The rest of the week drags by kind of slowly. It's the same thing everyday; I get up, go to school, think about Ally in class when I should be listening to the teacher, go home, do my homework, hang out with Dez for while, go to bed, and then repeat. Remember that promise I made to myself that by the time Cassidy got back in 2 weeks I'd be over these weird feeling toward Ally? Well, it's been a week since then and things have only gotten worse. I can't even talk to her normally anymore! I'm always stuttering and blurting out things that don't make sense! I just don't get it. How could I go form being so sure that we were just friends that I'd turn myself orange to prove it, to being head-over-heels for her! What was it that made me start to see her differently? When did it start? Before, when she said and did things awkwardly I thought it was weird, but now I think it's adorable! Can she see how much I sweat when I'm around her? Does she feel that shock when we hug? What would she say if she knew I was thinking these thoughts about her right now?

Wait…I can ask Trish! I could ask her if Ally has said anything about the way I've acted lately, or maybe even if she's said anything about possibly liking me back!

Yup, I've finally admitted it. I like Ally. I now know that I can't fight it, nor ignore it. I haven't admitted yet to Dez, though, but knowing him he probably already knows. He seems to know everything about me, even the things I haven't shared.

I pull out my phone and call Trish. It rings a couple of times and then she picks up,

"Hello?" she says.

"Hey Trish, It's Austin. I need to ask you something. Is Ally anywhere near you?"

"Nope. I'm alone in my room. What do you want to ask?"

"Ok…Has Ally said anything to you about me recently? I know I've been acting kind of strangely."

"Yeah, she has. She says she feels offended that you won't tell her what's wrong."

"But I told her there was nothing wrong!"

"Oh c'mon Austin, do you really think anyone would believe that?"

I sit there in silence thinking about what she just said. Have I been making it that obvious?

"Can you tell?" I ask.

"Tell what?"


"That you're hopelessly crushing on Ally? Yup."


"Whoa buddy, calm down. Ally seems to be totally oblivious. She acts like it must have something to do with you being excited about Cassidy, but everyone else can see what's really going on," Trish explains.

"So you haven't said anything to her about it?" I ask.

"No, I didn't think you would want that."

"Thanks, Trish. Do you think she likes me back?"

"Well…I don't know, she still seems to like Dallas, but I don't know."

"How do you think she would react if I were to tell her?"

"Well, if I'm right and she doesn't exactly like you (at least not to the extent that you like her), she'd probably would at least give you a chance. She's just that kind of girl. She's just…too nice."

"Well that doesn't make me feel any more confident about telling her."

"Tell ya what, I'll talk to her and see if I can get any information out of her about what she thinks of you, then I'll get to you about it. K?"

"Thank you Trish! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Yes, I know, I'm the best. Ok I've got to go, I have a job to get fired from. Talk to ya later?"

"Ok, bye Trish!"

Maybe there is some hope for me.

I get up the next morning with a spring in my step. I know Trish didn't say that Ally liked me, but I do know that she'll talk to Ally about me. What will she say? I'm very excited yet sort of nervous. What if she were to say something bad about me?

I push those thoughts away and begin to go through today's to-do list in my head.

It's Saturday, so I don't have school. Tonight is the Sadie Hawkins' dance [1]. I decided not to go with anyone, since Cassidy will be back soon and, let's be honest, I wanted to go with Ally. I was going to go with Dez and Trish as friends, but they all went and got dates. Trish is going with that new Trent guy, and Dez…well, Dez is going with Mindy (not that he had a choice). I'm still going, but only because I'm performing our new song "Keep the Party Alive" [2] I'm probably just going to leave after that. I mean, who would I hang out with? Dez, Trish, and Ally will all be distracted by their dates. I'd probably just be sitting there the whole time just drinking punch and watching Ally and Dallas jealously.

Right now I'm just watching cartoons in my pajamas, and I'm dying for something else to do. Dez is going to be busy all day, and Trish has been spending all of her time with Trent lately. I really just want to hear Ally's voice right now. I get out my phone and call her. The phone rings…and rings…and she doesn't answer. She must be writing music in her practice room. I'll just get dressed and head to Sonic Boom. I sniff myself and decide that I definitely need a shower first…

Once I'm showered, dressed, and I've made sure my hair looks right (got to look good for Ally, right?), I head over to Sonic Boom.

The store isn't open yet, but the door is unlocked. I can hear Ally playing the piano in the practice room already. It sounds like a really sad song…

I run up the step and open up the door to see Ally, sitting there at the piano with tears welled up in her eyes…

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[1] I'm not sure when they would have a Sadie Hawkins' dance, since I'm home-schooled. I'm just going to go with what I have anyway.

[2] The song is by Family Force 5. Remember when they wrote that? \

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