Air Hostess Mariya-san

Kanako sighed as she took her seat in an outside seat in the plane to Hong Kong. Ever since she graduated she had had trouble finding a job since she wasted all her lessons in High school gazing upon beauties… but she'd been offered a job as 'Yuri weekly's' editor in Hong Kong and got on a plane straight away. The fact that she didn't know any Chinese.. well, she'd deal with that later.

She leaned back and stretched her limbs as she examined the plane for bishoujos. She was now so used to this that she was an expert at carrying out the deed without coming off as a pervert. Ahh- "Excuse me Miss, You're causing distress to the other passengers. Please be more aware of your surroundings…~" Kanako looked behind her to see an old man squished by her seat and then up to the owner of the voice. When she saw his face she jumped back into proper position faster than you could say 'hives'. "Shitshitshitshitshitshit isn't there any escaping this demon?" Kanako thought to herself as her body remained still, scared of getting in more trouble with Satan (Mariya).

"…Thank you very much….pig" he said as he passed by her and went up with the other flight attendants to demonstrate what to do in case of an emergency. His smiley and sweet façade was as good as ever if not better. So sweet…Kanako felt a gush of blood squirt through her nose. He pulled off a hostess outfit really well…

"Oh dear! Passenger, Are you alright? Come…" Mariya said as he led her behind a curtain to the empty staff area.

"Explain yourself and get a tissue for god sake, your going to paint the whole plane red" Mariya demanded as he leaned against a wall and imagined he was entitled to an explanation.

"Well-" Kanako started.

"Ah, I think the bleeding's staring to st-" Mariya said in his girlish voice when the plane jolted as he leaned towards her with a tissue.


"Ugghh.." Kanako moaned as she opened her eyes. She was lying on the floor with Mariya on top of her, his legs around hers and his face inches away from hers..not to mention the other flight attendant who had just walked in and…

Wait. Mariya was on top of her. ON TOP OF HER. HIIIIVVEEEEESS!KYAAA!

Once Kanako recovered from her little drama and Mariya sat up (although still on kanako's legs) she realized that the flight assistant was gone and Mariya was giving her the death glare.

Once they arrived at Hong Kong Mariya was fired for disgraceful actions with a passenger and so he ended up staying with Kanako in an unknown city. Luckily he had a bit of Cantonese.