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Dear Diary,

It's ten am right now, and I'm actually cooking breakfast. Just some scrambled eggs and hot milk…

Hey! Don't look at me like that! I mean, you don't expect me to be the Master Chief or something!

Alpha's awake (since SIX AM if possible. Yeah, he's a morning guy. And I'm still in doubt that I'm actually related to him), Gamma's not awake (He's the sleep-at-am-and-wake-up-at-pm guy), but I think he'll wake up after two or even four hours, but who cares anyway?

Big bro is in the kitchen, too, but reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee. God, I feel like if he's fifty. Alpha sure is mature…*ahem* unlike his siblings *ahem*.

But the current atmosphere is…serene? Cool? Un-awkward? Something like that. In fact, the only things that made sounds were me flipping the eggs and Alpha turning the newspaper's pages (There weren't even singing birds. They suddenly disappeared last week…Ugh, of course Gamma did something again).

Ahh, peacefulness at last!


"Ruff ruff…"

"Ruff ruff…"

Wait, don't tell me—


How could I forget? How could I forget such wonderful and thrilling occasion?

Great. Just great. Perfect. Even Alpha twitched a bit.

Sasuke's having an opera. Again.

Ugh, just when I actually thought today will be awesome. But again, it's not new; Sasuke has a concert/opera every Saturday (Why, oh why Saturday exactly?!).

Yeah, he's our neighbor's dog. I swear, that dog keeps on barking early in the morning and its owner doesn't do anything about it! Is he numb or something?

Actually, we and the neighbor never talked. We're complete strangers. Seriously. Does that mean we have to go to her house, knock the door and tell her that her dog is a freakin' living alarm clock?

Pfft! Yeah, right! (Okay, maybe Alpha would do it. Or a miracle happens where Gamma suddenly bothers to tell her) either ways, it would take a long time for the first move. Sigh…

Oh, and let me tell you something; our other neighbor (on our right) never, I said, never comes out of his house. NEVER. Why? Are we that scary? Or is it…


Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little… (Butdon'tblamemeifheactuallyturnedou ttobeavampire).

"Beta," Alpha's suddenly spoke (surprising me slightly).


"You're working today, correct?"

Jeez, Alpha, did you really have to remind me? What, you think I'm a little girl? I'LL SHOW YOU A PIECE OF THIS LITTLE GIRL!



I'm a coward (In big bro's case only!).

"Will you do me a favor?"

"Oh, sure."

"You work in the mall, right?"


"Then I want you to buy me something."

I turned around and faced him with confusion, "What thing?"

"Because our exams are next week, I'll spend this Saturday and Sunday studying." He sighed and folded the newspaper (How could he do that?!), "I want you to buy me an album."

I raised an eyebrow, "You mean like a song album?"

He nodded.

I looked up thoughtfully, "Well, okay." I smiled at him teasingly, "But I think I should maybe know the singer's, and the album title."

He smirked (His way of smiling), "Rimi Natsukawa, Minamikaze."

"The who and the what?"

"Rimi Natsukawa, Minamikaze."

I blinked a few times, "Oh…alright."

He repeated it with the same tone, what is he, a robot?! And what singer is that?! I never heard of her! Ugh, there's a really big difference between us…

"Thank you, Beta." He smirked.

I waved my hand tiredly, "Don't mention it." And turned back to my egg-flipping…





I shrieked as I turned off the oven, and grabbed the pan. Because it was practically BOILING, I unwillingly dropped it on the ground; making a huge fuss, "My breakfast!"

Alpha shook his head and clicked his tongue, "Be careful, Beta."

Then come and help me, you moron!

I bent down after I grabbed a random cloth to pick up the eggs (They're practically rocks by now).

"That's Gamma's shirt."


Actually not…

Gamma will probably drop a big fuss if he knew I used his shirt as an 'eggy towl'.

I threw it away and grabbed an appropriate clothto wipe the mess off.

When I finally finished, I put the dishes into the sink (I swear I will not wash those. Next time, Alpha, at least think and give me a hand).

I toke another clean pan to make me some fresh eggs…

You know what?

Screw it.

I'll just make me some peanut butter and jelly sandwich.




I'm in the mall right now, doing my so-called job (Which is standing behind the cashier, and when people actually come, they probably just need a change).

My stomach growled; God, I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten anything after that sandwich! NOTHING!


Well, I wasn't so hungry…

But now I am!

Ugh. I put my head on the desk and continued sulking. If only I could order at least some noodles…

Wait a minute, I can!

Since there're no customers today, and I haven't seen the boss all day, I think that there will be no problem ordering some noodles!

Oh, I'm so smart.




So, I called (By the store's telephone, hehe~) and ordered some noodles. Just three more minutes and my meal will be here!

The picture of the hot, tasty, delicious noodles in my mind already makes me drool. Then how will my reaction be when I actually get it?!





Now, here it is! Right in front of me in a white box, with the smell dancing out into my nose.

Heck yeah, it's dinner time!

I grabbed my chopsticks and began digging in the noodles; swiftly pulling one and putting it into my mouth…

I'm in heaven.

I continued on eating the delicious noodles sent from the heavens, enjoying every little bit.

And suddenly, I began eating it…monster-ishly? Man, I'm sure hungry!

Maybe I should order another one…


I paused.


I slowly looked up…and simply froze.

Guess who's in front of me?

"Beta, what is the meaning of this?"

Yup, bossy boss boss!

"Where do you think you are? Your room?"

Oh God, he saw me eating like a hibi.

I slowly swallowed the noodles, and bowed my head, "S-sorry, master."

I could feel his glare burning a hole in my forehead, "Sorry? Beta, this is serious business. If you don't like it, then quit, I won't stop you."

Quit? QUIT?!

Well, sir, I won't lie; I'VE ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT QUITING! But noooooo, big brothers said no.

Why? Well, it's because they're BIG BROTHERS. And big brothers are BIG, little sisters are LITTLE.

B + B = Big Brother.

B + B = Brother Bastard.



He snatched the noodles from me, "I'll take that." He spat.

I couldn't help but to apologize 100+ times.

He turned and walked towards the door, "Leave."

I looked up…

Is he kicking me out?! OH, YOU ASKED FOR—

"Your shift has finished."


Alright then.

I spotted my pink-haired workmate standing by the door with a grin.

Wait, did she see the whole thing?! Great, now she'll laugh at me.

I packed my things with a red face, huffing every now and then.

When I finished gathering my stuff, I practically ran out from the store, but I was stopped when she called me…


I turned to her.

She grinned; gave me a thumbs up, "Nice job; ordering Chinese during the shift, I mean." She winked, "I like that."

I blinked…and before I knew it, I smiled widely, "T-thanks!" I rubbed my head, "I was very hungry, you know…"

She giggled, "Yup, know how it feels." And then she waved her hand before entering the store, "See you tomorrow, Beta!"

I waved back with the biggest smile, "Yeah, bye!"

After I realized I was staring at nothing with a smile, I quickly blinked and continued my way.

It could be seven by now, Gamma's probably waiting at the gate to pick me up.

I practically raced to the fourth's gate (The gate where Gamma usually be waiting), and actually bumped into people.

But half way, I remembered something…

The album Alpha wants!

The stupid album!

I swiftly changed my direction to the Magazines and Albums' store, which is right in front of the DVDs' store (God, how could I miss such store?!).

I entered quickly and headed to the album racks; practically panicking.

Usually, people say 'My mom's gonna kill me' but I actually say 'Gamma's gonna kill me'.

I must hurry up!


Wait, what was the album's name?

Oh, God, have mercy!

I think the helper noticed my panic, so he approached me with a worried look, "Miss, can I help you?"

I looked at him and he looked back at me…


He blinked, "Wait, you're from school, right?" He smiled excitedly, "Yes, you are!"


He's from school?

He probably noticed my confused expression, because he is frowning.

Oh, don't make me feel guilty! I'm not an elephant, you know! (I'm quite forgetful, yeah…).




I slapped my forehead, "Oh, silly me! You're the vice president, right?!"

He smiled with relief, "Phew, I thought you forgot!"

I smiled apologetically, "Yeah, sorry about that." I tilted my head in wonder with my eyebrows furrowed, "Was it Lee…?"

He smiled tiredly, "Fei."

I snapped my fingers, "Yes, Fei-san! So close…"

He giggled, "I'm the vice president, and you don't remember me?"

I sighed and shrugged with an apologetic smile, "Sorry, not good with names." I snapped my head with my fingers.

He chuckled, "Okay, so, you wanted something…?"

I blinked, "Oh, right. My brother wants me to buy him an album…but I forgot its name…"


My happy expression slowly turned to a panicked one…

"…Are you okay?"

Gamma is probably not.

I hurried and grabbed any random album, unwillingly ignoring Fei-san's comments.

"How much is it?" I asked quickly; taking out my wallet.

"Umm…seven dollars."

I pulled any random dollar and gave it to him, before racing out to the gate.

"Wait, miss!" He called after me.

"Keep the change!" I waved.

I could hear him saying an awkward 'okay', but I continued running anyways (Ignoring the people's weird looks).

When I arrived to the gate, thank God, Gamma was talking to a guy, probably his friend 'cause they're laughing.

When I called his name, he told me to get in the scooter with a funny smile. A SMILE.

I owe that guy a hundred.

Anyways, I sat on the scooter (Oh, God, have mercy) and remembered the album in my hand.

But first, Fei-san said it's worth seven dollars, but I gave him a random one…

I quickly stuffed my hand into my purse, and pulled my wallet; looking through the money, and trying to spot any missing dollar…

AHA! I think I remember the dollar I gave him!



I tried to relax a bit by massaging my head and closing my eyes.

Okay, I think that's much better.

"Okay, let's get going," And Gamma proceeded in driving this scooter (I don't have to remind you about how he rocks at safety, right?).

Then I remembered I'm holding an album.

I sighed and looked down to see what album I bought.

I sighed again…great, first the dog, second the eggs, third the deadly hunger, fourth the boss's rant (And stealing my noodles), fifth giving out a precious thirty dollars (And maybe hurting Fei-san's feelings by ignoring him…).

Oh, well.

I'll just hope that Alpha likes One Direction.

And I'm still hungry.

Truly yours,

Beta the hungry hibi

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