before he was embraced in a hug. "I'm so glad you made it out safe." Deidara murmured.


"The building's about to blow!" A man hollered. Deidara turned towards the building.

"Konan isn't out yet. There's probably only a few seconds left…do you think she and Pein will get out, Sasori?" The blonde asked worriedly.

"She'll make it out, alright. But there will be consequences…"

"What consequences?" Deidara asked, his heart filled with fear.

But Sasori was gone.

Phew! That took a while. Sorry if the end felt rushed. I kinda had to… but it does kinda fit with the theme. I wanted it to all just flash by. Oh, and I'm gonna drop the 'un'. I just don't want to write it out anymore. -lazy- I might change my mind, but probably not. Heh, this episode is more of a puzzle. Have you pieced it together? See ya at the next update!