A shill scream split the night air, and howls of dogs made me shiver. Rain poured down from the gray clouds above. A black shape raced towards me and a light brown shape tackled it.


I was frozen to the ground, my eyes locked on the apprentice pinned to the ground by a large dog.


For a heartbeat I thought we'd lost the young Shrewpaw, but another cat chased the dog away and it raced off into another cat.

"Heatherstar, its time to go!" Hawkheart was suddenly in front of me and I blinked several times before realizing that he was talking to me.

She nodded and glanced around. "Reedfeather, get Dawnstripe and let's go!" She flicked her tail and raced for the entrance, watching Shrewpaw limp past me, Whiteberry at his side, then Redclaw and Dawnstripe, Reedfeather, Hawkheart, and Cloudpool raced past me.

"Tallpaw!" I shouted, my eyes watched the dark camp, hurting from all the staring.

"Heatherstar, help me!" a wail came back a few moments later, near one of the dogs.

I raced towards the mew and spotted Tallpaw, stuck in some brambles. I carefully lifted him out and then raced out of camp to where all the other warriors were waiting.

"Where do we go Heatherstar?!" Redclaw asked, his eyes glued to the entrance of camp, afraid the dogs might follow.

Whiteberry glanced at Heatherstar, her eyes calm. "We should head to ThunderClan... Right Heatherstar?"

I nodded. "No! We must fight back against those dogs! There are three in there and we are a whole Clan. Whiteberry, Dawnstripe, Cloudpool, Hawkheart say here. Shrewpaw stay with Redclaw, Tallpaw with Reedfeather and I will take on a dog alone." My voice was shaking but I was hopeful. "Chargeee!" I yowled, leading the way into camp.

When we entered the camp there were three dogs laying in the middle of camp. The dogs were dead.

"What happened?" Tallpaw was frozen beside me, but his voice worked just fine.

"Greetings Heatherstar." Cedarstar exited the brambles, Stonetooth, Raggedpelt, Foxheart, Hollypaw, and Cloudpaw following.

My eyes grew wide. "What do you want Cedarstar?"

"I'll let you know when I can think of something." The ShadowClan cats exited the WindClan camp.

"Why were ShadowClan cats exiting WindClan camp?" Hawkheart had entered camp, his voice filled with anger. "They killed those dogs!" he growled.

Heatherstar turned around, shocked she nodded. "Yes, they did. And we are very grateful." I let out a sigh. "But they want something. And I don't know what WindClan can give them now…"

"Cinderkit! Russetkit! Dawnkit!" Cloudpool had her tail wrapped around her kits that were too little to understand what had just happened.

That camp was quiet. "Redclaw, Tallpaw, Shrewpaw, Reedfeather take the dog bodies out of our territory. Leave them there and come back. Then get your wounds checked, "I commanded as Whiteberry limped to Hawkheart.

"I don't have any herbs!" the medicine cat snarled. "The dogs ripped them apart!"

I scowled. "Then use basic remedies. You're a medicine cat; you know how to do your job."

Cinderkit had let out a squeak and Russetkit had wandered over to the warriors den with Dawnkit.

"Cloudpool." Heatherstar flicked her tail at the queen. "Are your kits okay?"

She nodded. "They're fine. Cinderkit's got a scrape and Dawnkit was bleeding from a dog's claw. But they're fine…"

"What about Russetkit?" My eyes narrowed at the smallest and youngest kit that was now poking his nose in the medicine den.

"He scared away a dog from killing Dawnkit believe it or not. It was amazing." Her voice held wonder in it.

"He's going to be a great warrior," I commented with a frown. "I just hope not to great..." My tail flicked and I walked to my den, Russetkit's great victory still fresh in my head.