/A.N. Ah at last! We find out who the mystery lombax is.../

The Lombax's ears pricked of their own accord, and she was woken by the sound of a body being forcefully thrown across the floor.

Her yellow-gold eyes snapped open, to see a familiar looking creature skidding to a stop near the opposite wall. There was a metal thing attached to a sort of harness on its back.


Curious, she shifted into a half-crouched position and scooted over so she was kneeling by the strange creature. Grabbing his left arm, she rolled him over so that he lay on his back.

She gasped, noting the fur, tail, the large ears. And oddest of all was the five digits on his hands. Looking down at her own, she tugged at her own tail and ears and counted the fingers on her hand. Was it possible that he was another Lombax? No it couldn't… could it?

She sat back on her heels and closed her eyes, a swirling tornado of thoughts rushing frantically around inside her head.

A soft clinking sound was heard.

"Why hello there, miss."

The girl opened her eyes and squeaked. Two green orbs seemed to be suspended about two feet from the ground- it took a few moments for her eyes to readjust to the darkness. Gradually the faint shape of a little robot holding out a hand assembled.

Confused, she gingerly grasped the little metal hand and shook it.

"Pleased to meet you," The robot's calm, mechanical voice was oddly comforting to listen to. There was a short silence, in which the she noticed embarrassed that her jaw had been hanging open the whole time.

"Is…is your friend a Lombax?" She asked bluntly, pointing to the other guy.

The little robot nodded. "So are you,"

The girl blinked in surprise. "But how? I thought they were all extinct!"

He turned to look at his friend and made a sound that sounded like a sigh.

"No," He paused. "Just in another dimension."

The girl stared at him as the news sank in, and remembered something.

"Hey, I forgot to ask you your name!" She smacked the palm of her hand onto her forehead, cursing herself for being so dumb.

He merely giggled good-naturedly.

"My name is XJ-0461, but you can call me Clank. And what, may I be permitted to ask is yours, miss?"

"Melody. Pleased to meet you," She smiled at him and gestured to the unconscious Lombax. "What about the sleepyhead?" She asked. Clank opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by a different, organic voice.

"Ratchet," Ratchet groaned lowly pushing himself into a sitting position. "The sleepyhead's name is Ratchet."

Melody couldn't help but smirk a little, quickly flipping her head so her fringe covered her mouth, however Ratchet noticed the gesture and rolled his eyes, used to the common reaction when he told people his 'name'.

Ratchet's eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, and widened.

"Y-you're a Lombax!"

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