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Austin's POV

Here I am, walking through the Mall of Miami, on my way to Sonic Boom to tell Ally the good news. This used to be easy, but ever since my album came out, everyone wants my autograph. It's a bitter sweet feeling. My dreams have come true; I signed with Starr Records and I have tons of fans, but I would love to be able to go in public without getting swarmed…

That's why I've decided to try wearing a disguise. So far, it's been working. I can see Sonic Boom now, I'm almost there! When I walk in the doors, I see Ally at the Piano with Nelson. I really want to talk to her, but I don't want to interrupt the lesson…

I look at some of the instruments until Ally finishes with Nelson and comes over to me,

"Hey Austin, what's up?"

"Oh, nothing…oh WAIT! I got invited to perform with LADY GOO GOO! at the Halloween bash!

Suddenly I hear a voice behind me, which I immediately recognize to be Trish's,


Next thing I know, Ally and Trish are squealing and jumping up and down.

"C'mon guys, I'm much better than Lady Goo Goo…" I say jokingly.

"Sure you are...So Austin, what are you going to dress up as?" Ally asks.

"I was thinking I should be a Trojan." I say.

"Cool. I'm not sure what I'll be…'" Ally yells as she poses like a super-hero.

"I'm sure it will be awesome." I say, smiling at her. She smiles back at me, which, for some reason, makes me melt inside…

The next few days drag by slowly, but it's finally here! Today I'm gonna perform with Lady Goo Goo! When I arrive at the bash, the first thing it I see is…well, myself…

"Dez?! Is that you?" I say.

"Yeah! I decided to be you for Halloween! Awesome right?"


Suddenly, a voice screams from behind me,

"HEY! You stole my costume idea!"

I turn around to face Nelson,

"Nelson? What are you doing?" I say.

"I'm being you for Halloween! But apparently I'm not the only one! Hmph…"He says.

Nelson and Dez continue to argue for a while as I sit there, annoyed. Eventually, Trish arrives and takes Dez her with to go "ghost hunting" or whatever. I was beginning to wonder If Ally would ever show up…

Finally Ally walks in. She's in her regular outfit, but her bangs are pulled back differently than usual. I can't help but think it looks really cute…

"Hey Ally! Why aren't you wearing a costume?" I say

"I didn't have any good costumes. Where are Trish and Dez?"

"They went 'ghost hunting' or something."

"Oh...Have you seen Lady Goo Goo yet?"

"No, I guess she isn't here yet...

I hear a door slam open at the other end of the room, and Trish and Dez come running in.

"Um…Austin, we have a problem!"

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