Rose POV

"Rose wake up" My brother says shaking me awake

"Go away" I say into my pillow

"Rose we're here" he says

"go away" I say then I hit him in the face

"ow come on get up" he says

"No" I say

"I'll let you pick your room first" he says

I shot up

"OKAY" I say

I'm Rose, Rose Hemsworth. Little sister of Liam Hemsworth. We ran off of our privet jet and some guys got our bags. Liam and I just moved into New York penthouse. Soon his girlfriend Miley is coming to lives with us. We got in our limo and drove to our new home.

"so I get the biggest room" I say

"fine" he says

"thank you" I say giving him a hug.

"no problem baby sis" he says

We pull up to an apartment and get out. Our butler Pimbley opens the door for us and we step out. We walk into the building and some guys at the front desk comes over to us.

"Hey aren't you Liam Hemsworth" he says

"Yea this is my little sister Rose we're moving into the new penthouse" Liam says

"nice to meet you guys I'm the door man Tony" he says

"Hi" I say

Then a girl who looked 18ish walked in to the building and went over to Tony and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Tony" she says

"Hey Jessie this is Liam and Rose Hemsworth" Tony says

"Oh My God" she says

She walks over to us

"I'm Jessie Big fan" she says to liam

"Nice to meet you Jessie this is my little sister" liam says

"Hi" she says

"Hey" I say

"Well we better get up to our apartment" Liam says

"yea see you around Jessie" I say

We got in the elevator and went up to our penthouse.

"I think I like it here" I say