The Reasons Why

"You've had so many reasons why you think we AREN'T meant for each other. Do you think we ARE meant for each other in any way at all?" Sharkboy asked Lavagirl.

"Yes, Sharkie." Lavagirl smiled. "I've made a list."

"Lemme see! Lemme see!" Sharkboy jumped up and down like a little schoolgirl in excitement.

Lavagirl chuckled. "You're so cute when you do that." She handed him the list.

The Reasons Why I Think Sharkboy and I Are Meant For Each Other

By Lavagirl

1) Despite how cliché it is, opposites really do attract. I'm attracted to Sharkboy like magnets are attracted to metal.

2) We've both never been in a romantic relationship before. The best way to learn something, in my opinion, is by experience.

3) He's developed a tolerance for me burning him every time I touch him.

4) Max has constantly told us to date, as well as the people of FanFiciton, and we can't deny the attraction we feel towards each other. We're just too shy to show it. Let's give Max and the people of FanFiciton what they want.

"So, LG, are we gonna give this relationship thing a try or what?" Sharkboy asked.

Lavagirl grinned and kissed him on the cheek. "Yes."

Sharkboy's cheeks heated up and he tried to keep himself from blushing. "Great."